Ty Collectibles Pricing Guide: Plush Profits on Beanies & Bears

Beanie Babies are making a comeback, and this Ty Collectible price guide proves that Beaniemania is bound for a redux.

Updated February 5, 2024
Beanie Babies sit on the shelf of a variety store

Ty — the brand that brought you every 90s kid's favorite collectible, Beanie Babies — is still doing what they do best. Whether you're trying to flip a few Beanie Babies for some extra cash or you're a serious collector trying to expand your collection, having a Ty Collectibles pricing guide handy can help you nab a great deal when you see one. 

Ty Collectibles Price Guide for Curious Collectors 

If you're thinking of selling your Beanie Babies, then the first thing you have to make peace with is that most of them aren't worth more than $20. However, just like how small charges on your credit card will start to add up, those little sales will soon accumulate to a nice profit. But before you hit checkout on every old Ty toy you find, make sure you know just how much they're going for on average. 

Shockingly Expensive Ty Collectibles 

While most Beanie Babies and other Ty collectibles aren't going to pay for a college education, some underdogs come out swinging. These eye-wateringly expensive Beanie Babies prove that Beaniemania is far from over. 

Wise the Owl: $122,000

Yes, you read that right. One Wise the Owl — an owl Beanie Baby sporting a graduation cap from '98 — recently sold on eBay for $122,000. Now, how did a stuffed Ty toy sell for the price of some people's mortgages? Its tag is misprinted with a 1997 birthday when its graduation cap says it's from 1998. Beanie Babies with errors are notoriously valuable, and this one proves that some beanies are worth the hype. 

Gobbles: $18,000

Gobbles is an immediately recognizable Beanie Baby coming from their holiday collections. A turkey with some beautiful plumage, Gobbles isn't too remarkable on her own. But one mint condition Gobbles has a spacing tag error that was special enough that one buyer paid $18,000 for her. 

Fleecie: $15,000

Fleecie might not pay for a mortgage, but they can buy you a sensible car. This quaint lamb is one of the many retired Beanie Babies that come with PVC pellets. These PVC Beanies are highly collectible, so it makes sense that one Fleecie would sell for $15,000 on eBay. 

Princess: $11,995

Princess is the notorious purple bear released in honor of Princess Diana's 1997 death. Out of all the expensive Beanie Babies, this is probably the one you've heard the most about. While not every Princess will sell for thousands at auction, one PVC bear with tag errors sold for $11,995 online. 

Even More Ty Collectibles & Their Current Values

Ty pumped out hundreds of toys during their heyday, and it's impossible to keep track of how every one of them does at auction. Yet, eBay's past sales reveal quite a lot about these 90s collectibles, and we've curated a list of some prominent Beanie Babies and their recent sales values. 

TY Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant (1998) Beanie Buddy
  • 1st Gen Humphrey: $125-$250
  • 2nd Generation Lucky: $50-$200
  • Authenticated Nip: $279.95
  • Authenticated Ty Beanie Baby Billionaire: $679.95
  • Bronty: $5-$325
  • Bubbles: $0.99-$70
  • Bumble $30-$45
  • Canada Maple: $5-$40
  • Coral Casino Ty Beanie Baby: $500-$2,000+
  • Crunch the Shark: $1.25-$200
  • Dusty: $70 
  • Flutter: $5-$229.95
  • Garcia: $0.99-$1,000
  • Giganto: $0.99-$20
  • Goldie: $0.99-$139.99
  • Happy: $1-$10
  • Happy Gray: $45-$100
  • Howl: $3.25-$15
  • Jade New Face Teddy: $100-$450
  • Korean Cubbie: $10-$45
  • Merriment the Bear: $10
  • Mystic: $0.99-$6
  • Odie the Dog: $20-$60
  • Original Ty 3rd Generation Rex Tie Dyed Beanie: $200-$350
  • Peking: $5-$595
  • Peppa's Teddy - $10-$25
  • Rare Old Face Teddy: $395.00
  • Scooby Doo: $5-$40
  • Shreds: $5
  • Snip: $8.99-$500
  • Squealer: $1.25-$1,000
  • Steg: $10-$419
  • Sting: $2-$130
  • Swirly the Snail: $0.01-$10
  • Trap: $50-$355
  • Trap: $65-$355
  • Ty Cranberry Teddy: $1-$425
  • Ty Old Face First Generation Teddy: $200-$800
  • Wingless Quacker: $200-$800
  • Woolins: $0.99-$10
  • Zip: $5-$10
  • Zodiac Piglet: $0.99-$10
Need to Know

Values are always changing, so you should never take value guides, like our Ty Collectibles pricing guide, as 100% accurate. Consider price guides more as an estimate to help lead you in the right direction. 

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7 Tips for Determining Ty Collectibles' Values 

The most valuable Beanie Babies didn't become big ticket items for no reason. They all share a handful of characteristics that set them apart from your average ole thrift store find. So, when you're assessing your own Ty collectibles or ones you find in the wild, make sure you check for these significant features. 

Mike Garard cherishing his Beanie Babies collection
  • It's in good condition. Items that are practically brand new will sell for far more than ones that have been played with. 
  • The hang and tush tags are present. If it has hang tags and tush tags intact, it'll be worth significantly more than those that don't.
  • It has a certificate of authenticity. If it's been verified, it'll be worth more than if it isn't.
  • It's a first-gen Beanie Baby. A first-generation Beanie is worth the most out of all the generations. 
  • It's a retired Beanie Baby. A retired Beanie is usually worth more than any that are still in production.
  • There's a collector community nearby. If you've got a community of people who collect old Ty toys, then you should be able to find a buyer willing to pay the most for your stuff. 
  • It's a rare bear. If a collectible bear was issued in a limited number, it'll be more expensive than a bear that was issued in an unlimited number.

Valuable Ty Collectibles Pricing Guides to Reference 

Unfortunately, all the print books that explore Ty Beanie Babies' values are way out of date and out-of-print. This makes traditional publishing pretty useless when it comes to valuing Ty collectibles. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any resources you can turn to. 

Currently, the best Ty collectibles pricing guide on the market comes from the Beanie Babies Price Guide website. They have four separate eBook price guides to choose from: 

  • Ty Pluffies Price Guide eBook 
  • Ty Sports Commemoratives Checklist 
  • Beanie Babies Price Guide eBook 
  • Beanie Buddies Price Guide eBook 

Let Ty Collectible Price Guides Do the Heavy Lifting 

Get a leg up on the competition by knowing which Ty collectibles and Beanie Babies are worth hunting down, and which ones aren't worth your pocket change. Just like how it's easier to let a financial advisor watch the stock market for you, these Ty Beanie Babies price guides do all the heavy lifting. 

Ty Collectibles Pricing Guide: Plush Profits on Beanies & Bears