Slightly Inappropriate Valentine's Memes to Make You Giggle

Some of these Valentine's Day memes fall into the NSFW category, and we're okay with that.

Published February 1, 2024

You might not send these inappropriate Valentine's memes to your coworker or your mother-in-law, but they might give a close friend a laugh. For the person you share a sense of humor with, save these funny Valentine's memes so you can share a giggle on Love Day. 

We Both Know Why We're Here

Hey, we need to eat on Valentine's Day too. I might even order dessert. 

No Negative Self-Talk Here

Unless I see one more person get flowers today, that is. 

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Naughty or Nice?

I heard Santa doesn't count the bad things you do on Valentine's Day. 

I Know Where This Is Going

Whenever he says surprise, I find I'm never really that surprised. 

When Did I Become Uncool?

I used to shop for lacy things on Valentine's Day. Now I see what store has the biggest box of chocolates at the cheapest price for my kids. 

That'll Get Them Talking

Well, there's going to be a conversation. That's for sure. 

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Feeling Unloved?

At least you're consistent. 

Want to Shoot for Three?

Maybe there's a connection between chocolate and fertility. 

This Might Be a Bad Time

Do we have aspirin? Or maybe we could just cuddle?

You Deserve a Laugh for V-Day

We can't all have an excellent sense of humor. For those of us who love a little potty humor or can't get our heads out of the gutter, some NSFW memes just bring us joy. If laughter is your love language, share these memes with someone who gets your appreciation for not-so-nice humor. 

Slightly Inappropriate Valentine's Memes to Make You Giggle