Simple Memory Tree Ideas for a Funeral

Published September 9, 2020
Memory tree for a funeral

A memory tree for funerals is a popular idea. Guests can memorialize the deceased by hanging tags with their memories of the person who has died on a real or artificial tree. Choose from several types of trees and tag designs to personalize a special tribute to the deceased.

Choosing a Memory Tree for Funerals

You have a few different options for memory trees for funerals, memorial services, or celebrations of life.

  • You can find artificial trees designed for this type of memorial tree.
  • If you don't want to splurge an artificial tree, you can always harvest a small tree or cut a branch from a bigger tree.
  • If the funeral isn't during a season when the trees have no leaves, you can remove the leaves.
  • You can also use a live tree that will later be planted as a memorial tribute.

Painting Your Memory Tree

You may wish to leave your tree natural. However, some people prefer to paint the tree a specific color. One color choice for a twig tree might be the deceased's favorite color. The choice is strictly up to those planning the funeral.

Vase or Stand for Memory Tree

Use a standard florist plant container or a vase for your memory tree. It's easy to secure the branch or tree to the bottom of the container or vase with a dab of liquid nail or another strong adhesive. Decorate the container/vase with metallic florist paper, wrapping paper, or other type of decoration. Fill a vase with florist beads or other fillers.

Miniature String Lights

You can add miniature string lights or wired fairy LED light strings to your tree. Clear lights provide an angelic or heavenly feel to the memory tree decorations.

Tags for a Funeral Memory Tree

At the funeral, place a real or artificial tree in the funeral reception hall with a basket of blank tags and pens. Add a sign inviting people to write their favorite memories of the deceased on the tags and hang them on the tree. Print and cut blank tags out of cardstock with a hole punched and a string through the hole to hang it. Instead of using a simple rectangle tag, you can make your funeral memorial tree extra special with tag shapes that represent some part of the decease's life. Alternatively, use a traditional tag shape with printed motifs, such as one that represents their occupation, hobby, religion, or love of nature.

Different Shapes

You don't need to use a traditional "tag" shape. Instead, consider cutting your tags into different shapes.

  • Heart-shaped memory tags are especially touching for the funeral of a child.
  • Round memory tree tags are often a favorite for a Christmas season funeral.
  • Stars are a popular shape to represent the heavenly stars.

Occupation Motifs

You can also decorate the tag with an occupation motif or use a shape representing their occupation.

  • Use book shapes for a writer, librarian, professor, or any book lover.
  • Chef hat or spoon shape is a nice touch for a deceased chef or cook.
  • Garden tool shapes are good choices for a farmer, grower, or gardener.
  • Create musical instruments for a musician.
  • A science flask shape is a good choice for someone who worked in the sciences.

Religious Symbols

If the person who has died was religious, then religious symbols or themes might be appropriate.

  • Angel shaped memory tags are a touching tribute for a deceased adult or child.
  • Cross is the shape often chosen for a Christian funeral.
  • Dove shaped tags represent peace and are a favorite to present a comforting decorated tree.
  • Prayer hands are an appropriate shape for a funeral memory tree.
  • You can choose Star of David shapes for a Jewish funeral.

Nature Symbols

For those who loved the great outdoors, nature symbols and shapes offer a touching tribute.

  • Butterflies are always an uplifting symbol.
  • Flower shapes offer pretty tags for a funeral memory tree.
  • Leaf shapes can be a nice seasonal choice for a fall funeral.

Printable Funeral Memory Tree Tags

You can use these PDF printable memory tree funeral tags as well. Click on the image to download and then print it. If you need help with the printables, check out this Adobe Guide.

Heart motif funeral tags
Click to download
Memory Tree Tag with Nature Symbols
Click to download

Photo Tags

You can also print a series of favorite photos of the deceased for the memory tree tags. Guests can write their message on the back of the card tag photo. You may prefer a scenic photo for the photo tag, such as the deceased's favorite vacation spot.

Slate Tags for Funeral Memory Tree Ideas

You may decide to use slate tags for your funeral memory tree. Provide permanent white paint pen markers or another color. Attach with sturdy split wire rings or a strong ribbon, and make sure you choose a tree with strong branches to bear the additional weight of the slate. A slate tag is ideal for a teacher or instructor funeral.

Memory Tree Tag Colors

You can further personalize your memory tree tags by choosing a color other than the typical craft paper brown or poster board white. Keep in mind that messages will be written using black or blue ink unless you provide a different ink color for mourners to use.

Color Meaning/Represents
White Purity, peace, god
Black Funeral, death
Blue Peace, loyalty, trust, honor
Brown Earth, casual
Gray Military
Green Nature, healing, calmness
Orange Creativity, fall
Pink Nurturing, femininity, love
Purple Power, elegance, royalty
Red Passion, warmth, power

Hanging Ribbons and Cords

You can use any number of ribbons or cords for hangers. You'll need to decide on the type of hanger and the color to use.

Messages to Share on Funeral Memory Tree Tags

If you know a funeral you're going to attend will have a memory tree, take some time before the funeral to come up with the message you wish to write on your memory tag for the tree. Remember you'll have limited space, and you want your handwriting to be legible so the family will have a nice keepsake of your final thought about their loved one.

  • Share a short memory of the deceased.
  • Write a comforting funeral quote.
  • Express your love for the family and the deceased.

Sign Your Memory Tree Tag

Be sure to sign your name. Some people prefer to sign their name on the back of the tag, so it is opposite the side of their message. This allows the message to stand out when they hang their tag.

Exploring a Few Simple Memory Tree Ideas

A memory tree is one way you can personalize a funeral and memorialize someone who has died. Family and friends will appreciate the opportunity to make a last prayer, wish, or comment for the deceased that the family can keep.

Simple Memory Tree Ideas for a Funeral