Flower Girl Dress Ideas

Updated July 19, 2018
Bride and groom cheering with flower girls

Selecting a flower girl dress is something the bride should undertake with the young girl in mind. The flower girl should match the bridesmaids as well as the wedding style but also be comfortable.

Traditional Styles That Match Bridal Party

Traditional dress styles can be fancy or simple, but they do share commonalities. They typically are white or ivory to match the bride's dress color and look similar to a bride's gown. These dresses tend to be expensive, so consider offering to help out with the cost if you can.

Fancy Styles

Fancy Styles

A fancy dress design looks luxurious and will make your flower girl feel like a princess. Just a few options include:

  • Ball Gown with Heart Cut Out - A gorgeous gown from David's Bridal, this is perfect for your Cinderella-themed wedding. It has a heart cut out of the back and princess tulle skirt. It runs right around $150. While it does come in big girl sizes, this design is best suited to a little girl.
  • Liana Dress - The Liana dress from BHLDN is around $150 and comes in sizes 2 through 10. It has lovely 3/4 length lace sleeves, lace bodice, and tulle skirt. A bow anchors the dramatic back. It is perfect for a candlelit wedding with romantic overtones.

Choose a fancy formal children's dress if you're having a formal wedding, evening wedding, or an upscale event at any time of day.

Simple Styles

Simple Styles

A basic cut with few frills is still traditional but not as formal or fancy. They are still white or ivory over all, even if they do have a splash of color. Select these if you're having a traditional semi-formal indoor or outdoor wedding with a classic bridal party look. Options to consider are:

  • Matte Satin Ribbon Dress - This is a floor-length selection from The Dessy Group (about $210; sizes 2 through 14). It is a simple white sleeveless dress with jewel neck and ribbon at the waist and bottom edge. Select from over 70 ribbon colors. The dress is simple beauty without a lot of fuss, so it's perfect for a girl who wants to be comfortable.
  • A-Line Sleeveless Satin Dress - An a-line dress is accented at the waist with a thin ribbon tied in a bow. It's available from Nordstrom for just over $100. It's a great option when you have two or more flower girls of different ages, since it's available in toddler, little girls, and big girls, and it will look appropriate for all those ages.

Add a small flower or rhinestone pin at the waist if you want to add a little extra bling to the gown.

Colorful Patterned Flower Girl Dresses

Colorful Patterned Flower Girl Dresses

Let your flower girl's bright, bubbly personality shine with a color print dress that suits your wedding style. These dresses are perfect for outdoor weddings against green grass or blue seas or if you're having a casual event. For example:

  • Navy and White Stripe Floral Chiffon - Bright pink and white florals are set off by navy and white stripes on this casual chiffon dress. It's available from SophiasStyle.com for around $50. It's great for a nautical or seaside wedding or a casual backyard affair.
  • Floral Organza Party Dress - This pastel blue dress features dainty pink embroidered flowers. It comes in sizes for toddlers through big girls at less than $70 at Nordstrom. It's great for a wedding in the spring or summer and the basic cut of the dress means your flower girl(s) will stay comfortable and cool.

Start your search for these dresses in the special occasion section, but you are just as likely to find something that works in the regular little girl's section. Parents will appreciate the affordability and the likelihood the dress can be worn several more times before their daughter outgrows it.

Modern Looks for Your Flower Girl

Modern Looks for Your Flower Girl

Just because your flower girl is young and in a bridal party doesn't mean you can't dress her like the fashionista she is! If you have a modern, stylish look to your bridal gown and the bridesmaid dresses, you'll want to look for something similar for the flower girl. A couple dresses to consider include:

  • Fit-And-Flare Dress - A short take on layered skirts, this is a fit-and-flare option that has a contemporary edge. It is available through Dillard's for approximately $50 in sizes 2T through 6x. It's a great option for a flower girl who wants to look just like the bride or bridesmaids. If you're not a fan of the blush color, you can always select the white Techno Mesh Fit & Flare Dress from Nordstrom. It's available in little and big girl sizes for just over $300.
  • Halter High Low Flower Girl Dress - This dress has a modern cut with classic materials. It features an illusion halter neckline tied in the back with a tulle high low skirt. Select one of the colors to make your flower girl stand out. It's a great dress for a beach wedding or a museum; anywhere a little out of the ordinary. Find it at DHgate.com for around $50.

Do check any styles with parents before making the final selection as some may be surprised by shorter skirts or different necklines.

Dresses to Match Your Theme

Flower girl dresses can also match whatever theme you desire. For example:

Dresses to Match Your Theme / Bling or dance theme
  • Boho or beach theme - Beach weddings are often casual, as are boho weddings. Pick up a lightweight dress with cotton lining, like the Chiffon Flutter Sleeves Dress from Amazon (about $40), available in sizes 2 through 12.
  • Bling or dance theme - If ballet plays a big part of the life of the bride or groom, or you're hosting a wedding with a lot of bling and sparkle, a dress that looks like a dancer's is perfect. The Sequin Bodice Tulle Dress from Nordstrom is a gorgeous option that will shine. It comes in toddler through big girl size 8 for about $30.
  • Retro theme - Hosting your wedding in a retro theater or selecting a dress with 1920s or 1940s flair means you'll need a flower girl dress to reflect this style. The Social Short Sleeved Lace Dress from Dillard's would suit this wedding theme perfectly. It's available in toddler and little girls sizes for about $60.

Stay away from anything too costume-like, no matter how gorgeous that Victorian gown is, because it won't be comfortable enough for her to wear the entire wedding.

Beautiful Dresses for Special Girls

Ultimately, as long as your flower girl feels beautiful and comfortable in the dress you select, it's going to be a winner. She'll smile her whole walk down the aisle!

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Flower Girl Dress Ideas