40+ Clever Death Puns to Lift Your Spirits

Published February 17, 2021
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Death puns are a quick way to lighten the mood and lift your spirits. You can find several clever death puns to add to your repertoire and momentarily ease sorrow.

Death Puns Can Lighten the Mood

A death pun is a play on words. The meaning of the words can be changed with the right tweaking of a sentence.

  1. Getting to see the other side takes spirit.
  2. My music partner died while we were writing a new song. I guess he's now decomposing.
  3. The news reporter's demise was an associated death.
  4. I guess she finally urned her place in the family.
  5. My autocorrect just died, rest in piece.
  6. When two zombies kissed, it was the kiss of death.
  7. He chose the road death traveled.
  8. If you live each day as though it were your last, then one fated day it will be.
  9. The urn filled with her ashes confirmed she was smokin' hot.
  10. I suspected he was sick, and it was a dead giveaway when he signed his will.
  11. She discovered the young widow has mourning sickness.
  12. As an orchard grower, he enjoyed a fruitful life.
  13. She was a professional skier and just started going downhill.
  14. He used to ring the church bell, now he's a dead ringer.
  15. The priest perished in the church fire.
  16. A photographer got lost in a snowstorm and died from overexposure to the elements.
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Funeral Puns

A funeral isn't the most appropriate time to share a funeral pun. You can use your discretion about when the time is right to help lighten the spirits of the grieving with a humorous pun.

  1. It remains to be seen if it's an open casket.
  2. He was dying to participate in a green funeral, he just didn't realize it would be his.
  3. I'm not a mourning person, so we need to schedule the funeral for the afternoon.
  4. The cheap casket was a dead giveaway that I won it at a raffle.
  5. The story was about a funeral, but the plot had holes in it.
  6. I sent in my resume to the funeral home since I'm hoping to get in on the ground level.
  7. When I was at the funeral home, I saw a man coughin'.
  8. Planning his funeral was a big undertaking.
  9. I just read the obituary for Hesra Maines.
  10. Funeral prices have skyrocketed due to the cost of living.
  11. Being a funeral director is a dying profession.
  12. The funeral hair stylist had a real brush with death.
  13. I got lost going to a funeral and went straight through the intersection, forgetting to take the last right.
  14. I thought the viewing was last night, but when I got there, the place was dead.
  15. I'm dying to hear back about my resume with the funeral home.
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Cemetery Puns

A cemetery offers quite a few opportunities to create a pun. You probably don't want to be in a cemetery when you deliver your pun since some spirits might not appreciate your levity.

  1. Grave diggers often have trouble with coughin'.
  2. Dad always thought the last thing he needed was a burial plot. He was right.
  3. I have grave reservations for buying a funeral plot.
  4. I was driving along Cemetery Road when I came upon a Dead End sign.
  5. Walking through the cemetery at night can put you in grave danger.
  6. It was a grave mistake when Mr Jones was buried alive.
  7. The funeral dress she wore was a graveyard shift.
  8. A Grave digger always has one foot in the grave.
  9. The sign at the cemetery states, "Do Not Pass."
  10. It was a grave error when the man was buried in the wrong plot.
  11. The grave digger's name was, ironically, Doug Grave.
  12. When I walked through the cemetery, I came upon a grave robin.
  13. He always had grave doubts about cemeteries.
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Death Puns to Give Your Spirits a Lift

When you share a death pun, you can help someone break free of their grief for a few moments. Death puns are meant to be humorous for a light-hearted break.

40+ Clever Death Puns to Lift Your Spirits