6 Doable DIY Desk Projects to Level Up Your Home Office

Working from home never felt so good with these clever ways of making your own desk.

Published January 22, 2024

Whether you're in a small space or working with a small budget, a few DIY desk ideas may be just what you need to create a home office that works for you. You don't have to be a DIY expert to make a beautiful desk that helps you get focused and crush all your goals. We've got all the ideas you could need for a homemade desk, and none of them require expertise. 

DIY a Double Desk for a Joint Work Space


Whether you're working from home or hosting regular gaming nights with your family, you might need a double desk to squeeze everyone in. Don't let the size scare you because this double desk DIY from Caitlin Wallace Rowland is a lot easier than it looks. 

You can completely customize the style of this wall-to-wall desk and create the home office you've always wanted, even if it is mostly used for recreation. 

Quick Tip

Swap the shelves for filing cabinets in this hack so you have plenty of storage for all your papers and office supplies. 

Floating Desks are a Solution for Small Spaces


Floating shelves are great for decoration and storage. But a floating desk saves tons of space while giving you room to get your work done. This DIY is easy even for beginners.

Select a piece of plywood in the size you need and stain or paint it according to your preference. Use wood or metal L-brackets to attach it to the wall, and you have the easiest floating desk ever. 

Need to Know

Make sure your brackets are long enough to support the desk and durable enough to carry the weight of the wood. You may need more brackets for a longer piece of wood.

Make an Easy Hairpin Leg Desk


Hairpin leg desks give us all the minimalist vibes, and they're easily blended with many other styles. You could search for a deal on one you love, or you could just make your own.


  • 30 x 60 inch piece of plywood
  • Wood Stain
  • Stain brush
  • 4 28-inch hairpin legs
  • Screwdriver or drill


  1. Stain the plywood according to your preference on both sides.
  2. Once the stain is dry, measure the distance for each of your legs.
  3. Mark each spot with a pen or pencil so all the legs are equal. 
  4. Screw in each leg, being sure to tighten completely. 

Build Your Own Modern Wooden Desk


If you have a full home office, this modern desk DIY will help you save on your feature furniture piece. With a desk like this, you can easily fit your desktop and all your office supplies while showing off that cute desk chair. Neatly Living has all the details on this sleek and sturdy desk DIY

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Turn a Dresser Into a Secretary Desk


This is the furniture remodel that will transform your work days. If you have an old dresser and a can-do attitude you can make your very own secretary dress. Lemon & Bloom shows you how to transform that tired dresser into a vintage-style desk. 

Turn Any Desk Into a Standing Desk


If you already have a standard desk (or even a table), you can easily transform it into a standing desk. If you tire of sitting while you work, this DIY will help you stretch your legs and your creativity. 


  • 1 16 x 24-inch piece of plywood or other lumber
  • 4 tapered wooden legs
  • 4 angled plates
  • Screwdriver or drill


  1. Paint or stain your wood if you like.
  2. Measure all of your legs at an equal distance from the edge of the board. 
  3. Screw in the angled plates and add the legs. 
Helpful Hack

Now that you have a standing desk, you can get some walking time in while you work.

Use Everyday Surfaces as a Desk


If DIY isn't your thing or just need a workspace on occasion, you might just skip the traditional desk altogether. There are plenty of places you can set up in your home to act as your desk when needed.

  • Use a handy lap desk while on the sofa or in bed. 
  • Set up your workspace on the dining table or kitchen counter.
  • Work from a cozy chair with an ottoman or side table for your supplies or coffee.
  • Use the shelf of an entertainment center or china cabinet.

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DIY Your Way to a Functional Workspace


The most important thing to remember when you're creating your new workspace with a DIY desk is that this space needs to work for you. Make it functional and make sure it has all the inviting elements you love so you feel excited to get to work each day.

6 Doable DIY Desk Projects to Level Up Your Home Office