Interactive Kitchen Design: Tools and Programs

Updated May 20, 2021
Interactive Kitchen Design

‎If you are planning a kitchen renovation or are getting ready to build your dream home, free and subscription online kitchen designing tools can help you virtually design your kitchen. You will need a desktop or laptop computer to use these programs as they don't work on tablets or smart phones. Opt for software that you can download and use wherever you are if you have an in-depth project.

Online Kitchen Design Tools

If you've never used any kind of virtual designing software or interactive tools, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with some free online tools. This will also help you decide whether you need to spend money on software or a subscription. Don't forget to create an account when using online tools so you can save your work and come back to it later.

ProKitchen Software

ProKitchen Software offers ProKitchen Online that uses cloud technology for easier collaboration and mobility. You can use the software from any computer from any location. The software offers you a 3D view of your work with over 500 manufacturers' catalogs with accurate pricing. The company states the software can also be used for bathroom designs. The software provides you with drafting features to create skylights, radius walls, cathedral ceilings, and rotating floor images. Your designs come alive with simulated lights turned on and the light reflections bouncing off surfaces. Choose the version you wish from the Products drop-down menu.

  • 2-week free trial
  • 3 levels of 1-year subscription
  • Special ProKitchen available for students

Several versions available at different price points:

  • ProKitchen Online has generic product options.
  • ProKitchen Oculus allows you to make changes directly in virtual reality (VR) while giving customers a real life look at your kitchen designs in VR.
  • Manufacturers Edition allows you to directly collaborate with a manufacturer.
ProKitchen Software

Home Depot

Home Depot has a great free online interactive kitchen design tool on their website. With Design Connect Kitchen Planner, you can use the Kitchen Estimator to complete your selections and receive an estimate for your kitchen.

  1. You'll select the cabinets, countertops, and appliances and the kitchen layout.
  2. Use the cabinet and countertop estimator tool to measure your counters, select the type of materials and create an estimate that includes delivery and installation.
  3. Save your estimate along with your selections and/or share via email.
  4. When you're ready, schedule a free appointment with a design expert who can help you turn your plans into a new kitchen.
Home Depot Design Connect Kitchen Planner

Ikea Kitchen Planner Tool

The free Kitchen Planner Tool from Ikea allows you to view a kitchen design before you buy it. This online tool is easy to use. You have two kitchen layouts to choose from, a kitchen island or U-shaped. You'll choose the cabinet style and color. Choose the base and wall cabinets, countertops, hardware, sink, facet, and appliances. The estimate is revealed on the page. Save a pdf file or copy the link to your design. You can choose to DIY or make an in-store appointment with an IKEA kitchen expert.

Ikea Kitchen Planner Tool

Merillat 3D Kitchen Design Planner

Cabinet-maker Merillat's free of charge Step-by-Step Kitchen Planner walks you through a six-step process of planning a kitchen:

  1. Sign up to access additional software features.
  2. Configure your room size and shape. Add architectural features columns, doors, windows, and choose flooring and wall.
  3. Select cabinet door/drawer style, hardware, countertop, accessories (kitchen utensils, pots, pans, table, and chairs.
  4. Choose the color and materials you like for the cabinets.
  5. Select the wall colors and flooring.
  6. Save and download your project report.
Merillat 3D Kitchen Design Planner


Another free online kitchen design tool is the Homestyler. With this program, you can create 2D and 3D kitchen designs using real world brands and products. Create your own floor plans by dragging and dropping elements such as doors, windows, and furnishings. Explore the design gallery for inspiration and ideas and explore your options for color, size, and finish of brand name appliances and hardware.


Plan3D Online Kitchen Design

The Plan3D Kitchen Design Tool package is a low-cost online remodeling and design tool. This software can create three-dimensional and realistic looking interactive kitchen designs. The Plan3D tool also automatically generates blueprints complete with dimensions, elevations, and overhead views. Plans can be printed or exported out. A free 3D viewer allows others to walk through your design.

Plan3D contains a large library of scalable kitchen cabinetry, backsplashes, fixtures, and appliances with working doors. Other rooms can be designed with this software as well. Cost is $2.95 per month when you buy a year in advance (or pay $35.40 for a 12 month subscription). One month of access to Plan3D is $19.95 or you can buy a lifetime membership for $69.95.

Plan3D Online Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Software Programs

If you would rather have kitchen design software that you can download into your computer and be able to use it any time, try one of these programs, which all include design options for other rooms beyond the kitchen:

Virtual Architect Kitchens and Baths Design Software

The 3D Virtual Architect Kitchens and Baths Design Software that allows you to import photos of your current kitchen or create a completely new kitchen design with the kitchen design wizard. Choose paint, fabrics, cabinet styles and finishes, flooring, lighting and appliances. A version for Mac users is available. The program costs about $40 and gives you instant download and a 2-year extended download period. For around $10 you can purchase a backup disc and have it mailed to you. Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Virtual Architect Kitchens and Baths Design Software

Space Designer 3D

Space Designer 3D is an online floor plan software to create 3D homes and interior design projects. An interactive tool used to share your creations. This is easy to use, not requiring you to download anything. You work on the website and save to the cloud. This software can design whole houses. However, a kitchen can be easily created with the dimensions and size you desire. You can then begin designing by adding the type of flooring, cabinets, lighting, and appliances you want. If you need to make changes, the software has a show alternatives feature that provides you with different styles and choices. There are several pricing options, such as a pay per project around $10, regular subscription around $25, the team option is around $100, and business option (contact for pricing).

Space Designer 3D

Chief Architect's Home Designer Software

Chief Architect's Home Designer Software is a professional design software made for homeowners, especially those avid DIYers. The program provides you with excellent high-quality renderings and gives you a detailed and useful kitchen design. You can have a truly customized kitchen when you use some of the customization option, such as flooring, cabinets, molding, and many other aspects of your kitchen design.

You have the option of dollhouse overviews and an interior dimension tool to help you get the right sizing for your kitchen dimensions and cabinet placements. There's a feature that allows you to set room specifications for various details and characteristics that you want to include in your kitchen design. You have the option of working in 2-D or 3-D.

The cost may be prohibitive for any casual users, but for the serious-minded renovators or a new home building project, you may be willing to fork out almost $500 with a $100 discount. You can purchase a backup installation for around $15. Before you bite the bullet, you may prefer to give it a test drive for a rent fee of around $60 per month.

Chief Architect's Home Designer Software

Why Pay for Kitchen Designing Software?

The free online kitchen design tools have come a long way in the last few years. When you have the option of saving your work or collaborating with a design professional, you may not need to buy a subscription or purchase anything.

However, the disadvantages of an online design tool are that you need an Internet connection to access the tool. This could be problematic if you are on site where your new home is being built and you are unable to pull up your kitchen design plans. The software programs may also have extra features that the online tools don't offer.

Tools Make Planning Your Kitchen Fun

No matter what type of program you decide to use, these tools make the planning phase of a kitchen renovation or remodel easy, creative, and fun. You're sure to find a great design to fit your needs and wants.

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Interactive Kitchen Design: Tools and Programs