23 Free-Spirited Ideas for a Boho Wedding

Embrace your unique style with these meaningful and laid-back ideas for the ultimate boho celebration.

Published August 2, 2023


If you and your beloved like things with a little bit of natural creative flair, the artistic, laid-back style of a boho wedding may be perfect for you. There are so many ways to give your wedding bohemian style, from nature-inspired centerpieces to adding a few handmade and super personal touches to your outfits. Get inspired with these ideas.

Start With a Boho Wedding Arch


Your wedding arch or altar is the centerpiece of your entire event - both because it's where the "I do" action happens and because it's where you'll have photos and set the stage for your style. The perfect boho wedding decor starts with a funky, laid-back arch. Try one made of macramé that you can hang on the wall.

Quick Tip

An arch you can hang on the wall makes a super gorgeous and romantic DIY headboard for your bed too - double duty!

Create a Geometric Arbor for an Outdoor Boho Wedding


If you're getting married in nature, embrace your surroundings with an arbor instead of a traditional altar. You can go with the classic trellis shape, but an even more beautiful option is a simple circular ring with lots of flowers and vines covering it. You'll wow guests with this combo of modern design and artistic flair.

Bring in Some Antiques


One of the key elements of boho wedding decor is its unique nature. We're talking handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that are meaningful and special. If you have some antique furniture in your family, it perfectly fits that description, and it can become the best altar or dessert table. Carefully move the pieces to your wedding or reception venue and decorate them with flowers or candles.

Embrace the Rustic in Your Wedding Decor


Your decor doesn't have to be all beautiful antique pieces, though. Bring in some rustic wood planks and simple textures to keep it casual. You can decorate a plank table with a piece of vintage lace and a simple color palette of neutrals, pink, or soft greenery. It's a recipe for instant, laid-back romance.

Add Lots of Boho Beads for Sparkle


Beads are a hallmark of Bohemian style, so add them into your wedding decorations. You can go with strings of wood or neutral beads or for added sparkle, use vintage glass bead strands or chandelier crystals. Hang them from light fixtures, the backs of chairs, the edges of tables, or your arch.

Bring in Color With Vintage-Style Fabrics


Vintage-style floral fabrics add a ton of unique beauty to your event, especially if you cut them into strips and hang them from ropes as banners. You can also tie lots of floral fabric strips to the branches of trees so they can blow in the wind. This is a fun way to add brighter shades if the rest of your wedding colors are neutral.

Lean Into Wicker


With its woven texture and natural, handmade look, wicker (or rattan) has a place at any boho wedding. You can use it for the chairs during your ceremony if you can get enough seating (feel free to mix and match). Or you can use wicker pieces as decorations or additional spots for guests to relax.

Decorate Ceremony Chairs With Ribbons


With the way they flutter in the breeze and add any color you want, ribbons make the perfect boho wedding decoration. Tie them to the back of chairs at the ceremony or reception for the most beautiful and fluid pops of color. Stick with neutrals if you want a classic look or bring in the entire rainbow for a funky touch.

Mix Textures in Table Decorations


Give your tables a gorgeous look by mixing lots of textures. We're talking simple flowers and grasses, rattan baskets, and glass and metal candleholders. This combo works both for centerpieces and for altar decorations or pretty decor for the gift or cake table.

Go With Vintage Glass Bottles for Centerpieces


Antique glass bottles make gorgeous boho wedding centerpieces, especially if you group several together. Pick bottles in clear, white, or a neutral hue to keep the look cohesive and simple. Add a few flowers to each one and group them in sets of three.

Make Colored Antique Glass Part of Your Table Settings


If you can score enough pieces at the thrift shop or antique store, you can also use gorgeous antique glass in your table settings. A small wine glass or water glass in a beautiful vintage hue adds instant boho style to your wedding tables. Keep the rest of the setting simple with neutral colors and a garland of greenery instead of a big centerpiece.

Quick Tip

Vintage Depression glass is a great place to start if you want to collect some pieces to decorate your wedding tables. They are often super affordable and come in pretty colors like pink, green, white, or clear.

Go Wild for Wildflowers on Your Wedding Table


If you're getting married in the summer, you can't beat the gorgeous simplicity of plain clear vases and jars filled with wildflowers. For a super neutral and beautiful boho look, go with Queen Anne's lace, which looks so pretty scattered across the tables.

String Lights and Lanterns Over the Tables


For a laid-back, boho wedding theme, string lights and hanging wicker lanterns over your wedding tables. This works super well outside if you can string the lights from trees, but you can also do it indoors if you have high ceilings in your reception venue.

Use Lots of Lace and Wood


Give your wedding centerpieces a ton of vintage beauty by wrapping the vases in lace or tying lace around the flowers. You can also use slabs of wood to elevate smaller vases and bring in that natural feel for your table decorations.

Use Macramé Chargers for the Tables


Skip the standard white tablecloths and go with a neutral earth-tone and macramé chargers. Macramé has a distinctly boho feel, so it's the ultimate way to bring in a simple handmade, free-spirited element for the wedding tables.

Embrace Asymmetry With Your Boho Wedding Cake


You don't have to opt for a many-tiered white cake and a bride and groom perched on top. Instead, choose an asymmetrical cake topper with flowers, fruit, and grasses. Allow some of the decorations to trail off the side to give it that free-form flair to match your wedding theme.

Quick Tip

Don't forget to show off your cake on a boho cake plate. A slab of wood, a neutral turned pedestal, or a vintage glass piece can elevate your cake to a work of art.

Keep Nature in Mind With Food and Drinks


Let nature inspire your food and drinks, as well as your decor. Fruit-infused water, botanical signature cocktails, and handmade foods are perfect for a boho wedding.

Serve Local Food at Your Boho Wedding


The whole boho style is about unique, handmade, and artistic pieces that still feel modern and meaningful, and you can incorporate that into your wedding menu. Talk to a caterer about serving local, seasonal foods. If your area is known for a specific fruit or delicacy, have it at your wedding.

Hold a Bouquet of Boho Flowers


Your wedding bouquet can complement your boho theme too. Keep it loose with long grasses and trailing vines that aren't easily contained in a simple shape. Stick to neutrals like tan, pale pink, soft green, and white or ivory. Texture is your friend here too, so change up the shapes and sizes of the blooms.

Bring on the Boho Wedding Accessories


In addition to your perfect decorations, you'll need a boho wedding dress and the accessories to go with it. And we mean accessories. There are no rules about what to wear in a boho wedding; it's all about expressing your free-spirited style. Start with a wrap that's colorful and fun if you think the day might get a little chilly.

Embrace Your Favorite Statement Jewelry


Whether you're in the wedding or just attending, wear your favorite statement jewelry. Think long, dangly earrings, lots of beads and necklaces, or an armful of bracelets. Pick something you love and build your look to include it.

Show Your Style With Hair Accessories Too


A classic veil can be lovely, but you have so many options for a boho wedding. Try a wreath of flowers or a beautiful feathered fascinator. The choice can help reinforce your entire wedding theme.

Don't Settle for a Standard Boutonnière Either


Instead of a standard boutonnière, display the wedding colors and the theme with an arrangement that includes lots of natural elements and texture. You can go way beyond the standard carnations or roses with grasses, feathers, and unique flowers.

Create a Memorable Boho Wedding With Lots of Personal Choices


Take some time to get inspired with all the wonderful boho wedding ideas and then think about what you really want to include in your special day. If it's meaningful to you, guests will feel that. And a meaningful wedding is a memorable one.

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23 Free-Spirited Ideas for a Boho Wedding