How Virgo Season Affects Every Astrological Sign

Virgo season starts August 23. Here's how each zodiac sign can embrace it.

Updated August 21, 2023

If you’re ready to buckle down after some summer fun and get your life back on track, you’re just in luck — Virgo season is upon us. Starting August 23rd and ending September 22nd, Virgo season encompasses the stretch between the first and last Virgo birthdays.

Overarching themes of financial prudence, increased work ethic, and decluttering will guide all the zodiac signs throughout the season, with each one being impacted in nuanced ways. But be careful, because on the 23rd Mercury goes into retrograde and might kick up a fuss.

To know how Virgo season is going to affect your zodiac sign, discover what your astrological sign is using this quick breakdown.

What's Coming for Aries

Throughout Virgo season, it’s time to hone in on your work life. As a fire sign, you can burn bright and hot in difficult situations, but this period should bring a cooling effect that’ll help you approach any challenges at work with a methodical and logical approach.

You may find it easier to tamp down your natural impulsivity, especially if you’ve found it hurting your finances or relationships. This is the perfect season for Aries to get a handle on their career path and stretch their already underrated organizational skills.

How Virgo Season Affects Taurus

As Virgo's fellow Earth sign and built with an inherently practical approach to life, you might find this season to be particularly positive. Virgo season will likely bring out more of your empirical side, making it a great time to refocus on defining that 5-year plan.

However, the Virgo season might make your romantic endeavors complicated. When the stars draw out your responsible side as they do in Virgo season, it might create an imbalance between that facet of yourself and your more romantic nature. So, during this season, don’t forget to take a break from working hard and enjoy the more pleasurable side of life.

What Virgo Season Has in Store for Gemini

As a social, but sometime indecisive, creature, you might struggle some in Virgo season. Geminis are endlessly adaptable though, and even if you find it difficult to navigate a more restrictive and responsible astrological arc, you'll get through it.

Since you thrive on spending time with friends and family, use them as an outlet for any restlessness that comes up throughout the season. Similarly, take advantage of the analytic vibes and soak up as much new information as possible. Whether it’s for work or for fun, it just might help you get closer to your future goals.

What Cancer Can Expect

Cancer, as a water sign that’s deeply emotional, you might find it hard in your everyday life to connect with the more concrete, analytical side of things. But Virgo season can have a good impact on building a bridge between the two.

Instead of using the season to delve deep into your career, take the practical sentiments behind it and reevaluate the relationships in your life. Your emotional involvement in these connections might have made you blind to some of the underlying problems there. If you find any, this could be the perfect time to speak up and work through them together.

Virgo Season's Effect on Leo

It’s difficult to bring a Leo down, and even Mercury in retrograde won’t KO this stubborn zodiac sign. Leos aren’t particularly built to thrive in the self-constrained, responsible-minded Virgo season, but they sure should take the opportunity to focus on their finances.

Mercury might try to do a doozy on your savings, and this season could be the perfect chance to build them back up. We know you love a good “treat yourself” moment, but this is a season to put a temporary pause on the celebrations.

What Virgo Can Expect During Your Season

Happy Birthday Virgo babies! This is your time to shine and embrace all the attributes the stars have gifted you with. Because you’ve entered your season, you’ll probably feel a powerful positive energy informing all of your decisions.

Just be aware that you start your season with Mercury in retrograde, which could lead to some miscommunications and fumbling in your personal life. Get ahead of it by doubling down on that good energy and casting it into all of your pursuits. Treat yourself by organizing, labeling, and scheduling to your heart’s content (yay!).

What's Coming for Libra

Libras, Virgo season’s fact-based orientation might chafe against your social intuition. Couple that with Mercury in retrograde sending you some hurdles in the form of ex-friends and ex-lovers, and this month-long period could be a challenge.

But not everything’s pointing down for you, Libra. Virgo season should bring with it a cool-down period that’ll encourage more hot-headed people to have a little patience. You and your scales should relish in this brief moment of balance.

How Scorpio Will Navigate the Season

Scorpio, Virgo season can bring a plethora of new people into your life and as an incredibly loyal — albeit intimidating — friend, this can be a great time to expand your social circle. This sense of finding “your” people just might trickle down into the workplace as well. Sniff out those new work spouses to help make going into work something you look forward to.

Also, while you’re on the connection train, take stock of the friends you have and recommit to your inner circle. Use that Virgo energy to identify who’s fully committed and who you might need to take a step back from.

What Sagittarius Might Expect

Sagittarius, your impulsivity and don’t-think-just-do attitude normally works wonders throughout the year, but as Virgo season draws closer, you might find it difficult to navigate the less chaotic waters. You weren’t made for being tied down by spreadsheets and logical decisions, but that’s what makes this season a great opportunity for you to grow.

Think about areas in your life that you’ve avoided figuring out: sending in applications, doing those home renovations, or creating a budget. In Virgo season, you can take that same zest you have for planning your next adventure and transfer it into these less fun areas of your life.

How Capricorn Will Fare

Capricorn, as a work hard, work harder kind of person, Virgo season is the time you should get out of your routine rut and turn that outlook into a true work hard, play harder attitude. Traveling, whether to the next city over or to a new continent entirely, will push you past your boundaries and give you a much-needed rest period.

There’s no doubt you’ll continue to dominate in your job, so you can give yourself a week or two during Virgo season to explore the world before heading back into your work-all-day mindset.

What's Coming for Aquarius in Virgo Season

For Aquarius, Virgo season is all about looking within. Break out your crystals and meditation mantras; it’s time to get introspective. You’ve got all the tools in your kit to explore your inner consciousness because there’s no one that understands you like… well you! But reconnecting with your center will help you be more emotionally available to the relationships in your life.

But we know digging deep can unearth dangers as well as treasures, so don’t be alarmed if you touch some unpleasant buried memories. If you’re in a comfortable place, this could be the time to face them head-on and work on letting them go.

What's Coming for Pisces in Virgo Season

Just like the other water signs, Pisces is going to have an emotionally driven Virgo season. As a deeply intuitive and empathetic person, you already walk through life with a finger on the pulse of other people’s feelings. Sometimes all of that noise can make it hard to make lasting friendships and relationships.

Thankfully, this season has primed your chart for getting the socialization you need. Get ready for conversations galore. Instead of withdrawing from the world, embrace the beautiful people it has to offer.

Virgo Season Has a Lot in Store

From making career moves to re-centering your emotions, there’s a lot afoot in Virgo season. From late-August to late-September, you can expect an exciting rollercoaster full of adventures, friendships, and personal revelations. But, like a storm cloud at a theme park, keep your eyes out for Mercury in retrograde causing some friction and possibly offering challenges you need to overcome.

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How Virgo Season Affects Every Astrological Sign