Use This Tablecloth Size Chart for Perfect Party Planning

Find the perfect tablecloth length and shape with this handy chart of standard tablecloth sizes.

Updated June 14, 2023
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A chart for standard tablecloth sizes is an excellent tool for finding the perfect size you need for your next tablecloth purchase. You can quickly reference it instead of trying to guess the correct size. Use this tablecloth size chart to determine your ideal tablecloth for your next dinner party or formal event.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes

Plan your next celebration like a pro once you know the standard tablecloth sizes for the tables used at most weddings and events. Tablecloth sizes will either fall under the round category or the square and rectangle category. While many of the measurements depend upon the width and height of your table, you will also need to factor in whether you want your tablecloth to touch the floor or puddle onto it.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes for Round Tables

Round tables usually fall between 24" and 108" around with various heights. Follow these standard size guides to find the tablecloth size that will best fit the height and circumference of your round table.

  • Round tables that are 36" around and seat up to four people require a 52" to 94" round tablecloth depending on the height of the table.
  • For a 48" round table that can seat four to eight people, you'll need a tablecloth that's at least 64" around.
  • To seat up to ten people at a round table measuring 108", a 124" tablecloth is the minimum you'll need with a up to 166" for larger tablecloth drop.
  • Cocktail tables and bistro tables that usually seat two people still need up to an 82" tablecloth.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes for Square & Rectangle Tables

Square and rectangle tablecloths have a large range of sizes. Small square tables might seat as few as two people, while large rectangular tables seat up to 12. You measure an oval table just as you would rectangular tables and apply the same guidelines to those measurements when choosing your tablecloth.

  • A standard square table measuring 36" should seat up to four people and would require a 56" x 56" tablecloth for a simple and formal look.
  • 48" is the larger standard for square tables that seat four people but can also seat up to six. Tablecloths for these tables range from 64" x 64" for an informal style to 106" x 106" for a flowy, formal event style.
  • Rectangle or oval tables measuring 60" long need a tablecloth between 76" and 118" long.
  • Larger rectangular and oval tables, measuring 108" long, need up to a 166" x 94" tablecloth.

How to Use the Tablecloth Size Chart

Download the chart below and save or print it so you can reference it anytime you need to purchase tablecloths for an event. This might be a handy chart to keep in your party supplies or stored in a dining room buffet for quick reference. Once you've downloaded the chart, follow the steps for accurately measuring your table and finding your ideal tablecloth.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes Infographic

Step One

Find the shape and size of your table using the far left column in the chart. If you don't know the size, use a retractable tape measure to take an exact measurement. This will give you the size of the tabletop and the measurements you'll use to determine the tablecloth size you need.

  • Rectangle and oval tables come in two standard widths. The most common is 36" and the other is 40" wide, but measure your table to be sure.
  • For a round table, you will need to know the diameter. Measure the center of the table from one end to the other.
  • Square tables range from 30" to 72". You can determine the size of your table by measuring one side.

Step Two

Decide the length of the drop, which is the amount of material that will hang over the edge of the table, you want for your tablecloth. If you're undecided, then sit down at the table and with a ruler or tape measure, find 8", measuring from the edge of the table. If this length isn't as long as you'd like, then try 10" and finally 12".

Step Three

Now that you know the size of your table and the drop length you want, you're ready to find the size of the tablecloth you'll need with the chart.


If your table is round and 120" in diameter and you want an 8" drop, you will first find your table size underneath the Table Shape and Size column. Next, move across the chart underneath the Tablecloth Size Drop 8" column. The tablecloth size you need is 136" in diameter.


To find the tablecloth size needed for a 42" square table with a long drop, find the table shape and size underneath the Table Shape and Size column. Next, move across the chart underneath the Tablecloth Size Drop 12" column. The tablecloth size you need is a 58" x 58" square.

Rectangle and Oval

To find the tablecloth size needed for a rectangle or oval table, you will use the length and width measurements you took earlier. In the chart listings you will see that the (40") widths are shown in parentheses in the Shape and Size column and each of the Tablecloth Size Drop columns.

If your table is a rectangle shape and measures 72" x 36" and you wish for a 10" drop, then the tablecloth size you need is 92" x 56". If your table has a 40" width instead of 36", then you would use the numbers in parentheses - (60") for a tablecloth size of 92" x 60".

For an oval table, you will use the rectangle size measurements and the correlating tablecloth sizes. Just be sure that when you purchase the tablecloth, it is meant for an oval table and not a rectangle table.

Understanding Tablecloth Drop Length Options

The material of a standard tablecloth needs to fall over the edge of the table. That material is called a drop, and it impacts the length you need so the tablecloth fits your table and provides the look you desire. Once you understand the different drop ranges for tablecloths, you'll have all the information you need to choose your next table linens.

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8-Inch Drop

The drop length can vary depending on the dining event or your preference. The standard drop length used by most food and catering services is 8". This means that the tablecloth will drop 8" over the edge of the table, evenly on all sides.

10- and 12-Inch Drops

You aren't limited to only using 8" for the drop in your tablecloth. Many people prefer the look of a 10" or 12" drop, especially for formal events. However, these lengths tend to be uncomfortable for some diners, since the tablecloth often bunches up underneath the table or makes it difficult for diners to move or even sit underneath the table. Consider these factors when deciding on a longer drop.

30-Inch Drop

If you want a banquet look where the tablecloth touches the floor, then the standard drop is 30". This drop length is used mostly for banquet dinners, especially wedding receptions. A 30" drop length will mean that the tablecloth puddles slightly on the floor.

Quick Reference for Finding Tablecloth Sizes

Now that you know how to use the tablecloth size chart, you can refer to it every time you plan an event. Keep this chart handy and before you know it, you'll have the standard tablecloth sizes memorized.

Use This Tablecloth Size Chart for Perfect Party Planning