Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpieces Make Holiday Style Easy

Your Thanksgiving dinner guests will never suspect you sourced your stunning centerpiece from a dollar store.

Published October 12, 2023
Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Dollar Tree Thanksgiving centerpieces can look just as nice as the ones from your favorite home decor boutique. The trick is to shop with purpose and decorate with a bit of creativity. I've found my Thanksgiving tablescape spotlight with these Dollar Tree decorations and I spent less than $25 to make it all happen.

How to Make a Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece

With a budget of $25, I set out to find and style a Thanksgiving centerpiece to welcome guests with a warm, comfortable vibe. My only goals were to find vibrant colors and fall-inspired patterns that represent the season and would make my Thanksgiving guests feel at home. The Dollar Tree didn't disappoint. I even came in slightly under budget, which is always a win for designers.

Decor Supplies

Dollar Tree Decor Supplies
  • 1 harvest-themed tablecloth ($1.25)
  • 1 fall-themed tin ($1.25)
  • 6 fall floral picks ($1.25 each)
  • 3 candlesticks ($1.25 each)
  • 3 taper candles ($1.25)
  • 1 decorative burlap sign ($1.25)
  • 1 peach and glitter pumpkin ($3)
  • 4 blue checkered pumpkins ($1.25)

Total cost: $24.25

Need to Know

Depending on where you live, most items in your dollar store might be $1 or $1.25. If you're lucky enough to have a true $1 Dollar Tree, you can get even more cute decor for your centerpiece.


  1. I started with the large tablecloth, stretching it the entire length of my dining table. I decided I liked the idea of using it as a runner instead of a full-sized tablecloth.
  2. I wanted to use the tin as a fall floral display instead of a traditional vase. This way, guests can easily see one another across the table. 
  3. For the florals, I looked for muted tones in some unexpected Thanksgiving colors. I love the look of the peachy orange, dusty blue, and soft pinks. This was the perfect focal point of the tablescape.
  4. Instead of cutting my floral picks, I folded them in half to fit inside the short tin. Now I can use them again for another fall display.
  5. The black candlesticks brought some depth to this look, and I love the idea of having tall candles on the table for Thanksgiving. I used them to add height and balance across the table.
  6. A pack of taper candles completed the candlestick details. I found they were a bit wobbly at first, but with careful twisting, they settled in fine.
  7. The burlap sign was so perfect for this vignette: it features the shade of blue I was looking for and a warm welcome to everyone having a seat around the table. I placed it to one side of the main centerpiece to act as a secondary detail.
    Dollar Tree burlap sign and pumpkins
  8. Pumpkins were a must here, so I grabbed one sparkling pumpkin that was a bit larger to balance the burlap sign on the other side. 
  9. Four little plaid pumpkins tied everything together, complementing the blue tones in the centerpiece and bringing in that classic fall print. I used them to fill in gaps and create a cohesive style throughout the table.
Quick Tip

If your table is round, you might want to aim for a single centerpiece that's striking and makes a statement with height and volume.

Tips for Finding Thanksgiving Decor at Dollar Tree

You don't see much in the way of Thanksgiving-specific decor, even at dollar stores. But this little decorating adventure taught me a few hacks along the way. You can create your own Thanksgiving decor with a bit of resourcefulness and flexibility.

Find a Piece to Inspire Your Color Scheme

If you determine a color scheme before shopping, you might not always find what you want. Flexibility is your friend when shopping on a budget. So, start with an initial shop and look for one piece to inspire your color scheme instead. Chances are, it's part of a collection in the store and you can easily find complementing elements for your centerpiece.

Dollar Tree finds

Shop the Fall & Christmas Decor

Since there isn't a lot of Thanksgiving decor at Dollar Tree, you'll have to find that sweet spot between fall and Christmas. I shopped in both departments and even wandered into the Halloween decor (which is where I found those beautiful black candlesticks).

So, don't feel you're confined to just one department. Your perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece might come together with a mix of holiday decor and other fun finds.

Check the Displays at the Entrance

I almost missed out on some of these cute items because I skipped over the entry displays when first walking into the store. I focused so much on the actual holiday decor departments that I almost bypassed some cute fall decor to use in my centerpiece. Next time, I plan to check out the entrance displays right away.

Helpful Hack

Be sure to walk through the whole store. Other shoppers may have placed some cute items in another department during their own shopping adventure. So, look for wayward decor you can use for your display.

Be Open to Changes, But Don't Give Up on Your Vision

Working with a budget in a store that may not have everything you want can be a challenge. But don't let that stop you from going after the look you want. When one Dollar Tree has a picked-over fall section or not enough harvest-themed decor, the next Dollar Tree may have a lot more options. Shop around, work with what you can, and make sure that you only buy the things you truly love.

Shop Dollar Tree for Every Season

This decorating journey proved just how versatile Dollar Tree decor can be. After finding everything I needed for a cute Thanksgiving table centerpiece, I'm convinced that Dollar Tree has a collection to suit every holiday and season. I'll be checking out their displays for all the other upcoming holidays to see what they offer for an affordable home update.

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Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpieces Make Holiday Style Easy