7 Most Valuable He-Man & Masters of the Universe Toys From Your Childhood

By the power of Grayskull, these valuable Masters of the Universe toys have conquered the auction world.

Published May 8, 2024

If you didn’t grow up on deliciously cheesy 1980s cartoons, then you probably know Masters of the Universe best for the laughing rainbow He-Man gif and the "until we meet again" Skeletor meme. Even 40+ years later, He-Man and company are still stirring up attention. And these valuable Masters of the Universe toys show that you don’t need a power sword to conquer the auction block.

7 Masters of the Universe Action Figures That Have the Power

Animation was in its fantasy era in the 1980s. While I was more of a ThunderCats gal myself, Masters of the Universe was unerringly popular. So popular in fact, that the character She-Ra was rebooted into a highly successful series called She-Ra and the Princesses of Power in 2018.

And like ThunderCats, Masters of the Universe toys have their own cult following. Toy collectors love to get their hands on these rare Masters of the Universe action figures and playsets, and they’re willing to pay top dollar for them. 

He-Man and Wind Raiser (1982)


One of the most valuable Masters of the Universe toys includes the titular hero himself, He-Man, and the jet-propelled ship Wind Raider. As far as toys go, it’s nothing groundbreaking. But when Mattel released it in 1982 (the very same year the show came out), it was top-notch.

In 2023, one boxed He-Man and Wind Raider sold for $16,250 in an online auction. While these Wind Raider toys usually go for a few thousand, this particular box was special because it belonged to an old Mattel employee and wasn’t marked for commercial sale.

Need to Know

The first generation of Masters of the Universe toys from 1982 are some of the most valuable.

Evil Warriors Action Figures (1982)


Second on our list is a Masters of the Universe action figure set that lets you get three big bads for the price of one. Also released in 1982, this set includes He-Man’s rival Skeletor, the evil henchman Beast Man, and the devious robot Faker. As far as world-building goes, these “Evil Warriors” are central figures to the plot which makes them a big draw at auction.

And just like the He-Man and Wind Raider on our list, one Evil Warriors box set went to auction from a former Mattel employee’s collection. As a non-commercial box, it went for significantly more than expected, selling for $11,562.50 in 2023.

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He-Man Action Figure (1999)


You can’t talk about Masters of the Universe toys without bringing up the iconic pageboy haircut rockin’ man himself, He-Man. Despite having bizarre anatomical proportions and a chest guard that gives him serious cleavage while only protecting his solar plexus, 80s kids couldn’t get enough of him.

To make sure they could expand their merchandise sales into international markets, Mattel created a subsidiary called Leo Toys Mattel to operate in India. One of these Leo Mattel He-Man action figures went to a Heritage Auctions sale. As a carded and highly graded action figure, it sold for big bucks at $5,625.

Skeletor Action Figure (1982)


The first Skeletor action figure might be petite, but if his thighs prove anything it’s that he packs quite the punch. He-Man's notorious nemesis, Skeletor, is just as popular (if not more so) than He-Man himself. Naturally, a Skeletor action figure from the first wave would draw in quite a crowd.

In 2023, an unpunched, sealed, and carded ’82 Skeletor came to auction. It sold for $5,250.

Quick Tip

Vintage action figures can sell for more money if they come sealed in their original blister pack cards, and even more if they’re “unpunched” aka they don’t have a hole at the top to be hung from.

Castle Grayskull Playset (1982)


You couldn’t very well play Masters of the Universe if you didn’t have a universe that needed mastering. That’s where playsets like Castle Grayskull came into the picture. Alongside the first wave of action figures were various playsets and accessories.

Castle Grayskull is a central location in the show, so it was a no-brainer merchandise choice. It’s also harder to find full playsets in their original boxes, so when one came to auction in 2023, it had huge potential. Collectors didn’t disappoint, and someone went home with it by shelling out $4,750.

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Beast Man Action Figure (1982)


Beast Man already made an appearance in the Evil Warriors trio, but he’s special enough to get his own breakout moment. Though Beast Man doesn’t have the same pop culture appeal that Skeletor and He-Man have, he’s recognizable enough to still garner interest.

The most valuable Beast Man action figures come from the show’s debut season, 1982, and can sell for a few thousand dollars in mint condition. One near-mint, unopened, unpunched, and carded Beast Man recently sold at auction for $4,000.

Megator Action Figure (1986)


If you thought Skeletor’s thighs were a force to be reckoned with, you’re in for a rude awakening when you stand face to face with Megator’s hulking frame. Megator is a rare Masters of the Universe action figure that Mattel released in 1986.

You don’t often see these come to auction, and when they do, they can go for ~$1,000. A boxed Megator recently came up for sale on eBay and sold for an impressive $3,800.

Toys So Special, You’ll Need a Power Sword to Swipe Them


Of all the 80s cartoons to make an impact, Masters of the Universe might not have been on our list. But like the Transformers toys and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys that came after them, these Masters of the Universe toys outdid our expectations. And if you’re gearing up to bid on one of them, you’ll want to whip out your power sword to take out the competition.

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7 Most Valuable He-Man & Masters of the Universe Toys From Your Childhood