Invitation Wording for 40th Birthday

A 40th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating.
A 40th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating.

The wording for a 40th birthday invitation should set the tone for the event. You can flavor the invite with a touch of humor to take some of the sting out of reaching this milestone, or take a more sentimental approach. Many of these parties are also surprises. Whatever you're planning, get a few wording samples that will help you customize your invitations.

Wording Examples for 40th Birthday Invitations

It's perfectly acceptable to choose pre-printed invitations to send out the word about an upcoming birthday party, but you might be missing out on a great opportunity if you do. When the party is for a milestone birthday, such as 40th, you want the words to be just right. Writing your own verse for the invitation is a great way to add some flair to the invitation. To get the creative juices flowing, here are some examples of wording for a 40th birthday invitation. Remember that the more personalized you make the invitation, the more special it will be to the honoree. Be sure to keep a copy for him or her to commemorate the occasion in a scrapbook or photo album.

Funny 40th Invitation Wording

Sandra is turning the big 4-0!
She's over the hill-She's OLD! - Oh no!

Join us at Rizzo's Restaurant on 4th Street
On June 30 at 5 p.m. for a celebration that won't be beat.
Please call Sara at 555-1234 (that's me!)
by June 20th to RSVP.

Sentimental 40th Invitation Wording

Join with us as we celebrate
A teacher whose last 40 years have been great.
She has taught many children to read and write;
Let's make her 40th birthday out of sight!

Please come to an open house honoring Mrs. Susan Johnson on her birthday.
March 12, from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. at the home of Jane Anderson.
RSVP to Jane at by March 1.

Address and directions are on the back of the card.

Surprise 40th Invitation Wording

SHH!!! A little birdie told me
There's going to be a party!
Because, oh my lordy,
John's turning 40!

A SURPRISE party is planned for him on April 2!
Be at the Washington Park shelter house by 4:45 p.m. and don't be late.
Call Robert to RSVP at 444-0987 by March 25th.

Remember, it's a SECRET!

More 40th Birthday Verses

Here are some more short but creative verses you can add to your standard invitation wording.

Surprise Verses General Verses
40th Birthday Versus

________'s turning 40,
But she still looks sporty.
That just proves how time flies.
So let's throw her a surprise!

We're lighting 40 candles
To make sure ________ knows,
Just how much we love him/her
And we really hope it shows!

________ is turning 40,
But she's/he's not over the hill just yet.
Let's give her a surprise party
That she/he never will forget!

Call the fire department
There's a blaze out of control.
No wait, that's just ________'s cake,
Wow, he's/she's 40 years old!

________ is turning 40,
And you won't believe your eyes.
He/She still looks really great.
So we're throwing her a surprise!

Come hold up your glass,
And wish ________ good cheer,
He's/She's celebrating 40 years
of life this year!

Please save this date,
And come help us celebrate
________'s turning 40.
So we're throwing a surprise party!

________'s 40th birthday
Will be so much fun.
Please come and help us
Celebrate this one!

Don't Forget the Important Info

Although you may get caught up writing your invitation card verse, be sure to include all of the important birthday party information. If you can't work the "facts" into the verse, simply add a "who, what, when, where" at the bottom or inside of the invite.

The information on the invitations should include:

  • Name of birthday person
  • Age (40)
  • Address and time for party
  • RSVP information (name, telephone number, email, and date needed)
  • Relevant party information, such as "bring a swimsuit and towel" for a pool party

If you are planning a surprise party, make sure you're clear about that. Mention it several times within your invitation, and maybe even emphasize it by making the font boldface in these places.

Double Check Before You Send

Whether you plan to mail out your invitations or send them via email, there's one rule of thumb you really must follow. Proofread your invitation carefully! Check for missing information your guests truly need, and make sure there aren't any typos that will spoil the look of the invitation or make it difficult to read. A 40th birthday party only happens once in a person's life, so make sure you get the invitation wording just right.

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Invitation Wording for 40th Birthday