Most Favorable Sleeping Positions According to Vastu

Published November 6, 2020
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You can find your best sleeping direction Vastu Shastra provides for a restive sleep. Not all eight compass directions are beneficial for sleeping with your head pointed in their direction. A Vastu Shastra guide helps you find the most favorable sleeping direction.

Sleeping Position Vastu Guidelines

There are two negative compass directions you should avoid when sleeping. You should make sure you sleep with your head pointed in the most favorable compass direction.

Sleeping Direction Vastu Rules for North

Dr. Vasant Lad of The Ayurvedic Institute says, "Only dead people sleep pointing north." This tells you about all you need to know about sleeping with your head pointed in the north direction.

North Is Very Powerful

There are two reasons why sleeping north isn't a recommended sleeping direction. The first is based on the belief that during death, the soul is drawn to magnetic north when it escapes the human body. In Vastu Shastra, sleeping north is regarded as a detrimental sleep position for physical health.

Magnetic North and Human Body

In Vastu Shastra, relying on Ayurvedic principles, the human body has two magnetic poles. The north (top of head) is the positive charge, and the south (bottom of feet) is the negative charge. This means when you sleep with your head pointed north, you end up with two positive charges that repel each other. To get a better idea how this sleep position affects your body, consider the power of the Earth's magnetic north pole versus the power of your north pole positive charge.

Physical Effects Sleeping in North Direction

When you sleep with your head pointed in the north direction, you won't have a restful sleep. You will wake up feeling more exhausted than when you went to bed. While your body is asleep, your subconscious is engaged in a fight against the overwhelming power of the Earth's magnetic north pole.

How the North Pole Drains Your Energy

This struggle with the Earth's powerful magnetic north pole results in depleting your body of its life-giving energy (prana). Vastu Shastra principles warn when you sleep with your head pointed north, you can suffer from health problems and negative emotions, such as frustration, anger, fear, or anxiousness.

South Is Ideal Sleep Position

Sleeping with your head pointed in the south direction is the optimum sleep position. When you sleep in this direction, you set up a balanced current of energy exchange between you (positive charge) and the South Pole (negative charge). This connection means you tap into the energies of health. In Vastu Shastra, the south pole is responsible for health, wealth, happiness, peaceful lifestyle, and prosperity.

East Sleep Direction for Academics

If you are a student or teacher of academics, then east is a great sleeping position for you. The energies you will receive for this powerful sun-rising direction are believed to give a kick-start booster to your brain, especially memory and concentration. Sleeping with your head pointed east can assist you in achieving a promotion or a boost your efforts to make a career change. If you have a health concern or challenge, Vastu Shastra advises to sleep with your head pointed east to take advantage of healthy Earth energies.

West Contradictions of Beneficial Energies

There are three schools of thought about sleeping with your head pointed in the west direction. One perspective is that the west isn't beneficial and is similar to the detrimental effects of the north sleep direction.

Direction for Career Success and Fame Seekers

The second point-of-view that some Vastu Shastra practitioners espouse is that the west supports ambitions, and those driven to succeed. They recommend clients sleep with their heads pointed west when desiring career success, especially anyone seeking fame and recognition. In these instances, wealth usually follows. It's believed that anyone with this driving force and temperament will benefit from the powerful energies generated from the west.

Power of the West

The third point-of-view is if you aren't of the aggressive, career-driven mettle, then you'll most likely find sleeping toward the west unsettling. You'll find the constant, active, and lively dreams tiring instead of the inspirations they are to those seeking success and fame.

10 Directions of Vastu Shastra

In traditional Vastu Shastra, instead of the typical eight compass directions, there are a total of 10 directions. The two additional directions are space (sky) and down (Earth) or more aptly two vertical directions. However, for sleeping positions, the eight compass directions are the only ones used.

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Corner Axis Directions for Sleep

The ordinal directions (intercardinal directions) of northwest, northeast, southeast, and southwest are known as center directions or corner axis directions in Vastu Shastra. These midway compass points (corner axis) are the center points between the four main compass directions of south, north, east, and west. Often referred to as diagonal sleep directions, each one has specific effects on the type of rest you receive while sleeping with your head pointed in that direction.

Northeast Bad Sleeping Direction

You should not sleep with your head pointed in the northeast direction. This is not a good sleeping direction for Vastu Shastra applications. This corner axis magnetic field is considered unsettling energy and even harmful to you. That's because the northeast is considered the origin of the Earth's energy fields. This makes the energy generated from this direction just too powerful when sleeping with your head pointed in this direction.

Northwest Neutral Energy Sleeping Direction

The northwest direction is typically considered a neutral energy direction for sleeping with your head pointed in this direction. Even though this direction is known to provide health, longevity, and physical strength.

Southeast Good Sleeping Direction

The southeast is a good Vastu Shastra direction when you sleep with your head pointed in this direction. The southeast is an especially auspicious position for creative people since the southeast energies will ignite an inner fire.

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Southwest Beneficial Sleeping Direction

The southwest is a good Vastu Shastra direction when you sleep with your head pointed in this direction. The southwest brings a calming effect to your body and is a good restive sleep position.

Best Quadrants for Your Bedroom

You have several choices for placing your bedroom in auspicious quadrants. There are three quadrants you should avoid using for a bedroom, north (powerful), northeast (sacred) and southeast (fire element). The best quadrants for your bedroom are:

  • South and East quadrants are excellent locations for a bedroom.
  • East quadrant is excellent for unmarried children.
  • West quadrant is a perfect bedroom location for students.
  • Northwest is the best quadrant for newlyweds or guests.
  • Southwest is a great quadrant location for couples.

Southwest and South Quadrants for Couples

Southwest and South quadrants are especially good for couples or the head of the family. If you live in a home with two or more stories, then you want to locate the master bedroom on the top floor. This bedroom should be significantly larger than the other bedrooms in the home.

Avoid a Southeast Quadrant Bedroom

In Vastu Shastra, the southeast quadrant is the resting place for the fire element. It isn't suitable for a bedroom, although you can sleep with your head pointed in this direction from a different quadrant to safely soak up the creative energies generated by the fire element.

Vastu Shastra Solution for Southeast Bedroom

If you have no choice but to sleep in a southeast bedroom, you can minimize the negative effect. You should never place your bed in the southeast corner since this will simply emphasize the fire energy. You can sleep with your head pointed south to ease some of the fire element effects.

Avoid Sleeping on Bed in Corner

Vastu Shastra advises to never place your bed angled out of or snuggled into a corner with one side of the bed against the wall. These positions prevent beneficial positive energy from getting to that area of the room and deprive you of healthy energies while you sleep.

Other Vastu Shastra Rules for Bed Placement

There are a few other Vastu Shastra bed placement rules you should follow.

  • Never place a bed in front of a window or underneath a window.
  • Never place a bed in the center of room.
  • A bed should be on a solid wall if possible and centered, so there is enough room to walk around either side of the bed.
  • Leave about four inches of space between the headboard and the wall to allow auspicious energies to travel around the entire bed.

Most Favorable Sleeping Position Vastu Shastra Offer

You can use the Vastu Shastra principles to find your most favorable sleeping position. When you apply Vastu Shastra guidelines, you should find your sleep cycle greatly improved.

Most Favorable Sleeping Positions According to Vastu