Use Peach-Colored Decor to Brighten Up Your Home 

These cheerful peach color combinations will work wonders in your space.

Published December 12, 2022
Contemporary bathroom with light peach honeycomb tiles

If you want to add a trendy element to your home design, then peach may be a peachy color choice. Shades of peach are the latest projection in trending colors for the home. Peach color decor and paint colors can be a great way to add this punchy color to the overall design. If doing so feels a bit like unchartered territory, there are just a few things to keep in mind so you can find the perfect shade of peach and use it in the ideal way for your home's style.

Defining Peach

Of course, the fruit of the same name plays an important role in defining the color peach. Much like the sweet fruit, the color peach comes in varying shades created with combinations of orange and pink or orange and yellow. Peach can be bright or pale and even slightly dark and muted.

Peach Shades

You may notice that peach is similar to coral but not quite the same. Coral is mostly saturated with pink and sometimes red, while peach always has some amount of orange combined with pink or yellow. Though both colors are warm tertiary shades, they each have defining characteristics.

You may also notice that shades of peach vary, and it might feel overwhelming to find the right one for your home. Consider the types of peach shades and which fit best with the types of colors your home already has.

Orange Peach

The closest to a true peach, a shade of peach with an orange base, is typically a bit bright but paler than a traditional orange. This shade of peach, like Benjamin Moore's Intense Peach, is a great choice for an accent color among your more neutral colors.

Yellow Peach

Peach can also appear closer to a shade of yellow, like Delicious Melon from Sherwin Williams. Peaches that are yellower in hue are often paler than an orange peach, so use this alongside other soft colors for a cohesive look.

Bright Peach

More saturated and far less pale, bright shades of peach are bold and vibrant. These shades can be orange, pink, or yellow tinted. The most important quality to note in a bright peach is the punchy vibrancy it adds to any home decor style. Try a shade like Benjamin Moore's Peachy Keen for a fun and bright addition to your home.

Muted Peach

The exact opposite of a bright shade of peach, a muted peach is muddy and less saturated with color. This is a great color option if you're looking to introduce peach without feeling overwhelmed by a bright color. Try a muted shade of peach like Valspar's Arizona Dust.

Neutral Peach

Some shades of peach appear so muted or pale that they can act as neutrals. Naïve Peach from Sherwin Williams is a great example of an elegant shade of peach that is pale enough to stand as the neutral color in your home's palette.

How to Use Peach in a Color Palette

Once you've determined your preferred shade of peach, you'll want to consider what colors work alongside it and start building a color palette for your home. There are endless palette options to choose from. A great rule of thumb is to choose what helps your shade of peach blend in or stand out, depending on your preference.

Muted Contrast

Muted Contrast Color Palette

Create a palette with subtle contrast by combining a shade of muted peach with an equally muted olive. Accent with cream to bring a light neutral to the palette. This blended look is an easy way to bring peach into your home.

Keep It Neutral

Keep it Neutral Color Palette

If you're looking for the subtlest way to use peach in your decor, choose a neutral palette. Combine neutral peach with black and cream for a sleek and modern look.

Monochromatic Peach

Monochromatic Peach Color Palette

Use two shades of peach alongside each other to create a monochromatic color palette. Use orange peach and yellow peach alongside cream for a bright and light monochromatic scheme.

Bright & Deep

Bright & Deep Color Palette

Combine the vibrancy of a bright peach with the depth of a dark navy to create contrast and interest. Let beige be your grounding neutral so that the bright shade of peach can really stand out.

How to Decorate With Peach Colors

If you aren't looking to build an entire color palette around a particular shade of peach, try adding it in specific rooms or decorative elements as a way to play with this trending color in your existing decor.

  • Add peach to a home office with a fun chair or rug.
  • Bring peach into your kitchen with tile, an accent island, or glassware.
  • Try peach as an alternative to pink in a nursery.
  • Create a modern look with peach velvet pillows, plush throws, and wall art.
  • Create a boho look with peach tones in knits, wall hangings, and faux florals.
  • Add peach to your bathroom with fun tile, wallpaper, or a painted vanity.
  • Try a traditional approach with soft peach tones on bedding, decorative items, and window treatments.
  • Use peach in unexpected ways like light fixtures, front door paint, and large furniture pieces.

Make a Statement With Peach

One of the most fun parts of the trending peach color is how unexpected it can feel. Whether you're choosing bright or muted shades, guests will definitely notice how the color impacts your room. If you're using peach in paint or just in decor, be prepared for plenty of compliments on this fun statement color.

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Use Peach-Colored Decor to Brighten Up Your Home