13 Haunted Places in Nebraska Worth Visiting 

Updated August 18, 2021
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A haunted theater, an angry spirit inhabiting a chapel, and a museum full of haunted objects are just a few of the chilling destinations in Nebraska. All of these locations are open to the public and worth a visit--maybe you'll even end up with a ghost story of your own to share.

Map of Haunted Places in Nebraska

Fort Sidney Museum and Post Commander's Home

Fort Sidney Museum and Post Commander's Home, Sidney

The Fort Sidney Museum and Post Commander's Home in Sidney is part of the complex that also features the powder house, married officer's quarters, and the Cheyenne County Museum. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, visitors will find the authentic building restorations complete with genuine furnishings and other items from the late 1800s.

The Commander's home is haunted by the spirit of a Commander's wife who tumbled down the narrow steep maids' staircase to her death. The story goes that upon finding her, the distraught Commander had the stairs boarded up. In 1975, the stairs were opened back up, but access isn't allowed. Paranormal activity includes things like phantom footsteps and apparitions.

Museum of Shadows

The Museum of Shadows, located in Elmwood, is the brainchild of a married couple who started collecting haunted items and then found that their collection was so large, they could offer tours through the items. They personally investigate every single item, and only those that they feel a presence from make it into their museum.

Visitors have experienced many signs of hauntings when visiting the museum, including hearing children laughing and running, hearing the sounds of disembodied voices, seeing apparitions and orbs, and experiencing the sensation of a cold touch. Security cameras have also caught signs of paranormal activities after hours, including doors suddenly opening and objects flying off of the shelves.

The Museum of Shadows is open to the public, and the owners also offer paranormal tours and other experiences.

Devil's Canyon

There is an eerie, sad story behind the haunting of Devil's Canyon near McCook. A little over 100 years ago, a man brought his wife and children out to the canyon, specifically to kill them. He then ended his own life.

The ghost of the man, generally called "The Duke," haunts the area and plays tricks on visitors who happen to be there at night. Most commonly, he causes mechanical chaos and malfunctions of vehicles as people try to drive through the canyon.

Chapel at Forest Lawn Cemetery

The chapel at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha isn't always open to the public, but it is open on occasion, and the cemetery itself is open to the public, including the area around the chapel.

Visitors have reported a chilling presence in the chapel, and paranormal investigative teams have noted very disturbing occurrences, including a large, black mass that lunged at the investigators, as well as repeated encounters with a spirit who clearly said "get out" while they were recording.

Antelope Park

Antelope Park, Lincoln

Antelope Park, located in Lincoln, is a public park that includes a huge variety of sights and activities for visitors, including rose gardens, sunken gardens, public art, a children's zoo, golf course, and an extensive trail system.

There's a caretaker's house/building in Antelope Park, and the field behind that building is the site of many reports of ghost sightings.

In particular, visitors have reported seeing an apparition that walks all the way across the field, then disappears into the woods on the other side.

Hastings College

Hastings College, Hastings

Hastings College is a small college founded in 1882, and is home to two resident ghosts.

The Hayes M. Fuhr Hall of Music is haunted by a ghostly music professor who appears as a figure or orb, and often turns lights on and off.

Altman Hall, which is a co-ed, first-year residence hall, is also haunted. It's believed that the spirit of Clara Altman, who the hall is named after, acts as sort of a guardian spirit for the students in the residence hall, watching over them during their time living in the building.

The Fox Theatre/Neville Center for the Performing Arts

The Fox Theatre/Neville Center for the Performing Arts, North Platte

The Fox Theater (also known as the Neville Center), located in North Platte, is home to at least one resident spirit.

The theater was built in 1929, and has hosted everything from vaudeville acts to stage performances and blockbuster films. Guests to the theater have reported feeling a cold touch to their hands, almost as if they were being greeted. Visitors have also reported seeing ghostly figures strolling along the balconies.

The theater's lighting booth is also home to a decent bit of paranormal activity. One theater manager recounted the experience of being alone in the booth and being sure he saw someone out of the corner of his eye. When he turned his head, he was completely alone. Staff have also reported fast temperature drops in the booth as well.

Wayne State College

Wayne State College, Wayne

Wayne State College was founded as a teacher's college in 1891, and is home to multiple ghosts.

The first is the ghost of a young woman named Cora, who haunts Neihardt Hall, which is one of the college's residence halls. According to the story, Cora committed suicide in the basement, and never left.

The other resident spirit is that of a little girl who haunts the dorms and the tunnels between them. The little girl died tragically, electrocuted when she played too close to some bare electrical wires.

Bailey House Museum

Bailey House Museum, Brownville

Brownville's Bailey House Museum was the home of Captain Bailey, a Civil War hero. It's on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1877, the course of the Missouri River change and the house (originally along the Missouri River banks) was moved to Main Street.

It's believed that Captain Bailey's neighbor poisoned him out of a jealous rage. Ever since his death, there have been reports of strange paranormal activity in the house. The museum features a story told by a local resident that none of the doors inside the house stay closed.

You may want to visit the museum and see for yourself if the doors refuse to remain closed.

Centennial Hall

Valentine Public School

Valentine's Centennial Hall is the oldest surviving high school building in Nebraska and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, this historic site is a museum said to have a few ghosts who are perpetual students.

Some of the paranormal activity and ghostly encounters include the apparition of a schoolgirl poisoned, disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, rocking chairs moving on their own, and phantom music.

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park

Cody House

The House highlights the showman scout's life in the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park in North Platte. In 1965, the remaining 16 acres of his estate became a state historical park. The house and barn contain Cody memorabilia. There are many stories about the paranormal activity that goes on at the house and barn.

The North Platte Telegraph quotes the park superintendent Aric Riggins about his paranormal encounters on the property that include objects moved, phantom footsteps, doors opening, and furniture being moved. The janitor claimed that a white mist attacked him with great force.

You can take a virtual tour of the house and/or visit in-person.

Seven Sisters Road in Otoe County

Seven Sisters Road

This stretch of road is shown on the map as L-Road and referred to by Otoe County officials as County Road L lies south of Nebraska City. The gravel road courses through rolling hills and is considered a very haunted area.

The legend of the Seven Sisters Road claims that after an enraged argument, a man hanged his seven sisters from trees along the road. Some versions claim it was the father who hanged the girls. There's no record of such a dastardly murder, although there is the real story of five men being hanged along the road in the mid-1800s. One of those men was Lee Shellenberger accused of killing his 11-year-old daughter by slicing her throat. If you drive along the Seven Sisters Road, be prepared for just about any kind of paranormal or supernatural encounter. According to Omaha World-Herald, mysterious happenings on the road include cars stalling, blood-curdling screams, disembodied voices, a dogman monster, shadow figures, and ghostly bodies hanging from the trees.

Alliance Theatre

The Alliance Theatre (originally 1903 Charter Hotel) first opened in 1937 and is known for its striking Art Moderne architecture. The theatre has gone through several renovations and is still operating today as a first-run movie theater.

The theatre is haunted, although the reports so far describe mischievous, playful ghosts. The paranormal encounters include phantom footsteps that run up and down the aisles, whispers, shadow figures and an uneasy feeling that something unnatural is there.

The theatre is fully operational and you can always attend a movie to see if you can experience some of the paranormal activities described.

Visiting Most Haunted Places in Nebraska

There are many haunted places to visit and investigate in Nebraska. Decide on the type of place you want to investigate and then be sure to get permission before setting out.

13 Haunted Places in Nebraska Worth Visiting