9 Touching Gifts for Loved Ones Who Lost a Pet

These thoughtful gifts for people who have lost pets can help them start their healing journey.

Published February 26, 2024
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Losing a pet is incredibly tough, and I know this firsthand. I've been through the heartache of saying goodbye to beloved pets, and now, with my own dog nearing the end of his journey, these feelings are all too familiar. That's why I've carefully selected the best pet loss and memorial gifts, so we can hold onto those precious memories to cherish their lives for the rest of ours. 

When my last dog passed away, I had a personalized portrait done of her, and, many years later, it sits at my desk with me every day. When I look over to my shelf, I can see her, and the good memories quickly flash through my mind.


A customized necklace allows pet parents to hold their beloved dog or cat close to their hearts at all times. It's a thoughtful gift that keeps their beloved pet's memory alive.

This personalized blanket could be the perfect comfort item your loved one can snuggle with when they're missing their pet. They're customizable by size, and they're perfect for dog and cat lovers alike.

I've been considering getting one of these keepsakes for Shelby, my beloved dog who passed away some time ago. I've kept her collar and tags as cherished reminders of her, and this seems like a beautiful way to keep and showcase her belongings.


This picture frame is beautifully simple, with a touching quote surrounding the photo. This would be perfect for the office or in a room in the house your loved one will visit frequently, serving as a comforting reminder of the love they shared.

This memorial candle is incredibly special and unique, containing coffee beans to invoke memories, tiger's eye to protect your loved one from negative energy, and clear quartz for comfort.

To many, it may seem like 'just a box,' but trying to figure out what to put your furry best friend's ashes in is a huge decision. We may look through pages upon pages of products, but nothing feels right. To be honest, we may not make a decision at all.


This sentimental gift comes with a letter from heaven to the grieving pet parent. This gift speaks volumes to me personally, as I have put my forehead on my dog's head since he was a puppy.

This beautiful urn necklace allows your loved one to carry their beloved pet forever, wherever they go. My favorite is the rose gold, but there are many colors and designs to pick from. Some even offer personalized engraving options.

Choose a Gift That Touches Your Heart

Everyone prefers to remember their pet differently, so choose a gift that will resonate the most. What will your loved one hold onto? What will help them remember all the good times they shared together? Think about what they would hold onto the tightest. Their pet has been a huge part of their lives, and anything that helps them remember will bring comfort.

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9 Touching Gifts for Loved Ones Who Lost a Pet