Decorating a Bathroom Counter: 13 Ways to Get a Curated Look

Your bathroom counter gets the designer treatment with these thoughtful tips and tricks.

Published February 20, 2024

Decorating your bathroom counter can be simple and practical while keeping your designer style on full display. For beautiful bathroom counter decor and practical ways to store your necessities, give these tips a try. You're just a few steps away from the understated and elegant counter style you've been searching for. 

Use Baskets for Storing Hand Towels

For most bathrooms, function and practicality play a large role. But you don't have to sacrifice beauty to achieve that function. 

Small decorative baskets can store a variety of items you might reach for regularly on your bathroom counters. From your master bath to your guest bathroom, storing hand towels in small baskets keeps your counter tidy while keeping everything needed within reach.

Helpful Hack

Small baskets can also store hand lotions, personal hygiene products, and skin care items. 

Make Asymmetry Work for You

If you want to add interest to your bathroom counter decor, play with asymmetry. Keeping your decor a bit heavy on one side of the counter can help details like your faucet or counter top stand out. 

If you decide to use asymmetry in your decorating, stage items in groups of three where possible. This is a visually pleasing way to style items in a vignette on your bathroom counter. 

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Natural Materials Give Your Counter Life

Texture is an important style element in any room and mixing in the right textures is the key to harmony in your bathroom. Your counters are a great place to bring in some natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and wood.

Add these materials in the form of trays, baskets, and details on small items like frames. These textured pieces complement smooth and sleek details like chrome faucets, marble counters, and glass decor.

Quick Tip

Add even more interest by mixing up the colors of these natural textures. Combine light and dark shades for high contrast that elevates your style. 

Nail Down Your Color Scheme

The decor on your bathroom counters can be a thoughtful way to tie your overall color scheme together. The colors in your bathroom, from the tile to the towels, can be accented with the decorative items on your counter. Look for intentional ways to incorporate your colors in ceramics, soap dispensers, and small trinkets.

Candles Create a Cozy Vibe

Whether you're planning for plenty of cozy baths or not, a few candles give your bathroom's atmosphere a luxurious upgrade. Look for candles that suit the style and color scheme of your bathroom and choose scents that fit the location, like lavender or eucalyptus. Even when they aren't lit, your bathroom will feel cozy and elegant.

Need to Know

Candles can quickly become dust collectors and getting dust off of wax isn't fun. Try flameless candles for a look that's equally cozy and much easier to clean. 

Mix Up Your Metals

Just because your faucets are oil-rubbed bronze, that doesn't mean you can't add another metal detail you love. Mixing metals adds dimension and interest to your bathroom and helps you lean into a modern style.

Use soap dispensers, trays, and other small decorative items to inroduce new metals to your space. Try combining copper or rose gold with chrome, mixing black with brass, or using brushed nickel with a low-sheen gold. 

Glass Jars Are Pretty & Practical

Everything on your bathroom counter doesn't have to serve a purpose, but it's certainly helpful if some things do. For storing your cotton balls and ear swabs within reach, try adding glass jars to your counter. These jars can act as a stylish statement and a functional storage option for your bathroom basics.

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Trays Keep Your Counters Tidy

Practical and beautiful storage isn't limited to traditional storage items in your bathroom. You can use simple decorative elements to contain clutter and keep your counter looking tidy. A wooden, metal, or ceramic tray creates the base for a stylish vignette or a catch-all for the bathroom items you use most often.

Helpful Hack

If you're worried about your tray getting too cluttered, opt for a large box with a lid instead. This way, you can conceal any potential clutter.

Make Necessities Look Nice

From the hand towels to your toothbrush, the items you must have in a bathroom can look tidy and stylish. Look for thoughtful ways to tie in colors and textures that are already repeated in the space. Try swapping containers or adding details to transform your everyday items.

Rather than placing hand soaps on the counter in their purchased packaging, add the soap to a stylish dispenser. Place tissues in a chic box cover that complements your style. Use a beautiful glass jar to store your favorite moisturizer. 

Add Interest With Height

If you have the space on your bathroom counter, add a bit of height to the mix. This is a great way to break up a large, frameless mirror or draw the eye upward. A large arrangement of greenery or a tall vase can play up the vertical lines in your space and create the illusion of more vertical space in the room. 

Fresh Flowers Feel Luxurious

Fresh flowers can make any room feel more curated and luxurious. Add them to your bathroom counter for color and life in your space. A vase of beautiful blooms could be the missing piece in your bathroom decor.

Try the Maximalist Approach

Simple bathroom counters can certainly be beautiful, but maximalist trends are on the rise. If you want to embrace the popular style, take the "more is more" approach to your bathroom counters. Add your favorite plants, candles, frames, and small details to the mix and create a display of your signature style.

Quick Tip

Maximalism can easily turn into clutter. Keep all your lovely items in order with trays and baskets.

Matching Sets Are Classic

If you want the classic approach to bathroom counter style, look no further than the traditional matching sets. Leaning more into the quiet luxury trends of the moment, these sets often include everything you need for a bathroom counter. From your soap dish to your lotion dispenser, these sets are an easy way to keep everything organized and thoughtfully styled.

Stack Your Counter With Style

Even if your counter is on the smaller side, there's still plenty of room for your personal style. Stack these bathroom counter tips and tricks for a curated look that feels luxurious and clean. Just one or two small adjustments can give your bathroom a thoughtful update. 

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