Humorous Engagement Poems

Reading a humorous engagement poem

If the happy couple has a great sense of humor, it probably won't hurt to have a little good-natured fun by celebrating their engagement with a humorous poem. Sometimes engagement parties can be a little stuffy, but a poem like one of the following offerings can instantly liven things up.

A Variety of Humorous Engagement Poems

While one of these poems may not be the perfect fit, you can certainly use any of them for inspiration. They'll put you in the right frame of mind to write a humorous poem of your own to entertain the newly-engaged couple.

Woman wishing for luck

From the Groom-to-Be's Parents

(Groom's name) mother and I are filled with joy.
Someone's finally agreed to marry our boy.

Lord knows (Bride's name) is in for a challenging life
Once she becomes our son's darling wife.

She'll have to accept his odd little ways,
Like how sometimes he doesn't change his socks for days.

Or how his weekends are spent watching ESPN,
And eating Taco Bell while holed up in the den.

And his car, now that's really his pride and joy,
Be sure not to scratch his oversized toy.

But he's really a good guy, and they'll do just fine.
He'll make a good husband if she can keep him in line.

So here's to our future daughter-in-law, who has a lot of pluck.
She's marrying our son, so let's all wish her lots of luck.

A Funny Engagement Blessing

Man with ball and chain

A woman takes a husband
A man takes a wife
Together they agree
To be sentenced for life.

They'll put on matching balls and chains
And settle down in a comfortable cell.
And as the years go drifting by,
Little gangsters will join them as well.

So God bless the future bride and groom,
May the punishment fit the crime.
We wish them a long and happy life,
As they settle down to doing time.

An Engagement Toast

Here's a toast to _____ and _____,
In anticipation of their wedding day.
Why they finally decided to tie the knot,
Who can truly say?

Oh he tried to dodge the subject of marriage,
But she was smart and lured him in.
And now they're headed toward wedded bliss,
So I guess you can say she wins!

One for the Engagement Party

Proposing on bended knee

He sighed and admitted to himself,
"My bachelor days are through.
I need to find a brilliant wife,
To tell me what to do."

So he looked around and found,
The prettiest girl he could.
He got down on one knee, and said,
"Pretty please, marry me for good."

She said yes and kindly agreed
To put his life in order.
No more aimless nights in pubs,
And for this, he adored her.

And that's the story of _____ and _____,
And their journey of love so far.
It's hard to believe such a promising romance,
Actually began in a bar.

Humorous Advice for the Engaged Couple

playful fighting

So you've decide to become man and wife,
Let me offer you both a little helpful advice.

Never go to bed angry,
And always play nice.
A little bit of fighting,
Adds a touch of spice.

Never hog the covers,
Or leave wet towels on the floor.
If you use up all the milk,
Make sure you go buy more.

Always bite your lip to keep
From blurting out a tart reply.
When it comes to offering compliments,
Don't let a day go by.

If you can put each other first,
And think of your own self last,
Your lives will be filled with plenty of bliss,
And the years will flow smoothly past.

Don't Cross the Line

It's fun to poke the future bride and groom a little, but make absolutely sure you steer clear of insults because they will quickly dampen the mood and may even get you kicked off the wedding guest list. As long as your poem is tinged with affection, you won't have to worry about crossing over the line.

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Humorous Engagement Poems