10 Online Programs to Design Your Own Bedroom for Free

Get a professional look at how your bedroom remodel will come together with these free online design apps.

Updated June 1, 2023
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Designing your own bedroom can be expensive enough without shelling out big bucks for a designer. If you've decided to refresh your bedroom, you can create a free design online and spend your budget on your new furniture and decor instead. These free online room designers help you browse for inspiration, shop for products, see detailed rendering, and visualize your dream bedroom all in one place.

Design Your Own Bedroom With Free Interior Design Software

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Designing your space like a pro just got easier and more budget friendly. The majority of these programs are easy to use for beginners and are all completely free. Some offer additional fees to add more projects, textures, or materials, but these extras aren't needed to create your own bedroom design. As with any free program, you'll find plenty of positives and a few negatives for each, but with the right design program, you can see your dream design come to life before you drop cash on decor and materials.


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Roomstyler is a free online browser and site that offers tools, such as their 3D Planner and Mood Boards, which help you plan your bedroom design like real professional. After you sign up and register for free, you'll have access to a decent library of furniture, paint, texture samples and details to help you create and find your selections online. This site also gives you a gallery of room designs for inspiration and enables you to follow interior designers within their network. They offer a low-quality 3D image to help you see how pieces will work in your space.

While it appears you're not limited to how many drawings or designs, you have the option of purchasing credits to obtain HD renderings or panorama renderings. Visit their tutorials to see how to use the site and determine if this will work for your project.


Planner5d is a free online tool used by a community of 4 million amateur interior designers that will guide you in creating a floor plan and choosing materials to decorate your bedroom. The site provides templates for various home and room types to help you get started on your design. You can upload a general floor plan drawing, and the program will help transform the plan into a 3D realistic room.

There are some limitations to the free version of the program, but the upgrades are well worth your investment if you feel you need professional design help on your project. You can even enlist the help of interior designers from the site to help you create a floor plan.


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Homestyler is a modern browser that regains access to home design software created by AutoDesk, and it's 100% free. This site offers a 10,000-plus library of products, materials, and textures to use in your bedroom design. There are no restrictions on how many floor plans, drawings, or projects you create, and they do offer some 3D renderings to help you through the design process.


PBteen, Pottery Barn Teen, offers a free interactive tool online to design a bedroom. This is perfect if you're planning on updating your child's bedroom. Along with basic furniture template, the site also provides templates to PBteen furniture. You can customize your room's dimensions and furniture layout or use one of their templates. When you're finished, simply print the floor plan along with a list of items to refer to later as you're shopping. While this site is easy to use, it's best for deciding furniture layout and arrangements. It's not ideal if you're planning to create a more intensive remodel, such as new floors, wall color, or changing up light fixtures.


PlanYourRoom is a free online site that enables you to create a floor plan and add furniture templates. It's user friendly, offering the ability to adjust the furniture dimensions to accommodate a piece you have or would like to purchase. Be aware that some of the furniture shapes are very general and don't always link to an accurate representation of the item. You're also unable to add other design elements like paint colors and material finishes.

Design Crew From West Elm

You don't even need to create an account to enjoy this free room design feature from West Elm. You can use this tool as a guest to input real dimensions, see true-to-color and true-to-scale details for furniture, and get inspiration for your next design project. This tool is ideal for single room designs to help you see how your pieces will fit together in the space. If you're looking for a more detailed tool, try some of the other free design program recommendations with a more advanced layout.

Limited Free Use Programs

Some programs start out free but limit you to a particular number of designs before payment is required. These design programs have some free features or offer free trials of their paid subscriptions.

Room Sketcher

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Room Sketcher is a free online program where you can draw out your bedroom floor plan and pick furniture, paint color, flooring options, and window treatments. Once you sign up for free, you're limited to five projects, which is more than enough for a bedroom design or a few other rooms for future use. If you want to create more projects, you can upgrade your subscription or purchase five more at $10. The furniture is up-to-date, and they offer you details on where to purchase and find each piece online.


Homebyme is an online site and community that offers tools to help you draw a floor plan, pick furniture and materials, and consult an interior designer or ask others within the online community for guidance in designing your bedroom. You can now work on five projects when you sign up for free. After your first five projects, you'll need to upgrade to the $25 monthly subscription to continue enjoying the program. This site is ideal to help you design your bedroom, particularly with their extensive library of furniture and materials.


Roomle is an interior design program and app available on Apple devices, but you don't need to have an Apple to use their free online version. After you sign up and create a new plan, a tutorial video automatically pops up to show you how to use the program. It's easy and offers other features that you can use on your iPhone or iPad with their app version. The material and furniture catalog are current and provide a wide selection along with 3-dimensional views and tools. You can start with a 14-day free trial to try it out and potentially complete a project or two. After that, you can check out their affordably priced pro accounts to continue working on your home through the program.


If you're working on a remodel or you're building your own interior design side hustle, Houzz and Houzz Pro help you manage all your home design and remodel projects. There are tons of perks in the free account, including endless browsing of inspirational photos and products. You can test out the pro version with a free trial of Houzz Pro and enjoy the detailed room designer tool and other business perks to help you manage the financial side of your projects. If you decide you need to enlist the help of a pro designer, Houzz will help connect you to a local designer in their network who fits your remodel goals.

Visualize Your Dream Bedroom

Find the online design program that works for you or mix and match the features of a few websites to help you visualize the bedroom makeover of your dreams. With these affordable and free online room designers, you'll be able to spend more on the decor pieces you love.

10 Online Programs to Design Your Own Bedroom for Free