Losing Someone to Cancer: Quotes for Strength & Comfort

Published December 16, 2020
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Losing someone to cancer quotes can help you get through the pain of such devastating loss. A caring quote can remind you of the strength found in faith and the joy you shared with your loved one.

Losing Someone to Cancer Quotes That Offer Comfort

You may find comfort in a quote about losing someone to cancer. On days that are especially difficult, you may want to read quotes about losing someone to cancer to bolster you emotionally and encourage you to focus on positive memories.

  • I recall your laughter as we sipped coffee on the porch.
  • I wear your favorite sweater on days I need you close.
  • I can still hear your voice late at night when I remember a happy memory.
  • Suffering from cancer is an evil fate, but you met it with love and joy.
  • While some people struggle with cancer, you accepted your fate with a bravery I've never witnessed.
  • To your last breath, you never gave up and remain victorious in my eyes.
  • You were my rock in life and my inspiration in your death.
  • When you died, the world was silent, but when I remembered who you were before cancer, the world sprang vibrant with life once more.
  • Your fight against cancer didn't diminish who you are.
  • You can never be defined by cancer and death because you were love, laughter, creativity, joy, excitement, and life!
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Quotes About Losing Someone to Cancer

If you were the caregiver of someone who died of cancer, you may know in your mind that you are not responsible for your loved one's death. However, guilt often masks itself as grief. It's difficult to expose the guilt when it's intertwined with bereavement. The cure is to forgive yourself. When you recognize guilt cloaked as grief, you take a major step toward healing the pain you feel over your loved one's death. A few quotes might guide you back from such powerful, consuming emotions.

  • I set myself free of the pain and guilt, knowing I did all I could.
  • As the caregiver, I did everything I could with every act born of my love for you.
  • Once I recognize that I don't control life, I set myself free of the pain in my soul.
  • When I think of your love and strength, the guilt over your death lifts off my heart and flies away.
  • When you were diagnosed with cancer, I gladly became your caregiver to show my gratitude for all the care you'd given to me.
  • Being with you as you suffered with cancer was the hardest thing we ever did together.
  • You never once allowed cancer to rob you of who you are!
  • As wicked as cancer is, it gave us time to say all those things people regret they never got to say to a loved one.
  • Deep in my heart, I accept that your death to cancer was not my fault.
  • I vow to forever think of you pre-cancer and never post-cancer.

Losing the Battle With Cancer Quotes

When someone you love loses the battle with cancer, you are left with so many powerful emotions. A quote about what you went through with your loved one can offer comfort during your grief.

  • When I think of you, I don't remember the way cancer took you, but the lifetime we shared before the disease interrupted us.
  • Cancer is a wicked savage, but you didn't let it defeat your spirit.
  • Cancer may have claimed your life, but you claimed your soul and kept it true.
  • Your valiant fight with cancer is over now, so rest; you earned your peace.
  • Mom, you taught me how to live and in your battle with cancer; you taught me how to die with grace and faith.
  • Love, not cancer, defines our last months together.
  • Your strength and love got me through each heart-breaking day.
  • I can now think of you with smiles and not tears.
  • From the moment you were diagnosed with cancer, you refused to let the disease control you.
  • I watched you fade away from the world as you met death with joy and faith.

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Losing Someone to Cancer Quotes That Make a Difference

When you lose a loved one to cancer, you may find comforting quotes make a difference in your grieving. You can re-read quotes about losing someone to cancer whenever you need to remind yourself that your loved one was so much more than the way they died.

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Losing Someone to Cancer: Quotes for Strength & Comfort