How to Arrange Houseplants for a Stylish Presentation

Not sure where to put plants in your house? With the right styling, houseplants can make any room feel bright and refreshed!

Published January 5, 2024

There's no doubt that plants can elevate your home's style. So how do you maximize their beauty? It just takes a little bit of houseplant styling and smart arranging.

Whether you're a plant addict and can't seem to stop buying and propogating, or you're a beginner looking to spruce up your interior design with a few aesthetically-placed botanicals, we've got you covered.

Put Your Plants Up High

Many of us arrange houseplants on the ground, but you can create more balance by placing some plants on high points in your home. Add shelves high up on your window, place a vine on top of your kitchen cabinet and let it drape down the side, or add more hanging plants straight from the ceiling. There are plenty of possibilities to take your plants to new heights!

Get Creative With Hydroponics

Some plants do well when grown in water, which is known as hydroponic gardening. You can keep herbs fresh in your window sill by keeping them in mason jars or vintage glassware filled with water. They'll look adorable and are actually functional. 

Style Your Plants With Height Variety

Want more height from your plants? You don't have to wait years for your plants to grow big and tall. Just place them on different stands to give them more height. Luckily, plants look good on just about anything, so you can use anything as a stand, from an upside down crate to a small table or a stool.

Arrange Small Houseplants on a Stack of Books

If you need an easy DIY decor idea for a small spot like a console table or a shelf, you can't go wrong with a stack of books and a small potted plant. You'll find this motif in several places in my house. It's just too easy!

Design a Garden Wall

Mount your plants right to the wall to be your home's main feature. This is perfect for those big blank walls that you're just not sure what to do with. Just don't put them too high or they'll be tricky to water (or choose plants that don't need to be watered often).

Make Your Home Library Feel Whimsical

Arrange some houseplants on your bookshelves to make them look and feel even more magical. You'll want to cozy up with a good read and never leave — which isn't a bad thing.

Keep Your Babies in One Spot

If you love to propagate plants and make new babies, put them in identical pots and arrange them together on shelves. It'll be so fun to watch them grow up until they're ready for a new place in your (or someone else's) home.

Hang Humidity-Loving Plants in the Bathroom

We could all use some greenery in our bathrooms. Pick plants that love humidity — they'll help soak up some of the steam after a hot shower, and they'll keep the air extra pure (very important in bathrooms, if you catch my drift). Ferns, English ivy, or spider plants will thrive in a humid space.

Create a Gorgeous Window Display

The window sill may seem like an obvious place to display your plants. While they'll certainly look beautiful on their own, you can kick up the design with other decor elements like large letters of your initials, paintings or photos you love, or a funny plant saying on a letter board.

Add Fairy Lights to Indoor Plants

Putting lights on trees isn't just for Christmas! Create more visual interest by adding fairy lights to your indoor plants. It doesn't matter if it's a tree, a succulent, or a hanging plant — lights will look super cute on any of your houseplants.

Terrariums Are the Cutest Conversation Starters

Make a terrarium out of your favorite small succulents. These are great in any room you want to bring a little life to, and they're easy to maintain.

Let Your Vines Explore

Get all the jungle vibes in your home by letting your vine houseplants roam free. You can always trim them back if they start getting out of hand or propogate them to a different area in your home. One thing's for sure: indoor vines look absolutely stunning.

Choose Pots That Fit Your Interior Design Style

Whether your style is modern, vintage, kitschy, boho, rustic or romantic — you can choose planters for your pots that fit right into your decor. 

Or Mix and Match Styles

It's fairly easy to mix and match planter styles, too, if you like a little bit of everything. Go for different textures, colors, and shapes — I guarantee it'll look phenomenal. 

Dress Up Your Headboard

Don't forget you can style your houseplants in the bedroom! A shelf or headboard is the perfect spot to display some greenery and bring some relaxation to your sleeping space. But I don't recommend putting any plants over the bed if you have cats, or you may get a rude awakening around 3:00 AM.

They're Natural Dining Room Centerpieces

Your potted plants deserve a seat at the table — right in the middle, as a matter of fact. Brighten up your dining table with a collection of potted plants, or go for one bigger show-stopper.

Put Your Pots in Boho Baskets

I discovered the beauty of putting my potted plants inside wicker baskets last year, and I'm obsessed with the look. They're easier to move around and you can get affordable baskets at most stores (including thrift stores). 

Don't Be Afraid of Color

Green houseplants are beautiful, but sometimes you want a little more color and that's okay! Succulents are a safe bet, or there are plenty of colorful houseplants that come in vibrant shades.

Add a Floating Shelf With Hooks

Of course you can put plants on a shelf, but why not add some hooks for your hanging pants, too? It's the perfect solution if there's a spot in your house that gets just the right amount of light.

Create Botanical Bliss in Your Home

Houseplants are lovely even when they're just tucked away in a corner, and now you have so many new ideas for how to style yours at home. Use greenery and colorful plants to add natural beauty in every room in your house. 

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How to Arrange Houseplants for a Stylish Presentation