Feng Shui Money Frog Prosperity Guide

Updated April 7, 2022
feng shui money frog

You can attract wealth using a feng shui money frog. Displaying one in your home or business protects and expands your financial prosperity. This powerful money symbol is most effective when you use feng shui tips for placement. Use the three-legged frog as a simple feng shui tool to enhance your money luck and good fortune.

How to Spot a Feng Shui Money Frog

The money frog is shaped a bit like a money pouch, with a bulbous head, round belly and that tail-like leg in the back, or one leg instead of two in the back. Typically, the frog sits on a gold ingot, a bed of coins, or an eight-sided feng shui bagua. Sometimes, strings of coins trail from its mouth, which is always open wide enough to accept a coin. If your frog doesn't have a coin in its mouth, buy a special coin and place it in there with the fake ruby side or the coin calligraphy side up. The lucky money frog can be made of any material, so you can choose the one that resonates with you the most.

Money Frog Feng Shui Direction and Placement

golden money frog feng shui

The money frog, three-legged toad, three-legged frog, or Ch'an Chu, will bring prosperity to your home or business when in the right position. The most important rule for money frogs is the direction it's facing. The correct placement for your frog is very simple--the three-legged money frog should face in the direction in which you will be gathering the luck it will bestow on you. Think of the placement as the best spot to catch the coins that a money frog symbolically tosses your way.

Good Luck Frog at the Front Door

If you can only place a money frog in one location at your home, you'll want to choose the front door for the most impact. The secret to placing your good luck frog at the front door is its facing direction. While it's tempting to place any statue facing outward toward visitors, your money frog needs to face into your home from your front door. Wealth luck is drawn toward the money frog, and it projects it back in the direction it's facing. If your good luck frog is facing your yard, your neighbors or even passing cars will benefit from its lucky chi energy.

Feng Shui Frog Placement in the Business

In a business, position the frog diagonally to the main door, near the cash register, facing the cash register or the interior of the space. This "brings in" the money from the outside world.

Place Frogs in Multiples of Three

Put multiples of three frogs in your home. The number three stands for the harmony of earth, heaven, and humans; six accesses the luck of heaven; and number nine means greatness (of power and abundance) and eternity.

Feng Shui Money Frog Placements to Avoid

feng shui money frog

It's considered bad luck to place frog directly on the ground, so put it on a low shelf or cabinet. In your home, don't put a money frog in a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Using a bagua map, the wealth sector of your home, or the wealth corner of your home office or career sector are auspicious placements.

Three-Legged Frog Meaning

There are many stories of the three-legged money frog and how it came to have three legs. While each story is a little different, they all agree that the three-legged frog attracts money and is a symbol of wealth. In some stories, the third leg is actually a tadpole tail, so in your search for a money frog, either one is considered auspicious. Various legends around the three-legged money frog include:

  • Elixir of Immortality - Chang Ngo was a greedy wife who stole the Elixir of Immortality from her husband. The goddess who had bestowed the elixir turned her into a three-legged frog and banished her to the moon.
  • Alternative elixir story - Another version of this tale has Chang Ngo transformed to a frog who is hunted by her furious husband and shot with an arrow in one leg, leaving her with three legs.
  • Swallow the moon - Ch'an Chu is said to live on the moon and swallows the shiny coin-shaped orb periodically, causing a lunar eclipse. During the full moon, money frogs are believed to appear at the house or business of someone who will soon receive great wealth.
  • Money sticks to the lucky frog - The frog, or toad, is known to be so greedy that, as it travels around the heavens, money sticks to it. When it returns home, it brings lots of money with it--and wealth to you.
  • Liu Hai's fishing expedition - Liu Hai, one of the eight Immortals, decided to capture the money frog. He threaded a string of coins with red fishing line and used it to bait the frog.

Feng Shui Money Frogs Bring Prosperity

The money frog has an engaging appearance, so it's tempting to overlook its luck power. Your frog is best displayed without an overt show of wealth tokens, as your guests or customers can become uncomfortably aware of a looming money frog. The negative chi that is generated by an ostentatious display can cancel out its positive luck energy. When you do set out your wealth-attracting frog, be sure to enhance its lucky energy by placing it on a piece of red paper or tying a red ribbon around it for good fortune and lasting prosperity.

Feng Shui Money Frog Prosperity Guide