A Virgo Child’s Unique Personality (and Parenting Tips)

Published May 29, 2020
mom's little helper

Raising a Virgo child presents parents with very few problems. Even when young, they strive to please their mom and dad and are great little helpers. What unique personality traits does a Virgo child possess? And what are some parenting tips that will make a Virgo child's Sun shine?

A Virgo Child's Unique Traits

Virgo kids put a lot of pressure on themselves because they're continually striving for perfection. Every mom and dad can grow their Virgo child's self-esteem and confidence if they understand, validate, and support what makes their Virgo child so special.

A Virgo Child Is Shy

The parents of a Virgo child may worry because their child seems overly shy. However, this is just a Virgo child's natural reserve which leads them to be slow to warm up to strangers and cautious when making friends. Virgo children are not necessarily shy; instead, they're modest, quiet, focused, and spend time listening, observing, and figuring things out. Unless shyness is actually inhibiting a Virgo child in some way, a parent should accept their reserved nature as an innate character trait and let them be.

Toddler boy holding on to father's legs

A Virgo Child Is a Helper

A Vigo child is innately helpful, generous, and kind. They don't need to be cajoled or bribed because they're always eager to help. A Virgo child's sense of self depends on their being useful and productive. They are always ready to offer assistance to parents, friends, neighbors, or teachers. Parents should respect, encourage, and praise their Virgo child's natural inclination to do good and be of help to others.

A Virgo Child Is Curious, Clever, and Thoughtful

Ruled by Mercury, a Virgo child has a need for constant mental stimulation and asks endless questions.They adore learning and the questions they pose will be well grounded in reality. A Virgo child is usually not frolicsome and approaches each learning experience with meticulous seriousness. Virgo children want to know the "why" and "how" of everything and parents should be ready to give them detailed explanations.

A Virgo Child Is Neat, Clean, and Finicky

Virgo children like routines, are observant, notice small details, and tend to be neat freaks even at an early age. They are finicky about what they eat, their clothes, and even their friends. They want to be clean and neatly dressed, and if they have their own room, it will be clean, neat, and in perfect order. Their bed will be made, and their clothes and toys picked up and put in an appropriate place. Virgo children usually have a place for everything, and they don't appreciate a parent rearranging their "things."

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A Virgo Child Is Responsible

A Virgo child usually matures early and will show wisdom far beyond their years. They do well with routines, handle responsibilities well, spend their allowance cautiously, do what they say they'll do, and feel a responsibility to be helpful around the house.

Parenting Tips for a Virgo Child

Raising a Virgo child can be easy if you keep these tips in mind.

Take Care Not to Critique

A Virgo child is hard enough on themselves without being criticized by their parents. A Parent should always spotlight the things a Virgo child does right, and when they make a mistake, do their best to have an optimistic "you can do this" attitude, encourage them to try again, and praise them when they succeed.

Give Praise and Affection

A Virgo child is intelligent, but they are also sensitive, easily hurt, and prone to feeling insecure and inferior. This means they're likely to need plenty of praise, affection, and positive reinforcement to offset their low self-esteem.

Let Them Help

Virgo kids love to be helpers and work alongside grownups. Parents should involve their Virgo child in cooking, cleaning, yard work, and other chores around the house. If a Virgo child doesn't volunteer, the parent should invite them to help and assign them tasks they can easily accomplish and then praise and tell them how much they appreciate their little helper.

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Get Them a Pet

A Virgo child is a pet friendly child, so make sure they have a dog or a cat. A Virgo child considers their furry friends family. They love taking care of them and are less reserved with their pet than they are around other human beings.

Help Them Excel

A Virgo child is self-critical, modest, and lacks confidence, so it's essential for a parent to build up their confidence. A Virgo child's self-esteem and confidence can bloom when they're involved in something that interests them and are encouraged and supported by their parents. As an example, Beyoncé Knowles, one of the most famous performers in the world, was a shy Virgo child who had few friends. At age seven, Beyoncé's parents signed her up for a dancing class. According to her mother, this was done for her "to make friends more than anything else," and the rest is history.

Best Toys for a Virgo Child

A Virgo child loves figuring thing out and are often mechanical. They enjoy interlocking toys such as blocks, Legos, Rubric's Cube, model building sets, and any sort of puzzle.

Activities for a Virgo Child

Virgo kids love to read. Even as toddles, they love their parents to read to them. Virgo kids are learners and will also find streamed classes on topics such as science, technology, or math both educational and an entertaining activity.

Parents of a Virgo Child

A Virgo child is an Earth element child. Certainly, most parents are genuinely caring, committed, and don't intentionally override their Virgo Childs' need for a quiet, orderly, and peaceful environment. But none the less a parent sometimes does when their own personality traits and temperament differs.

Earth Sign Parent

An Earth sign parent, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, is patient, organized, structured, cautious, and predictable. Understanding, validating, and parenting a Virgo child's unique nature will come more naturally for an Earth sign parent.

Fire Sign Parent

A Fire sign parent, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, can be a bit intimidating to a Virgo child who is more modest, quiet, cautious, and shy. A Fire sign parent will need to exercise patience and let their Virgo child take things at their own careful, studious, and detailed pace.

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Air Sign Parent

An Air sign parent, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, is more outgoing and social than their Virgo child. These parents will need to be careful not to expect too much of their Virgo child who is cautious and not quick to warm to strangers.

Water Sign Parent

A Water sign parent, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, is an empathetic, intuitive, emotional, and understanding parent. A Water sign parent can empathize with what a Virgo child needs and easily bolster their self-esteem.

A Mini Grown Up

As smart, cautious, and responsible as a Virgo child is they can, at times, seem like a miniature adult. They do have a playful spirit, but their parents will need to help them tap into it. So in addition to bedtime routines and balanced meals, the parents of a Virgo child should plan regular fun days with nature walks and bike rides, and make sure their Virgo child knows how much they love and enjoy seeing them happy and laughing.

A Virgo Child’s Unique Personality (and Parenting Tips)