Wedding Superstitions

Rain is good luck for a wedding.

There are many superstitions that surround a wedding. Some bridal couples wonder if it's really bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before their wedding. No one knows for sure, but there aren't too many grooms willing to find out. If you aren't up to speed on the superstitions that plague weddings, you may find a primer helpful.

Weather Related Wedding Superstitions

Don't lament if there isn't a perfect blue sky on your wedding day. It's good luck if it rains! It's also good luck if there's a full moon a day or two before the wedding. Seeing a rainbow on The Big Day is another lucky sign.

Wedding Dress Superstitions

If you have ever wanted to save money by making your own wedding dress, you might be interested to learn this is considered bad luck! If you're borrowing a dress, this is very lucky for you, but it's not such good luck for the person lending you the dress.

While this may inhibit the fitting process, it's considered very bad luck to wear your entire wedding ensemble before the Big Day. If you're superstitious, you'll want to leave out a small component of the wedding outfit, such as the veil or your shoes when having a fitting.

It's also bad luck for the bride to look in the mirror too many times on her wedding day. While it's fine to give herself the once over once she's in full regalia, too much staring in the mirror is said to be anticipatory and this type of bad luck can lead to the wedding being postponed or cancelled.

Why Do Bridesmaids Dress the Same?

Why, to keep away the evil spirits of course!

Something Old, Something New

You're probably well aware of this traditional wedding rhyme:


"Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed, Something blue"

But did you know the rest of it? The last line is "and a sixpence for my shoe."

The "old" represents the brides life before her marriage, while the "new" symbolizes new beginnings. The something "borrowed" really means that it's good luck to borrow something from another bride, preferably something worn at her own wedding. The "something blue" symbolizes the traditional color of wedding dresses in the pre-Victorian days. Brides didn't start wearing white until Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown, which became the new fashion. The "sixpence for my shoe" symbolizes wealth a prosperous future.

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder why the groom is supposed to carry the bride over the threshold? It's to prevent her from tripping! If the bride trips upon entering their home their first time as husband and wife, it's bad luck.

Have Fun

Should you be superstitious on your wedding day? Why not? Wedding superstitions are fun! It's great to dress and act according to tradition, but to take these things seriously all depends on your personal beliefs. There are plenty of couples who see each other in full wedding finery before the wedding ceremony, and their marriage has withstood the test of time. Have fun with wedding superstitions, but don't stress over them. They're not what the day is about.

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