What Classic Sim Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Sul sul! See what the stars have to say about which Sim you most closely align with!

Published June 1, 2023

Sul sul! There's a world (and then some) of Townie Sims that are questionably dressed, although if we're being honest, we don't have much of a problem with the eyeball ring so many Townies seem to sport. The fruitcake the Welcome Wagon brings, however, that can go straight to the trash.

With Sims Townies, from the OG game to The Sims 4, they have some strong personalities and, let's say, unique, traits. Not unlike the stars and zodiac signs that rule personalities IRL. We've paired up famous (and infamous) Townies with the zodiac signs. Find your zodiac sign (or that of your Welcome Wagon neighbor, frenemy, or love interest), and see which Sim aligns.

Aries: Catarina Lynx


With a houseful of pets, cats nonetheless, no one is ready for all that life can constantly hurl at you (and at your shag carpet) quite the way Catarina Lynx is. Like the Aries Ram, Lynx is fearless, passionate, and courageous. Although, her weaknesses are well reflected in her love of cats: she can be difficult to deal with, confrontational, and impatient. But anyone who adopts four cats knows how to handle those particularly stubborn traits. Perhaps those four cats are a way for her to work towards self-improvement.

Taurus: Penny Pizzazz


Penny has a love of fashion and lives the dream luxurious life. Those floor-to-ceiling windows in her downtown apartment speak for themselves. Always looking to grow her collection of finer things in life, Penny is determined but remains grounded and humble. Who else so readily greets new neighbors with an open door? She's fiercely loyal, and it's without saying that without a strong work ethic in her role as an online A-lister - aka a Simfluencer - she wouldn't be as successful in reeling in the simoleons.

Gemini: Alice Spencer-Kim


Alice Spencer-Kim aspires to be a painter extraordinaire, which should be no problem with her creative mind, sharp intelligence, and childish personality. She is a Gemini after all, so her wit, curiosity, and lively traits are no surprise. The only downside? She can be a bit fickle, but then again, those who live in a world of art sometimes can be. That's just fine, though, because when she comes back to reality, she's one of the friendliest Sims to have in your corner.

Cancer: Cassandra Goth


It's no mistake that the Sims creators opted for Cassandra Goth to be a Cancer in the original series because she fits the bill. Cassandra longs for deep emotional connections and puts the well-being of others at the top of her list. She has a strong bond with her family, albeit confusing at times. Cassandra, like Cancer, is moody, swinging from their usually clingy personality to totally zero communication in no time. But when a friend calls, she's there.

Leo: Don Lothario


Don't take the Don Lothario association personally, Leo. Like the king of the zodiac, Don enjoys being the center of attention. You can thank his charm and charisma for that. There's a reason you always find him practicing his lines in the mirror. Flirtatious and passionate, Don, like Leo, sometimes makes promises he doesn't fully intend to keep. We still love how warm and loving you can be, so your friends are happy to have you around.

Virgo: Miss Crumplebottom


Practical, analytical, meticulous. Like Virgo, Miss Crumplebottom is highly organized, with high values on etiquette and decorum. Her eye for detail, Virgo, is one you surely appreciate. Deep down, she's a hopeless romantic like you, Virgo. But neither of you is ever truly satisfied. A bit hot-heated, she's all work and no play. However, like Miss Crumplebottom, Virgo's loyalty and sharp mind knows no bounds.

Libra: Nancy Landgraab


Putting Nancy Landgraab's career in crime aside, we know she's involved only to keep a balance in her own family. Nancy, like you Libra, appreciates the beauty in life. She seeks harmony in her friendships and relationships and highly values her social status in society. She's always worried about how others view her. Sound familiar, Libra? Nancy Landgraab is all about the Libra aesthetics: social outings, charming personality, and romance.

Scorpio: Mortimer Goth


Magnetic, passionate, determined, Mortimer Goth hasn't gotten this far in life by being lazy or lackadaisical. Like you, Scorpio, Mortimer Goth is deeply introspective and mysterious, with an interest in the darker, hidden, secret sides of life. Secrets you'll take to the grave - not only yours, but that of your friends and family because you're deeply loyal, Scorpio. You're both quick learners, creative, and outgoing, so thinking on your feet as a problem solver comes easy.

Sagittarius: Grim Reaper


No need to fear the Grim Reaper, as this Sims character embodies Sag's own philosophical and curious nature. Like the Grim Reaper, Sag, you're honest and straightforward. Your friends know you never have any hidden intentions or ulterior motives. Both of you are optimistic - how? The Grim Reaper is willing to hear both sides and leave without taking anyone with him. But above all, the Grim Reaper's travel between worlds is the embodiment of Sag's own adventure-driven life and philosophical life.

Capricorn: Vladislaus Straud


Vlad? A Capricorn? Oh, yes, Simmer. His intentions aren't hidden like a Scorpio, sorry Mortimer. Vlad is practical, patient, prudent, and disciplined. After all, a vampire needs to be diligent in order to stay alive and feed. Explains why he's so distant and stubborn, like you Cap. Even without being a vampire. With a drive for the pursuit of power and knowledge of all things supernatural and hidden, Vlad's traits align with Cap's own determination and focus on long-term goals.

Aquarius: Alex Moyer


Business savvy, a touch materialistic, a whisper of foodie, and a love of relaxation - sound familiar, Aquarius? A jack of all trades, you love to have a little bit of knowledge about everything and then share with your friends everything you've discovered. Don't let this turn you into a know it all, though. Alex is always inviting fellow Sims out to festivals and parties, which is no surprise coming from a friendly Aquarius.

Pisces: Bella Goth


Like her daughter, Cassandra Goth, Bella Goth is a Cancer in the original Sims but as time goes on, Bella's become more and more of a Pisces. Bella gets along with everyone, although in Sims lore this makes for a curious background, especially when it comes to her star-crossed lover romantic life. Secretive and with a burning desire to escape reality, Bella Goth lives her life in a gothic mansion filled with secrets.

Your Sim Townie Is Written in the Stars


Go ahead and take a trip down memory lane, and cheat codes, before booting up some Sims to channel your zodiac sign in a digital world. You can learn about yourself from your Sim zodiac trait twin, all without consequences. Maybe leave the ladder in your frenemy's pool, though.

What Classic Sim Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?