Pros and Cons of Virgo and Aquarius Friendship

Published March 12, 2020
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A friendship between Aquarius and Virgo may be tricky, but it can also be highly rewarding for both friends. Aquarius is fixed air. Virgo is mutable earth. As seemingly polar opposites, a Virgo and Aquarius friendship may be tough going, but successful friendships offer each the opportunity for growth.

Understanding a Virgo and Aquarius Friendship

Virgo and Aquarius have very different worldviews. Aquarius can come across to Virgo as flighty, naive, and highly idealistic. Virgo's drive for perfectionism and concern about what other people think confuses Aquairus, who is a decidedly original character that doesn't much worry about others' opinions. Virgo often gets lost in details. Aquarius is more of a big picture person. These fundamental differences are challenges for a Virgo and Aquarius friendship, but they also offer opportunity for growth, change, and experiencing the world from someone else's viewpoint.

Aquarius and Virgo Friendship Challenges

With such different ways of approaching life, an Aquarius and Virgo friendship is not without its challenges. Often, both will view the friendship as one between polar opposites, and the two may have difficulty reaching a meeting of the minds.

Air Versus Earth

Virgo is an earth sign. Aquarius is an air sign. In friendship or relationship compatibility, earth signs are most compatible with other earth signs and water signs, and less compatible with air and fire signs. Virgo's earth energy is grounded and practical. Aquarius's air energy can be flighty and fanciful. This can make it difficult for each to understand the other, but it also provides an opportunity. When Virgo and Aquarius are friends, Virgo's grounded energy can help anchor Aquarius and bring her back down to earth while Aquarius's air energy can help uplift Virgo to become a broader thinker.

Mercury Versus Uranus

Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury, and Aquarius's is Uranus. Mercury is the planet of communication, and it affects how Virgo both transmits and receives information. It's also responsible for Virgo's notorious perfectionist streak and his clear and pragmatic thought processes. This renders Virgo keenly analytic in problem solving. Uranus is the solar system's most unconventional planet, and it imparts its unusual planetary influence on Aquarius, who is by far the least conventional of the astrological signs. It also makes Aquarius's problem solving more creative than pragmatic; Aquarius is prone to intuitive flashes of thought when faced with solving problems while Virgo takes a decidedly more cerebral approach. This is a fundamental incompatibility in problem solving, but in Virgo and Aquarius friendship, it also provides each the opportunity to step out of her box and think differently.

Mutable Versus Fixed

Virgo has a mutable quadruplicity. Mutable signs are transitional as they represent the changing of the seasons, making Virgo the more flexible of the two in the friendship. Virgo is able to adapt to change more easily than Aquarius, with its fixed quadruplicity. Aquarius, while unconventional, can be quite stubborn in her unconventionality. And Aquarius's stubborn nature can rub more flexible Virgo the wrong way. However, the steadying influence of Aquarius's fixed nature and the flexible nature of Virgo's transitional aspect is one of the things that brings the two closer together, as each has a moderating influence on the sun signs' most significant personality traits.

Rational Versus Fanciful

Virgo has one of the most rational approaches to life in the entire zodiac. Aquarius is definitely one of the most fanciful. Aquarius's quirky personality may seem exotic and a little overwhelming to solid Virgo. Meanwhile, oddball Aquarius may view Virgo as a little boring and conventional. However, Aquarius could use some of Virgo's grounding influence, and Virgo could stand to loosen up a little, so a Virgo-Aquarius friendship can help that happen.

Steady Versus Unpredictable

Virgo is steady-as-she-goes. Aquarius, on the other hand, is the most unpredictable sign of the Zodiac. Virgo is patient, Aquarius not so much. The good news, however, is that if each is willing to allow the other into her life, Aquairus can learn patience from Virgo and can inspire Virgo to step outside of her box.

Making the Aquarius and Virgo Friendship Work

Sun signs are just one aspect of each person's natal chart, and Virgo and Aquarius may find compatibility in other chart aspects such as their ascendants or moon signs. Both Virgo and Aquarius are highly ambitious signs, and this can be a point of commonality in a friendship between the two. When they unite for a common purpose, there's no stopping them, especially since Virgo's more logical and practical mind can have a certain synergy with Aquarius's out of the box thinking. If each can accept these traits in the other, the combination of opposites can make this a successful friendship. In order for the friendship to flourish, each needs to be accepting of the other's different world-view and willing to adapt and accept the challenges inherent in their relationship.

Pros and Cons of Virgo and Aquarius Friendship