8 Wooden Bead Garland Ideas for a Curated & Stylish Space

Wooden bead garland is the trendy decor detail of the moment, and we love using it in these thoughtful ways.

Published February 26, 2024

Have you ever purchased a decor piece only to realize you're unsure what to do with it? If you grabbed that wooden garland and find yourself wondering how to incorporate it into your decor, we have the designer tips to make it an effortless reflection of your style.

Your search for how to decorate with wooden bead garland ends here because these easy steps make using the trendy piece in your home a breeze. 

Dress Up a Vase


Decorating with wooden garland is a simple way to dress up nearly any area of your home. You don't have to be a professional decorator to execute this simple design hack. 

Take your strand of wooden beads and wrap it once around the neck of a vase. Much like tying a scarf around your neck, just let your beads fall naturally around the front of the vase to create movement and texture. 

Quick Tip

You can apply this same decorating hack to the neck of a lamp to add interest to night stands or end tables. 

Top Off a Stack of Books


If you love to use stacked books in your decor, adding beaded garland gives your style an instant upgrade. From the books on your office shelf to your styled coffee table books, this small detail makes the space look thoughtful and intentional. Layering a strand of wooden beads on your favorite nightstand book can even make your late-night read look like a part of your decor. 

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Use Wood Garland as Filler in a Tray


Wrapping and stacking aren't the only ways to use wooden beads in your decor. They also make great filler for trays on your tabletops. Swirl them next to your favorite candy or alongside a small potted plant to complete your tray. 

Helpful Hack

You can also use wooden bead garland as a vase filler for your favorite ceramics. 

Bring Texture to Your Mantel


If you're looking for ways to add style to your fireplace, wooden bead garland is a small way to make a textural statement on the mantel. Stretch it across the length of your mantel to add interest to an art collection or weave it between decor pieces to add dimension. 

Use Wooden Garland In Layers


You don't have to use just a single strand of wooden beads. This design detail adds movement and texture when layered. Try this across your tabletop to add interest to a runner, or drape multiple strands in swags across the front of a banister. 

Complete a Vignette


That vignette you styled looks like it's missing something, and that something could be a strand of beaded garland. If you're looking for a final detail to complete the look or something to add a bit of texture to a corner of your home, stretch or stack a strand of wooden garland in the scene. From your kitchen counter corner to that space on your shelf, this is an easy way to add something exciting to the look. 

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Drape Wooden Beads to Create Movement


Make movement within your decor with thoughtfully draped wooden beads. From decorative ladders to your bedposts, this is a creative way to use wooden garland without adding it to your tabletops. You can hang wooden beads across your windows and doorways and even create wall decor with the strands. 

Add Beads to Your Baskets


Your favorite decorative baskets get even better when you add your own personal touch of style. Wrap strands of wooden beads around the handles of your larger baskets or use beads to fill your small baskets with decorative detail. 

Wooden Garland Makes Decor Easy


If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to bring your home's style up to date, small touches can really make a big impact. Wooden bead garland, when thoughtfully placed, breathes new life into a simple table or a corner of your home. It's a decor detail that's versatile and easily moved to create new looks with one simple piece. 

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8 Wooden Bead Garland Ideas for a Curated & Stylish Space