8 Feng Shui Crystals to Add Positive Vibes to Your Life

Feng shui gemstones can bring a little love, luck, and positive energy to any space. Here's which to use and where to put them.

Updated January 23, 2024

Feng shui crystals are the key to turning your home into a magnet for good fortune and even better vibes. With careful and intentional placement, these gemstones can help attract love, harmony, and even confidence. Discover the best crystals to use and where to place them so you can usher these welcome changes into your life.   

Use a Feng Shui Bagua Map to Place Feng Shui Crystals


Use this feng shui bagua map to help you place your crystals. Divide your home or any room into a grid of nine equal spaces and place the map over the grid to determine where each sector is for feng shui crystal placement. You can use crystals in the colors mentioned in each sector to add an energetic boost to that aspect of your life, or you can try some of our crystal recommendations. 

Place Rose Quartz in Your Bedroom for Luck in Love


Rose quartz is one of the seven essential crystals for beginners, so it’s a great place to start in crystal feng shui. Place this beautiful pink crystal in your love sector to generate the energy of love and improve luck in marriage and romantic relationships. Put it in the love and relationships sector of your bedroom or simply set it on your nightstand.

Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp Near Your Computer for Good Vibes


Did you know that Himalayan salt lamps are actually crystals? Himalayan pink salt crystals, which are used to make the lamps, are also known as halite. They have many uses in feng shui, including creating positive energy. Use one near your computer to help neutralize negative energy and fill your space with positivity.

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Try Malachite in Your Living Room to Support Family Harmony


Malachite is a stunning green crystal that’s equally beautiful when raw or polished. According to feng shui, green crystals support the element of wood and bring luck to the family sector.  Use malachite in your living room, family room, or wherever you and your family gathers most often. It can help promote harmony within your family unit.

Put Green Fluorite in Your Kitchen for Improved Health


Green fluorite is another green stone that can be powerful in feng shui. It’s known for its protective properties and can be placed in your health and family sector. Set one in your kitchen to infuse the space where you cook with healing and nourishing energy.

Quick Tip

Cleanse crystals regularly to keep their vibration high. Try to cleanse them at least weekly or more frequently during stressful times, like illness, times of change, or if there’s discord in your house.

Use Tiger’s Eye in Your Home Office to Foster Personal Growth


In feng shui, crystals are highly beneficial in the wisdom and knowledge sector, and brown crystals are a great fit. Put a piece of tiger’s eye in your home office or wherever you hole up to work on your personal ventures. This crystal can help support that personal growth and keep you motivated.

Set Amethyst on Your Desk to Support Financial Goals


Purple crystals are known to support the element of fire and can bring luck to the wealth sector. You can put this into action by placing an amethyst stone on your desk or placing it in your money corner.

Quick Tip

Always clear and program crystals before using them as soon as you first bring them home.

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Place Obsidian in Your Creative Space for Innovative Thinking


Black crystals, including obsidian, support the element of metal and the creativity sector. Boost your imagination by placing an obsidian crystal wherever you do your creative work. That might be your studio space, piano, easel, study, or whatever means ‘creativity’ to you.

Put Ruby Near a Medal or Trophy for More Recognition


Red crystals like ruby support the element of fire and can bring luck in the fame sector. Place a ruby near an award, medal, trophy, or diploma to boost your visibility and recognition. Enhance the benefits by placing them both in the fame area of your home, then watch the achievements roll in!

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Feng Shui Crystal Placements for Good Energy


Gemstones and crystals aren’t just beautiful. They also vibrate with the energy of the Earth and bring luck and healing along with them. Because of this, you can use gemstones along with feng shui to support the flow of chi energy in your space.

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8 Feng Shui Crystals to Add Positive Vibes to Your Life