Creative Baby Shower Thank You Wording Examples

Updated May 26, 2020
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There are many ways to say "Thank you" to baby shower guests. Use unique and original baby shower thank you wording to help turn a standard gesture into a memorable note. Whether you send a thank you card or give a thank you speech, the goal is to show how much you appreciate their love, support, or gifts.

Baby Shower Thank You Note Examples

When you have the time or the desire to send out highly personalized thank yous or had a short guest list, baby shower thank you notes are the ideal option. A thank you note is usually handwritten and can be penned in a blank thank you card, on personalized stationery, or on any standard piece of paper.

Thank You Note for Baby Shower Host Example

A personal thank you note is the perfect accompaniment for a baby shower hostess gift. Use this opportunity to show your hostess or hostesses how grateful you are for all their extra efforts.

Dear Jen,

Thank you for helping make my baby shower one of the best days of my life. I know you spent a lot of sleepless nights making favors and games. Because of you, my guests had a great time and I have a bunch of great new memories. I appreciate you hosting my baby shower more than I could ever explain. Thank you for being the best baby shower hostess ever and for being such a special part of my family's lives.


Surprise Baby Shower Thank You Wording

If your friends, family, or coworkers managed to throw you a surprise baby shower, you probably don't have thank you cards on hand. Write a simple note to each guest that uses the surprise theme.

Surprise Becca!

Doesn't it feel great to hear those words? I know I felt like the most important woman in the universe when I heard you yell "Surprise!" at my baby shower. Thank you for sneaking around behind my back and participating in this truly unexpected event. This was just what I needed to feel special and prepared for baby. Thanks again for participating in my surprise baby shower. I'm sure I've got many more surprises in store once baby arrives!

All my love,

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Baby Shower Thank You Wording From Baby

Since most baby shower gifts and well wishes are meant for your baby, it makes sense to have the thank you come from your baby's perspective.

Dear Future Aunt Kristen,

Thank you for all the awesome pre-birthday gifts. I'm gonna need a lot of stuff to be comfortable, and I know that onesie and tutu you picked out is gonna look great on me! I can't wait for you to see how cute I look in the other outfits you picked out too. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm glad you're a part of my life, even if we haven't met yet.

Baby Girl Morrison

Wording for Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Figuring out what to write in a baby shower thank you card can be a challenge because the message is typically short, but heartfelt. Make thank you cards personal and meaningful by adding original baby shower card sayings.

Cute General Wording for Baby Shower Thank You Cards

If you're just looking for some unexpected alternatives to the standard "Thanks," these phrases capture the same feeling.

  • Thank you for sharing in the joy our new baby will bring to our lives.
  • Saying "Thank you" just doesn't feel like enough. Our family will always be grateful to have you in our baby's life.
  • Thanks for being a part of my pregnancy journey. I couldn't do this without my village of angels like you.
  • You are forever cemented in the memories of this joyous time. For that, I thank you.
  • From baby and me, thank you for being as sweet as can be.
Baby Shower Thank You Card

Baby Shower Thank You Wording for Coworkers

Whether they sent a nice card, or you got a baby shower gift from a coworker, saying "Thanks" to the people you work with can be tricky. Keep all your coworkers on a level playing field by sending the same thank you card to everyone, but alter the interior messages slightly to personalize them.

  • Thank you for taking time from your own life to celebrate the new one coming into mine.
  • We may not know each other well on a personal level, but I appreciate you being part of this deeply personal time for me and my family.
  • Thank you for going above and beyond your work duties to celebrate my new baby with me.
  • Many thanks for sharing in my pregnancy, your support is truly appreciated.

Fun Shower-Themed Thank You Sayings

As part of your baby shower, it makes sense for thank you cards and notes to match the shower theme. Look for cute or clever plays on words using terms related to your shower theme to make these appreciative notes stand out. A few themed-based examples include:

  • Nautical theme - Thanks for coming aboard my baby shower. With all hands on deck, we're prepared for voyage.
  • Dog theme - Thanking you is im-paw-sible! But doggone it, I'm going to try! Your gift was fetching.
  • Jungle theme - I can bearly find the words to ted you how much I appreciate the grrreat gifts!
  • Royal theme - My special knight couldn't have been better, and we have you for the than-king!
  • Farm theme - We are so moo-ved by your generosity, we could squeal! Thank ewe for everything.
  • Star Wars theme - Thank you, I must.

Baby Shower Gift Thank You Wording

It is standard baby shower etiquette to send out thank you cards to anyone who got you a baby shower gift. Use a few one liners to make writing all these thank yous a little more exciting.

General Thank You Wording for Gifts

Cute and sweet one liners keep thank yous short, but still personal.

  • You're awesome because I'm in awe of something you've done. Your thoughtful gift and note are as awesome as you!
  • You shouldn't have - but I'm glad you did! My deepest appreciation goes out to you for the adorable (insert gift name).
  • You're the best - Best Friend, Best Gift Picker-Outer, Best Shower Game Participant - best person I could hope to have support my family.
  • I might be full of pickles and ice cream, but I'm also full of thanks. I'm so thankful you could attend my shower and even more thankful for your generous gift.

Thank You Examples for a Group Gift

If you received gifts from groups of people, you should still send each person a thank you note. Try to make all the notes the same so everyone feels equally appreciated.

  • I know it took an extra effort to coordinate my baby shower gift with a group, so thank you for going the extra mile.
  • Knowing this gift came from a whole neighborhood in my personal village makes it even more special. Thank you for being part of my support group.
  • I truly appreciate your display of teamwork in choosing the (insert gift) for me and my baby.
  • I've always believed that together, we can do more, and you've shown just how true that is. Thanks for inspiring me with your thoughtful group gift.

Baby Shower Thank You Speech Example

Most honorees give some type of baby shower speech to thank guests before the shower is over. You can give the speech at the start of the event, in the middle, or near the end. Aim to give your speech when everyone is present.

Thank you all for being here at my baby shower today.
As a new mom, I know life will seldom be about making me feel special.
That's what makes me so appreciative of today.
Just by being here, you have each made me feel special and important.
I'm not sure I could ever thank you enough for giving me this memory, this feeling, and all you'll continue to give throughout my baby's life.
I appreciate each and every one of you.

Baby Shower Thank You Toast Example

A baby shower toast to say "Thanks" to your guests can take the place of a speech. This short, celebratory moment is the perfect way to be grateful as a group.

I raise my glass to all of you in thanks.
Thank you for being a part of my life and my baby's life.
As you shower us with love and gifts, I'd like to shower you with thanks and appreciation.
Thank you!

Women toasting at baby shower

Things to Include in Any Baby Shower Thank You

Don't stress about what to include in a baby shower thank you. From toasts and notes to cards or emails, there are a few key elements you should always include in your baby shower thank you wording. Even if you don't add anything else, these elements will be received as a proper "Thank You."

  • Include people's names to make the thank you more personal.
  • Use a formal address such as Ms., Mrs., Mr., or Dr. to start written thank yous.
  • Start by saying the words "thank you."
  • Give specifics about what you are thanking them for, such as the exact gift they gave you.
  • State why you are so thankful to the person or how their actions will impact your baby and family life.
  • Say "thank you" one more time using that phrase or a synonym.
  • Use a formal closing like "Sincerely" to end your written thank you.

Say It Like You Mean It

Consider the gift you received from the person you are thanking and see if you can incorporate that into your message in an original way. Write your thanks from the heart for a sincere and special thank you.

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Creative Baby Shower Thank You Wording Examples