19 Fall-Themed Baby Shower Ideas You'll Be Thankful For

Published May 17, 2021
Hand made crochet baby booties and Autumn fallen multi-colored leaves

Fall is such a fun time to throw a party. If you are fortunate enough to be expecting in the autumn months, take advantage of the season and throw a fall-themed baby shower.

Fall-Themed Baby Showers Inspired by Nature

Nature is the star of the show during the autumn season. Everything from vibrant leaves to pumpkins and sunflowers can serve as an inspiration for your fall-themed baby shower. These nature-based fall showers are beautiful, gender-neutral, and will surely be an event to remember forever.

Woodland Creature Baby Shower

Woodland critters make for an adorable baby shower during the fall months because the rustic colors coordinate with the natural elements of autumn. Use little squirrels, acorns, bunnies, baby deer, pinecones, twigs, and branches to adorn tables. Create invitations with woodland forest creatures and play on warm brown and tan hues for table cloths and balloons.

Woodland Creatures Expired Baby Shower

Nuts for Our Baby! Shower

During the fall months, nuts begin to fall from the trees. Acorns make for sweet fall decor. Create napkin ties that look like twigs with acorns on them, design invitations with cute nuts and baby squirrels, and if none of your guests have a nut allergy, create an over-the-top nut bar where friends and family can take home a box of cashews, macadamia nuts, almonds, and peanuts. An acorn-inspired shower can be thrown for either a baby boy or baby girl as the brown, tan, and green colors are considered gender-neutral.

Can't Wait for Our Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

Pumpkins and fall make the perfect pair. You can use pumpkins in so many various design elements related to baby showers. Using a bit of hot glue, a Sharpie marker, and pacifiers, create baby pumpkins to display. Spray paint pumpkins in soft green, blue and cream colors for a baby boy shower, or peach, light pink, and white for a baby girl shower. Tiny pumpkins make for great table adornments or seat placings. Aside from baby showers, they can also be used for phenomenal gender reveals.

Use pumpkin to elevate your food and beverage choices at your shower. So many dishes can be created using pumpkin spice, and pumpkin cookies are always a hit at dessert tables. Finish the event off with variations of pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin baby with pacifier

Play on the Fall Foliage

Fall is a season of color. The green leaves on trees turn stunning shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. Utilize these colors and leaves for your fall baby shower. Add burlap and cozy plaid material and woodsy elements to create a fall forest feel. Design invitations that use fall colors and work these colors into table cloths, balloons, napkins, and anything else you can think of. Fall menus are full of comfort food. You can create a chili bar, play with pumpkin-inspired recipes, include warm, savory breads and make a towering muffin masterpiece for your guests.

Waiting on the Apple of Our Eye Baby Shower

Much like pumpkins, apples are a food for fall. Your little one will undoubtedly be the apple of your eye, so center your fall baby shower around apples themselves. Use both red and green apples to fill tall vases with. Incorporate apple trees into your invitations, plates, and other decorative elements. Instead of a traditional baby shower cake, opt for several variations of apple pies. Countless mocktails and cocktails can be made with apple flavoring, and don't forget to include everyone's favorite fall beverage, apple cider!

Showering the Little Sunflower

Sunflowers are beautiful, large, bright yellow flowers, and they are perfect for a fall baby shower. Gather up dozens of sunflowers and use them as centerpieces for guest tables. Incorporate white, yellow, and brown colors into your decorative elements. Have cookies, cupcakes, or a cake made that reflect the sunflower theme. You can even make chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and package them up for guests to take home.

Get Really Rustic

A rustic fall baby shower is timeless and elegant. Use twigs and pussy willows in your table centerpieces. Wrap vases in burlap and twine. Mason jars can be used to hold candles, silverware, or just about anything else. If you're crafty, you can even create chandeliers fashioned from mason jars! Utilize wooden pallets and wooden crates in displays and add hints of creamy fabric, lace, and other vintage elements that tie in beautifully with the rustic design. While rustic baby showers can be held just about anywhere, consider holding your rustic baby shower at a barn venue or outdoors.

Garland with the word baby on the basket in nature

Fall-Themed Baby Showers Inspired by Halloween and Thanksgiving

The fall season gives expectant parents not one but two holidays to base showers around. If you are ready to pop around Halloween or Thanksgiving, consider throwing a baby shower based on either special holiday.

Boo-y or Ghoul?

If you are thinking about having a baby shower around Halloween and do not yet know what you are having, create a Boo-y or Ghoul baby shower. Even if you don't end up revealing the gender of your little one at the shower, friends and family can have fun guessing what gender lies behind the bump. For this shower, you can use both pink and blue colors and even purple, as that is the tone that one gets when mixing pink and blue together. Use cute ghost decorations and other Halloween elements in your decor. Work faux-spider webs into table decor and other design aspects.

Menu options will vary. You can go traditional here and provide general dishes that everyone will recognize and enjoy, or you can infuse your food with hints of Halloween. Cut sandwiches into pumpkin and ghost shapes using cookie cutters. Make a purple punch and put it in a festive punch bowl. Halloween is all about fun, so go wild and get creative with this theme.

Halloween candy bar

Peek-a-Boo Theme

Another sweet ghost-inspired Halloween theme to use for a fall baby shower is Peek-a-Boo! Think white, black, orange, and ghosts for this one. Invitations can be black with white ghosts wearing little pink bows or blue stocking caps. Using letter bannering, spell out the saying "Peek-a-Boo" over a buffet or gift table. Buy orange, black, and white onesies and hang them from clothespins on a line. Get craft and spray paint large candlestick holders black and gold and create festive lighting for your shower.

Waiting on Our Little Monster

Throw a baby shower inspired by cute little monsters. Design invitations with black, green, and purple monsters on them and use the same colors to decorate your venue. Make or order monster cookies and a monster-inspired cake. For a shower such as this, you can even incorporate a couple of classic Halloween party games into your event.

Boy or Girl, What's 'a Brewing?

This is such a fun idea for an expectant couple who is keeping the gender of their baby a secret until the big day. Play on a witchy Halloween theme using woody broomsticks for decor and black cauldrons with orange and purple flowers for centerpieces. In a cauldron-shaped punch bowl, make a fun and festive fall-inspired punch for guests to sip on. Set up a beer cart to play on the "brew" theme, kick back, relax and enjoy this time before life gets really busy with baby.

Welcoming a Little Turkey

For parents throwing a baby shower around Thanksgiving time, a little turkey-themed shower is festive and adorable. Make or order invitations with cute turkeys on them, use the season colors in decorations and play on a traditional Thanksgiving menu for food. Set up a hot turkey sandwich bar and create some Thanksgiving-inspired cocktails for friends and family to enjoy.

Celebrate Our Little Sweetie Pie

To celebrate your sweetie pie's upcoming arrival, throw a freshly baked pie party. Have several family members or friends bake pies of all kinds. Use cute pie designs on invitations, incorporate old-fashioned picnic baskets into your decor, and include red and white checked table cloths. Get inspired by a traditional picnic for your menu. Make finger sandwiches, create a colorful veggie and fruit platter, and fashion a charcuterie board for guests to feast on.

Woman Cutting Pie On Table

Cute and Unique Fall-Themed Baby Showers

These outside-of-the-box fall-inspired shower ideas are cute and unique. Many of them are perfect ideas to consider if you are throwing a co-ed shower.

Sweet and Sporty Baby Shower

Host a coed baby shower on a college game day or football Sunday for friends and family. Use touchdowns, football field tablecloths, vintage jerseys, and footballs to decorate your baby shower scene. Bring out all of your favorite classic tailgate snacks for the menu, and don't forget to add a beer stand or cart to your drink area.

Holy Cow! It's a Baby! Farm-Inspired Shower

Throw a farm-inspired baby shower full of barns, cows, horses, old milk crates, and tree swings. Create farm-fresh recipes for your guests. Include freshly baked quiches, cheese trays, sliced ham, and farm-fresh veggies. Play on the black and white cow pattern for tablecloths and create invitations with classic baby barn animals on them.

Table against barn during party

"Latte" Love for Baby

You have a whole "latte" love to give your new baby, so play on your love of java and your love for your new baby with this latte-inspired theme. Use white and tan hues in your design elements and fashion a fun coffee-laden invitation with the shower theme printed at the top. You can't pull this shower off without having a fun and funky coffee bar of sorts. This would make for a great morning or brunch baby shower filled with croissants, muffins, donuts, and danishes.

Oktoberfest Vibes

Oktoberfest is such a fun German event, and it would make for an awesome coed fall baby shower. Use beer steins, lederhosen, a banner that says "Welcome Baby" in German, along with fun fall colors to create this shower. For an unforgettable menu, include beer (of course) soft, warm pretzels, sausages, sauerkraut, and other popular Bavarian foods.

A Baby Shower of Hay Bales and Tractors

For couples expecting a baby boy, a fall baby shower based on John Deere tractors and harvest season is a perfect idea. Go all country with this theme and include plenty of bales of hay, tractors of all sizes, and other elements of country living. Use greens, browns, and tans to inspire your designs. Create desserts in the shapes of hay bales and tractors, and consider throwing this shower in a rustic country setting. Whip up old-fashioned lemonade and serve it in mason jars.

Eggs in Straw

Cuddles and Cocoa Baby Shower

Cuddles and cocoa is a sweet idea for a late fall baby shower. When the weather turns, everyone wants to warm up with a mug of hot cocoa. Use brown and cream colors as accents and create a hot chocolate bar for your guests to enjoy. Go full-out sweets with this idea by hosting it in the late afternoon after lunch or in the evening following dinner. Pair the cocoa bar with other dessert treats such as brownies and warm baked goods.

Let the Season Guide Your Vibe

Fall is full of festivities, fun, and color. Think about which aspect of the season you gravitate toward the most, and create a baby shower around that. Whether it's apples, sweet treats, football games, or farm life, your fall baby shower will turn out to be nothing short of spectacular with one of these amazing autumn ideas.

19 Fall-Themed Baby Shower Ideas You'll Be Thankful For