Exciting Survivor Party Games You Won't Want Immunity From

See who will outwit, outplay, and outlast these Survivor challenges at your next big bash.

Updated February 14, 2024
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Survivors, ready? Go! It's time to fight for the top spot in these challenging Survivor party games that are sure to up the stakes at any event. These challenges aren't a chore to put together — though you can go wild with the details if you dare. So, if you're up to the task, it's time to test everyone's strengths and weaknesses with these stand-out Survivor challenges. 

6 Survivor-Inspired Games to Test Your Limits 

Typically, Survivor contestants are divided into two or three tribes, but a small get-together with friends or your siblings shouldn't stop you. We've got Survivor-inspired games perfect for both teams and individuals. 

Puzzle Piece Obstacle Course

For this game, you'll set up two identical obstacle courses and place multiple bags containing puzzle pieces for one puzzle at the end of each course. The object of the game is for teams to run the obstacle course — tag team style — retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces and return to the start, where the next person begins the obstacle course, grabbing the puzzle bag, and so on. 

Once all team members have brought back a bag, they can open all of them and start solving the puzzle. The first team to complete the puzzle correctly wins. This one tackles two kinds of challenge — one with your body, and one with your brain.

Gross-Out Food Challenge

Creating an icky-tasting food challenge is up to you, but we suggest going easy on tossing ingredients in a blender. Accidentally starting a puke chain will definitely bring down the vibes.

Instead of serving up gross food (a spoonful of ants, anyone?), go with gummy worms, candy bugs, and boiled eggs for eyeballs. Each player will have a heaping plate of these treats and whoever finishes fastest emerges victorious.

Trivia Balloon Pop Test

For this one, you're going to need balloons — and what's a party without balloons? Write each guest's name in big, bold letters in the middle of a piece of cardboard. Then attach three to five inflated balloons to each board, and hang them up against a fence or wall. Have some pre-prepared Survivor-themed trivia questions on a small piece of paper for the host to ask each contestant. Whoever gets the right answer gets to pop a balloon from someone else's board. 

When all the balloons on someone's board have been popped, they're out of the game. The person who survives with at least one unpopped balloon wins. 

Rescue Mission

With your party divided into teams, have each team choose one person who needs to be rescued. That person will pretend to need a full Baywatch slow-mo kind of rescue. Each team needs to lift their endangered person and transport them to another area. Designate these areas according to the available space you have.

The only major rule to enforce is that the endangered person can't help with their rescue in any way shape or form. So stretch out those gams, eat some spinach, and get ready to get your Popeye on.

Standing Endurance Challenge 

Got some time? We love an easy-to-set-up but oh-so-difficult-to-do challenge like this one. Have everyone stand on a chair and put one arm straight out in front of them. Now let the time tick-tock away until one person is left standing. Dropped arms will disqualify you as much as falling off the chair will. This one may look easy, but like trying to win a staring contest, you'd be surprised at just how hard it can be. 

Quick Tip

Make sure you tell everyone before they start the challenge to keep at least one knee slightly bent. If you lock both legs in place for a long period of time, you can pass out. 

Pool Diving Treasure Challenge 

If you're having a pool party, this game is a must. If you don't have a set of sinking pool toys, use large rocks or anything that won't damage the pool lining and filter. Spread out the sinkable items in the pool and have one person from each team dive in, retrieve one item, and then tag team the next person on their team to do the same. Once all items have been collected, the team that's nabbed the most wins.

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Simple Kid-Approved Survivor Challenges 

Getting ready for a lively bash with the littlest family members and want Surivor-inspired games that are kid-friendly? Or maybe you're just looking for a game or two that's less complicated to set up. These simple party games come to the rescue with their distinctive Survivor twists. 

  • Scavenger Hunt: Have your guests search for hidden hand-crafted Immunity Idols around the house or yard. These also make great party favors!
  • Tribal Flags: Have each guest come up with a name for their tribe. Provide paper banners, paints, and markers so each person can design their flag. Then host a contest so people can vote on their two or three favorites. If you're dividing your party into two tribes, choose tribal flags with the two highest votes to be the tribes, and so on. 
  • Tribal Council: At the end of the party, instead of voting anyone out, have the guests sit in a semi-circle and pull their names out of a bucket. As their names are read, they get to come up and collect their party favors, or you can pick up special prizes and award them for things like, "most energy," or "most helpful." Awards for all = happy party guests.
Helpful Hack

The challenges on Survivor often feature blindfolds, rope for knots, and balls for throwing and catching. Having these items at your party could spark some new ideas for challenges...or take these ideas up a notch. Imagine doing a standing endurance challenge while blindfolded!

The Basics Every Survivor-Themed Party Needs to Have 

Chances are that your Survivor party isn't taking place in the Outback, but in the great outdoors you call your backyard. But if you're running low on prep time, then these three staples are a good thing to have at the ready. 

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  • Puzzles: Almost every episode of Survivor features a challenge that involves some sort of puzzle. From racing through the water to diving for bags of puzzle pieces to building staircases out of giant puzzle pieces, puzzles are always prominent. 
  • Endurance: Simple games of endurance that get harder as time passes are very popular on Survivor.
  • Head-to-Head Battles: Even in team play, team members will take turns in battles of strength and skill. Who will prevail?
Fast Fact

One of the most difficult feats of strength on Survivor is the Sea Legs challenge. It involves balancing on a triangular platform in the water, moving their feet into smaller foot holes on the triangle. That takes some serious strength and will!

The Tribe Has Spoken

As the one throwing the party, embrace the theme by dressing up as Survivor host Jeff Probst, in the iconic khaki shorts and button-down shirt combo. Show your commitment to the crowd and they'll be ready to don their bandanas and fight their way to the finish. It's all about letting loose, watching your friends do tricky and silly things, and creating memories together. But don't cozy up too much to your competitors because the challenge is on. 

Exciting Survivor Party Games You Won't Want Immunity From