Nail the Look: 11 Bridesmaid Nail Ideas for Wedding Day Style

Something bold, something blue, something sparkly, something timeless — we have a nail design for any bridesmaid.

Published January 2, 2024

Before the make-up is done, the hair perfectly styled, and any bridesmaid steps into a dress, there's something else that needs to get done: those nails! A bare finger is no great problem in the grand scheme of things, but a perfect manicure can really set the vibe for the glitz, glam, and look of the big day. The hardest part now is deciding which of these bridesmaid nail ideas you'll want to see in person. 

Subtle Pink Nails

This sheer pink manicure is perfect for that understated look. The manicure for bridesmaids that's there without being there, this light pink hue will look darling with any wedding theme. It's also a great option for that inevtiable chipped nail, as no one will notice! Similiarly, a light peach manicure is a great alernative to the pastel pink.

Almond French Tip

Whether your wedding look is classic or modern, there's nothing more timeless than a French nail with an almond shape. These pointed beauties are a flawless and easy way for all bridesmaids to have a matching style from rehearsal dinner until the morning-after-brunch. 

Classic French Tip

For the brides who want classic from top to bottom, nothing beats the iconic French tip with a soft edge. From natural nails to dip to acrylics, the French tip makes any manicure look extra polished, especially when that manicure is on the hand of a bridesmaid. 

Subtle Nail Art for Bridesmaids

If you're looking for a little pop of fun without pulling focus from flowers, dresses, and the stunning bride, then a subtle nail art is perfect for bridesmaids. With an organized pattern on just one nail, complete with a reverse French tip, this manicure adds some colors and can be especially complementary with other colors in the bouquet. 

Black Manicure for Bridesmaids

For weddings that have a darker color scheme, pastel or bright manicures can be jarring. But an onyx black manicure is a great way to pull a theme together, especially for a black-tie event or if the bridesmaids are wearing dark, moody colors. Then again, gemstone colors will pop all the more with these shadowy nails.

Glitter Is Always Right

There's always a spot to add a little more glitter when getting dolled up, and this time, the glitter is for the manicure. Bridesmaids' nails will sparkle and shine, from black and gold to silver and white and every combination in between. Vary the placement of glitter from nail to nail, or have each one uniform for a more polished look. 

Geometric Beauty

For a statement, kick your nail art up to all ten digits: with straight lines painted on each nail in an organized chaotic fashion. Glitter or no glitter, these nails will shine on each bridesmaid. 

A Golden Shine

Add a little extra glittering gold to your wedding day with gold flakes! Whether bridesmaids have a soft pastel undertone or a bolder gemstone color, gold flakes added to the tips of nails will bring the glam without going overboard. 

Pastel Manicure for Bridesmaids

Spring, summer, fall, or winter, a pastel manicure for bridesmaids brings a little extra color without clashing with all the other moving pieces from shoes to dress to jewelry. Each bridesmaid can sport a different pastel hue that matches the color scheme or a single color that flatters their skin tone or dress. 

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Since this day is all about celebrating love, why not add a few extra hearts? At the bottom of each nail, either after painting with a base color or clear coat of nail polish, have a small heart added. Subtle, sweet, and oh so cute, you can skip the classic red hearts to opt for an accent color that suits your theme, too. 

Bejewel the Bridesmaids

Colorful nails and over-the-top designs are great, but have you considered the glitz and sparkle that you get from having a manicure with jewels added to the final look? Silver gems, gold gems, or colors that fit your theme, all the bridesmaids will shine bright like a diamond. 

Soften the look by using pearl-esque gems for something a bit under the radar that still feels glam. 

Perfectly Polished Bridesmaids

There are so many details to consider when completing the bridesmaids' look. But with our creative bridesmaid nail ideas, there's one less thing to worry about. 

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Nail the Look: 11 Bridesmaid Nail Ideas for Wedding Day Style