50s Trivia Printable Questions & Answers You'll Flip Your Lid Over

Test your knowledge of the nifty fifties with these fun 1950s trivia questions. How many can you answer correctly?

Updated January 18, 2024
Senior friends playing trivia

If you're a baby boomer, you witnessed the golden age of television and watched Elvis Presley move on stage like no one before him. Your family's toy closet was likely filled with Hula Hoops, army men, Barbies, and Play-Doh. The 1950s were a time of rapid cultural change and economic growth. Test your knowledge of this iconic decade with fun printable trivia questions.

50s Trivia Questions and Answers

Click the thumbnail to open the PDF. To download and print the trivia questions, you'll need Adobe. If you need help, check out this helpful Guide for Adobe Printables.

The above questions cover all aspects of the 1950s, from political history to pop culture. Topics include:

  • Presidents
  • Civil rights movement
  • International politics
  • Music
  • The space race
  • Television and movies
  • Sports

Question Examples

Here are a few sample questions to give you a taste of what to expect:

  • Q: What famous explorer first climbed Mount Everest in 1953? A: Sir Edmund Hillary
  • Q: Which smoky-voiced singer sang Too Young in 1951? A: Nat King Cole
  • Q: What famous baseball player married Marilyn Monroe in 1954? A: Joe DiMaggio

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Tips for Playing

Anyone can enjoy 1950s trivia questions, but they're an especially fun game for older adults who lived during that decade. They're a great icebreaker at any party and a fun way to liven up a family dinner or reunion. You can print them out and try to answer them by yourself or with your partner or friends. Why not see how many questions your children and grandchildren can answer correctly the next time they pay a visit?

How to Play

If you're a member of a senior center or live in a nursing home or assisted living residence, use the questions to play a game:

  1. Print out enough copies of the questions for each participant; do not give out the answers.
  2. Read the questions one at a time and allow participants time (about 30 seconds) to write their answers.
  3. After all questions have been asked, provide the answers one by one.
  4. The person who has the most correct answers wins a prize.

Assign Points to Each Trivia Question

Another option is to assign each trivia category a point value. For example, all correctly answered history questions are worth two points, while all pop culture questions are worth three. After all questions are answered, each person will add up their points. The person with the most points wins a prize.

Quick Tip

For either method of play, you could divide players into teams of two, three, or four, depending on how many players you have.

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Exercise Your Mind

Playing trivia is a great exercise for your brain. In fact, research suggests brain games help improve cognitive abilities in the elderly over the long term, although more research is needed. Whether it turns out that playing trivia plays a role in reducing brain decline or not, these questions are a fun blast from the past.

50s Trivia Printable Questions & Answers You'll Flip Your Lid Over