How to Say Thank You From the Heart for Unexpected Gifts

Giving genuine thanks for an unexpected gift shows the giver that you truly recognize and appreciate their thoughtful gesture.

Updated January 31, 2024
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We love giving and receiving gifts, and we love surprises. But sometimes when that surprise is an unexpected gift, we're delighted and grateful but also feel a little awkward about what comes next. Should we gift back? How can we best express our thanks?

When someone unexpectedly hands you a gift, it can be hard to know what to say, especially if you're caught off guard. Whether it's a gift from a vacation or just a sweet surprise from your neighbor, here's how to say thank you for that unexpected gift, all without tripping over your words. 

Sweet Unexpected Surprise Gift Quotes

It's hard to know just what to say when you get an unexpected surprise from a colleague, friend, or partner. Our quotes can help you format the perfect thank you for your incredible gift. Try one (make it your own!) in a homemade thank you card or on social media.  The giver will love the extra thought and sincerity of your thank you.

Man surprised his girlfriend with an unexpected gift
  • What a fantastic surprise gift. I can't express how thankful I am for your thoughtfulness.
  • You made my world a little brighter with your thoughtful gift.
  • Your gift made my heart soar with joy. It was truly perfect.
  • You bring my world joy with your unique gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Your surprise gift was terrific. It made me smile and my heart happy.
  • Your unexpected gift made my day. Thank you so much.
  • The gift you gave me brought my soul joy. It's something I'll never forget.
  • Your surprise gesture brought a new ray of happiness to my world.
  • Your unexpected gift filled my day with laughter.
  • The fact that you thought of me is the greatest gift. Thank you.

Thank You for the Surprise Gift My Love

An unexpected gift from the love of your life can light up your day and even your week week. Take a selfie with your gift and give them a shout-out on your Instagram to share their thoughtfulness with the world. Let your partner know just how much you appreciate their loving gift.

Young woman in yellow sweater opening gift box
  • Your unexpected gift filled my heart with sweet happiness. My love, you're the best.
  • The moment I look at your gift, it makes me think of you, love.
  • You surprise me with your love each day; I can't believe you gave me such a perfect gift.
  • Thank you, sweetness, for getting me a gift that makes me think of you daily. It was such a surprise.
  • You're the sweetest person I could have ever asked for in my life. You surprise me with love and gifts that light up my soul.
  • Thank you for getting me a surprise gift. It made an ordinary day extraordinary.
  • The love you bring to my life is the greatest gift I could ever receive. This surprise is a sweet bonus. Thank you.
  • There are no words to perfectly describe the joy your gift brought me today.
  • Thank you for surprising me with a gift. The fact that you thought of me while you were away fills my soul with love.
  • Sweetest love, thank you so much for giving me a surprise gift. It made my mind and heart burst with pleasure.

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How to Say Thank You for an Unexpected Gift From Friends

Did your bestie go on vacation and bring you back a surprise? Did a friend give you a gift just to let you know they were thinking of you during a hard time? No matter what type of occasion it is, an unexpected gift can warm your heart. Show your gratitude by writing your friends a quick thank you note with heartfelt appreciation.

Woman hand holding Eiffel tower snow globe
  • This gift shows me just how much you care. Thank you, friend.
  • I feel completely valued as a friend by the fact that you thought of me. This gift is a true joy. Thank you.
  • Just when I felt like my heart was down in the dumps, you brightened my day with this surprise. It brought my smile back. Thank you!
  • To say thank you doesn't seem like enough. This gift is just the cherry on the top of our friendship. It makes my heart shine.
  • I didn't expect you to surprise me with this gift. I knew you were a true friend. Thank you.
  • I'm not sure how I got such a great friend like you. Thank you so much for this fantastic surprise. It's fabulous.
  • Thank you for thinking of me on your vacation. It feels like I went myself.
  • Only a best friend like you could surprise me with the most perfect gift. Thank you to the moon and back.
  • You showed me the importance of our bond together through this surprise. It's absolutely precious.
  • I didn't think you could be a more amazing friend in my life. Then you gave me this gift. I know our friendship will last forever.

Thank You Message for Unexpected Gifts From Company

A surprise gift from your company can show you just how much your hard work and contributions mean to them. Show your gratitude with a perfectly crafted thank you that's sure to make your boss smile.

  • Value is a word you showered me with by giving me a surprise gift.
  • This lovely surprise warms my heart. Thank you for thinking of me.
  • Your appreciation of my work shows through this beautiful gift. Thank you.
  • Working for you is a gift in itself. Thank you for showing me how much my work means to you through this extraordinary gift.
  • Your gorgeous gift filled my day with a smile. Thank you for appreciating me.
  • Your gift brightened up my day and made me feel appreciated and special. Thank you for taking the time to give me such a wonderful surprise.
  • To say I was surprised by your gift is an understatement. You blew me away with your thoughtful appreciation.
  • You are indeed an amazing company. This gift means the world to me. It completely brightened my workday.
  • Coming into work is a true joy when you provide me with an unexpected gift such as this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • You showed me just how special you feel my work is by providing me with this beautiful, unexpected gift. Thank you so much.

What to Do When You Receive an Unexpected Gift

Navigating an unexpected gift shouldn't be tricky. These are the best ways to practice proper etiquette. 

  • Reciprocating is totally optional! You don't need to follow up with an immediate gift. Opt for a natural opportunity and one that works within your budget. 
  • On your next vacation or stop into a specialty store, you can grab a little something special.
  • Don't lie and tell them you also have something for them! Simply accept your gift with heartfelt thanks, and follow up with a message later letting them know how much you appreciate it.
  • If you're someone who always wants to be prepared, you can keep a stash of "just in case" gifts always at the ready. In fact, around the holidays, one of our editors does just that, but we'll never tell who!
  • A handwritten note is an excellent way to follow up with an unexpected gift, especially if it's one that's personal or significant to your friendship or relationship. Remember, what's most important is it's the thought that counts! 

Say Thanks for an Unexpected Gift

Knowing how to say thank you perfectly for an unexpected gift doesn't need to be challenging. Personalize our quotes and write them in an email, card, text, or note as a heartfelt, genuine thank you.

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How to Say Thank You From the Heart for Unexpected Gifts