15 Feng Shui Clock Placement Tips for Balance & Prosperity

Make sure your clock placement is adding to the good vibes in your home and not detracting. Our tips can keep the energy flowing.

Updated April 30, 2024
Pink clock hanging on a wall

If you love having a clock in your decor, there's a lot you can do with it from a feng shui perspective to bring positive energy into your life. Of course, now that everyone carries a digital clock around in their pocket, there are fewer clocks in people's homes. But if you love the old-school look of an analog clock (or even place multiple digital clocks around your home), then clock position can have a significant impact on your luck and prosperity. 

15 Feng Shui Clock Guidelines

Clocks generate chi energy, so their shape, placement, and materials matter. When placing a clock, use the following feng shui guidelines for the best vibes. 

1. Don't Have More Than One Clock in a Room

This is the main feng shui guideline about clocks. Why? Because too many clocks throughout a space can disturb the home's energy. 

2. Have Only One Main Clock in Your Home or Office

mantel clock at home office

In feng shui, the best energy you can get with clocks is to have one main clock (your biggest and most prominent clock) in the main living area of your home and then use smaller clocks as needed in other rooms for sleeping alarms or timers. 

3. Position Your Main Clock in the Living Room

Place the main clock in the living room for convenience since most activity in your home is generated in the living room. This is the area where your family gathers, so it has the most consistent active energy.

4. Choose a Clock With a Round Face

For a clock that generates beneficial chi energy, opt for an old-fashioned round-faced clock with hour, minute, and second hands. The movement of the clock hands will help to generate positive energy, and the round shape ensures the chi energy can move around the clock.

5. Make Sure the Size of the Clock Fits the Size of the Room

Keep your clock proportioned with the living room. So, if you have a tiny living room, don't opt for a gigantic grandfather clock or the clock will dominate the room, and the sound of the clicking and chiming of the clock can create negative energy in a small space. This will imbalance the energy in your home. 

6. Display the Clock in the Li, Qian, Zhen, or Xun Sectors


Place the above bagua map over your living room's layout with the entrance to the living room aligned with the front door symbol on the map.  Then, place your clock somewhere in the Li (red), Qian (light gray), Zhen (green), or Xun (purple) sectors in your living room. This will bring energy to the areas of your life for each sector — so a clock in Li will energize your fame and reputation, a clock in Qian will energize helpful people and travel, a clock in Zhen will energize family and new beginnings, and a clock in Xun will energize prosperity.

7. Avoid Placing Your Clock in the Kun of Dui Sectors

A clock in the Kun and Dui sectors brings an overabundance of energy that can detract from career, creativity, and children.

8. It's Best to Avoid Placing a Clock in Kun or Gen Sectors

Since a clock represents the passing of time and the continuous motion of the clock's hands sweeping or a pendulum swinging can destabilize certain energies, avoid placing them in these two sectors. The constant movements of the clock can destabilize relationships, while the continuous passage of time a clock displays could create the energy of time running out for your education. If you must have a clock in these sectors, put a small digital clock instead of a traditional analog clock. 

9. Put Clocks at Eye Level or Below

You should never place a clock higher than eye level. This will force the chi energy to flow awkwardly through the room in an attempt to reach the clock. This placement will make your room feel out of balance since the chi energy will move sporadically and not evenly flow through the room.

10. Don't Hang a Clock on a Window or Door

You should never hang or place a clock on or lean it against a door or window. This placement creates a sensation of time moving too swiftly. You'll feel that time is getting away from you, and you'll never catch up. You'll always feel behind on various tasks or meeting goals.

11. Don't Place Clocks Above Doors or Windows

Clock above door

You should never hang a clock above a door or window. This type of clock placement creates an inconvenient location that is difficult to see and difficult to reach should you need to change the batteries or correct the time.

12. Don't Place a Clock in the Dining Room

A clock in the dining room signifies that your food and abundance are limited and will soon run out.

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13. Don't Place a Clock Opposite an Outside Door

This placement could attract bad luck. The glass on the clock face is often reflective and will serve as a mirror, bouncing out any chi energy that enters your house or room.

14. Never Place a Clock Above Your Bed

When you place a clock in the bedroom, the most common placement is on a bedside table. You should never place a clock above your bed. This placement will make you feel rushed, nervous, and uneasy when you sleep, and it could cause insomnia.

15. Keep Your Clocks in Good Working Order

Broken clocks can cause all sorts of havoc. These guidelines can keep the good energy flowing. 

  • Make sure the time on your clocks is always correct (we're looking at you, flashing microwave clock or the one that's set on Daylight Savings Time all winter). If the time is slow, then you could fall behind in work or home activities.
  • A clock that's a few minutes fast won't have any negative impact.
  • If a clock stops running, remove it immediately and have it repaired before the chi energy becomes stagnant around the clock area.
  • Never leave a stopped or broken clock on display since it signifies you are out of time.
  • Keep your clocks in good running order.

Feng Shui Clock Placement Tips

Whew! Bet you never knew there was so much to placing a clock. Using these tips for feng shui clock placement can keep the good vibes flowing in your home all year long. 

15 Feng Shui Clock Placement Tips for Balance & Prosperity