13 Chinese Good Luck Symbols for Wealth, Prosperity, & Joy

Looking for some luck? These lucky Chinese symbols and charms could bring more luck into your life.

Updated May 6, 2024
Chinese New Year Decoration--Red Packet on Plum Branch,Character on Packet Symbolizes Good Luck.

We could all use a little extra luck, and Chinese good luck symbols could bring luck energy into your life. These good luck symbols take many forms, such as Chinese characters, statues of dragons, golden cats, and red envelopes. So if you're ready to bring some luck energy into your life, try a few of these good luck symbols from Chinese culture.

Our Top 6 Chinese Good Luck Symbols

There are so many symbols and charms you can use for good luck, but these top six are some of our favorites. 

1. Pinyin - Chinese Symbol for Luck


One of the most popular Chinese symbols of good luck is the pinyin character for fu, which represents good luck or good fortune. The ancient Chinese tradition of hanging a fu symbol on the front door is still practiced during the Chinese Spring Festival and Chinese New Year.

This practice began in 256 B.C. during the Zhou Dynasty to keep the Goddess of Poverty from visiting and residing in your home. Today, the symbol represents a year of good luck, prosperity, and happiness. Artists often draw fu symbols in black ink calligraphy on red paper to be hung in homes as a feng shui cure to attract positive energy.

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2. Four Chinese Symbols for Luck

Lucky Characters

Other lucky Chinese characters representing good luck and fortune include:

  • Xi: Popular at Chinese weddings, this symbol represents double happiness and good luck.
  • He: This is a good luck symbol for harmonious relationships.
  • Ji: Give this Chinese symbol for good fortune and a wish that all is well for a housewarming gift.
  • Lu: Prosperity, good fortune and wealth come with this Chinese character.

3. Chinese Dragons

Chinese golden Dragon on red background, Chinese new year 2024

Chinese dragons also bring good luck. Placing a statue or art of the Imperial dragons or any of his sons brings good energy. 

  • Baxia (Bixi): The most commonly recognized symbol is the dragon tortoise (turtle dragon). He is powerful and strong and capable of bearing life's burdens. He brings long life of prosperity and strength.
  • Bi An (Bian): This dragon is a protector of the law and is considered a fair judge. Use this auspicious symbol for any legal issues you may face.
  • Chi-Wen (Chao Feng or Chiwen): This dragon governs water and is used on roofs to ensure protection against fire. Place one inside your home to protect against natural disasters such as floods.
  • Gongfu (Gong Fu): This water dragon god enjoys swimming in lakes and other bodies of water. He brings wealth to your home, protects you from floods, and is often used on ships.
  • Pu Lao (Puloa): This dragon roars and rules over sounds. It is often used as a motif for temple bells. Place one on your desk to command authority.
  • Ch'iu Niu (Quiniu): The dragon god loves music and is the creative symbol often found carved onto musical instruments or as a relief motif.
  • Suan Ni (Suanni): The lion dragon of fire and smoke sits and watches over his kingdom. This dragon god bestows wisdom and great wealth to those who use this symbol.
  • Taotie (Tootie): If you need wealth, add a token of this food-loving dragon with bronze and other metal bowls, plates, and other serving pieces. Many china patterns include an image of this dragon god.
  • Ya Zi (Yazi): The protector dragon god is a fierce warrior and always victorious in war. This is a symbol for those in the military to wear as a medium to imbue Yazi's energy

4. Lucky Golden Cat Statues

golden Maneki Neko Japan lucky cat

Cats in Chinese mythology are typically bad omens unless they are golden cats. The symbol of the lucky cat or golden cat symbolizes the transforming of evil into good, and it's a feng shui symbol of good luck, abundance, and protection. 

5. Statues of Buddha

Buddha statues are available in many styles and designs. One of the most popular Buddhas is the Laughing Buddha, sometimes called the Happy Buddha. The Laughing Buddha with his round belly and big smile is a symbol of good luck, abundance, and prosperity.

6. Carp (Koi) and Goldfish

Use eight red and one black fish in an aquarium or koi pond. Place the aquarium just inside the front door, on the north wall, or in the southeast sector of the home to stimulate wealth.

Chinese Lucky Charms

Not to be mixed up with the sugary kids' cereal, Chinese lucky charms are easy to carry with you or place anywhere that you need a little extra energy or luck.

1. Three Chinese Lucky Coins

Three Chinese lucky coins tied with red ribbon on wooden mat

Three Chinese lucky coins tied with a red ribbon will bring you luck. Place Chinese good luck coins in your home's money sector or carry them inside your purse for an abundance of wealth and money.

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2. Red Envelopes

Red envelopes are used for gift-giving, but you can also use them for yourself. Red envelopes hold one coin. Give as housewarming gifts, and carry one inside your purse for abundant wealth.

3. Wealth Pots

Feng Shui Money Pot Wealth Bowl for Prosperity and good fortune

Wealth pots are ancient symbols used for activating wealth. Fill this with money — especially money from wealthy people — and other symbols of great wealth, and place it inside your house in the wealth corner.

4. Three-Legged Toad

The three-legged toad (money frog) is a symbol used for a lucky charm. This toad is always depicted with a coin in its mouth with a Chinese character coin side facing up. Carry one with you or place it in the money corner of your home or office. 

5. Crystals

Citrine is a crystal associated with abundance, as are green-colored crystals. Carry a citrine in your wallet or place one in your cash box for good fortune. 

6. Mystic Knots

Chinese Mystic knot

Mystic knots are used by themselves as well as in unison with other good luck symbols. These knots of happiness are the eternity symbol of figure eights. Use the mystic knot to hang various feng shui cures such as wind chimes and coins.

7. Colors Red and Black

You can capitalize on the two traditional colors to attract good luck. Red is the royal and national color that translates to wealth and power. Black is a color of wealth. The combination of red and black are considered auspicious in feng shui applications.

Using Chinese Good Luck Symbols

These and other symbols of good luck can be used in feng shui applications as powerful cures and enhancers for activating chi energy. If you adhere to feng shui principles, you can significantly improve your life and your luck.

13 Chinese Good Luck Symbols for Wealth, Prosperity, & Joy