Understanding the Feng Shui Fire Element

Published March 16, 2018
Fire and water yin yang

Fire is one of the five elements of feng shui. When used appropriately, the fire element can help improve the energetic circumstances of your life.

Baguas and the Feng Shui Fire Element

On the bagua, fire is associated with the li trigram, which is represented by one yin line surrounded by two yang lines.

Fire Element and the Pre-Heaven (Early Heaven) Bagua

In the pre-heaven bagua (also known as pre-celestial and dealing with true, pure consciousness without physicality), li sits in the 9 o'clock (East) position, balanced with its opposite, ka, which is associated with the element of water (one yang surrounded by two yin lines) in the 3 o'clock position. In the pre-heaven bagua, the li trigram is associated with Spring, which is the birthing season of fire as the world begins to warm up. Fire peaks in the heat of summer.

Fire Element and the Post-Heaven (Late Heaven) Bagua

On the post-heaven bagua (also known as post-celestial and dealing with energy brought into physical form), the li trigram sits atop the octagon in the 12 o'clock position (representing South). When mapped in home or work spaces, li is associated with the area of fame and reputation. Therefore, inserting fire elements in the li area of homes or workspaces can help strengthen the energy of that area.

Is the Fire Element Yin or Yang?

With its two lines of yang and one of yin, fire is primarily yang in nature, which means it is masculine and active. It is considered the most masculine of the five elements. However, it's important to note fire has a representation of yin in it as well, as all elements contain both yin and yang.

Colors of the Feng Shui Fire Element

Fire is most frequently represented by the color red or shades of red. When fire is more feminine and yin, it is associated with the color purple.

Fire Element in Cycles of Construction and Destruction

Feng shui recognizes all nature is cyclical and describes cycles of construction and destruction. In the cycle of construction, all elements are helped or strengthened by different elements and they in turn strengthen different elements. In the cycle of destruction, all elements weaken certain other elements and are weakened by different elements.

  • In the cycle of construction, fire nourishes earth (by creating ashes) and is nourished by wood (which feeds a fire).
  • In the cycle of destruction, water weakens fire (by dousing it) and fire weakens metal (by melting it).

Energetic Traits Associated With Fire Element

Fire has multiple characteristics, both positive and negative, and it is associated with the following traits:

  • Heat
  • Passion
  • Masculinity
  • Action
  • Anger
  • Aggression
  • Dynamism
  • Leadership
  • Insight
  • Love
  • Spirituality
  • Joy
  • Vanity
  • Frustration
  • Grief

Most of the traits associated with fire are intensely emotional, which matches with how brightly fire burns.

Balancing Fire Element Energies With Feng Shui

Fire can be used to balance the energy of other elements, and other elements can be used to balance the energy of fire.

Increasing Fire Energy

If you wish to strengthen the element of fire in any area of your home or office, you can use the following elements:

Red feng shui fire elements
  • Candles
  • Fireplace
  • Bright lights and lighting fixtures
  • Images of fire or flames, such as paintings or photography
  • Anything that is red or purple, including wall paint or accessories

You can also use wood elements to nourish fire in the fire areas of your home or office. These elements include:

  • Plants or images of plants and trees
  • Wood furniture or objects
  • Things in the colors of wood (brown or green)

Decreasing Fire Energy

If the fire energy of an area is too strong, there are things you can do to diminish it. To weaken the fire energy, add water elements such as:

  • Fountains and water features
  • Aquariums
  • Images of water
  • Mirrors
  • Things in the color blue

Fire Strengthens or Balances Other Elements

You can use fire elements to strengthen earth in the earth areas of your home. Likewise, you can use fire elements to reduce an overabundance of metal energy.

Feng Shui Sectors That Benefit From the Fire Element

While every area of your home should contain all five elements, there are certain areas that will benefit from greater amounts of fire energy while others need less. Fire energy is beneficial in the following places in your home or workspace:

  • Use fire to boost energy in the south, northeast, or southwest corners of your home.
  • Place fire elements in the li area of your home or office (the location varies depending on whether you use traditional or western feng shui).
  • Place fire elements where you want the energy to be passionate, active, and alive.
  • Add fire to your office to boost career success.
  • If your front door faces north, the fire element can help balance energies. For example, you might choose to paint your front door red.
  • To boost passion in a relationship, add some small elements of fire (candles, for example) to the bedroom, but do so judiciously as not to disturb the restful atmosphere necessary for sleep.
  • Minimize fire in areas where you need great focus or concentration, such as a meditation or study area.

A Balance of Elements

Fire is an important element, but it is no more or less important than the other four elements: earth, wood, metal, and water. Knowing its characteristics allows you to balance it judiciously with all other elements to improve the energy of the spaces where you work, play, and live.

Understanding the Feng Shui Fire Element