What Are the Best Virgo Career Paths?

Published May 26, 2020
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Virgo, the Mutable Earth sign of the zodiac, is about perfecting. The higher calling of a Virgo is to make the world an orderly and healthy place. Those with a Virgo Sun are quiet, analytical, and naturally driven to resolve issues, and find the best solution to every problem confronting them.

10 Best Career Paths for a Virgo

Virgos are the organizers, the bean counters, and time managers, who are health conscious, have an eye for detail and always do things right and in the most economical way. These are the Virgo character traits that will put them on their best career paths.

1. Accountant or Bookkeeper

Virgos are scrupulously honest, have an eye for detail, a head for numbers, and a critical nature. As an accountant or bookkeeper, they help their clients know exactly where they stand finically, help them keep more of their money, and provide financial planning.

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2. Personal Assistant

Virgos are organized, efficient, and pay attention to details. These are ideal traits for managing someone else's time and stuff. They are adept at organizing schedules, coordinating functions, meetings, and travel. They won't mind if their employer delegates other tasks such as house-sitting, shopping, and running miscellaneous errands.

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3. Housekeeping Service

Virgos stay organized, can't stand clutter, detests dirt and filth, and believes there's a place for everything and everything should be in its place. A Virgo can turn their natural abilities for cleaning, organizing, and managing finances into a successful housekeeping service.

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4. Naturopath

Becoming a naturopath could be a satisfying career path of a health-conscious Virgo. Virgos are always experimenting with herbs, vitamins, and healthy foods. While some Virgos may decide to study the science in-depth, others could choose to own an herb shop or wellness center. However, both would work with clients to educate and guide them towards a healthy lifestyle.

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5. Plant-Based Nutritionist or Dietician

Virgos, who are often vegan, care about health and wellness and have a keen interest in the impact of diet on health. As a qualified nutritionist or dietician, they are likely to be trusted to give accurate and detailed advice and instill healthy eating habits in their clients.

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6. Working at an Animal Shelter

A job at an animal santuary or rescue center can be a rewarding career path for a Virgo. Virgos have a soft spot for animals, they care about their health and wellbeing. A Virgo's quiet, caring, calm, diligent, and hard working nature will be benefitual both to the animals and to the shelter or santuary.

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7. Public Health Practitioner

Virgos live a healthy lifestyle, want to serve humanity, and enjoy teaching and conducting workshops. On this career path, a Virgo will be preaching what they practice and raising public awareness of good health, diet, and exercise.

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8. Craftsperson

A Virgo with an artsy bent could find a career as a sculptor, ceramicist, furniture designer, or architect rewarding. All of these careers take an eye for detail, as well as a high level of planning, skill, and accuracy.

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9. Data Analyst

Data analysis is a natural choice for a Virgo who enjoys collecting data, noting their findings, collating the information, and creating reports. Plus, a Virgo's thoroughness, attention to detail, and need to revisit what they've done guarantees accuracy.

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10. Systems Analyst

Virgos are superior problem solvers when it comes to information output or systems workflow. A Virgo's infinite patience and eye for detail can find and delete duplicate entries and old information. They can also rebuild complex computer systems to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Career Astrology

While every Virgo will display Virgo traits in whatever career path they choose, career astrology is actually much more complicated than a Virgo's Sun sign only. If you're a Virgo trying to decide on a career path, you might want to visit a professional astrologer who will interpret your entire natal chart from a career perspective. There are many more career paths for an individual Virgo to choose from.

What Are the Best Virgo Career Paths?