26 Best Fall Songs to Put You in an Autumn Mood 

No matter what type of music you like, there's a perfect fall song to add to your autumn playlist this season.

Published September 20, 2023
Woman sitting in autumn leaves while she listens to music

Fall is a unique season that brings a mixture of emotions. It's a cozy and beautiful time of year that stirs up feelings of nostalgia and good memories. But more than any other season, it also symbolizes change. 

The right music can help us lean into everything we're feeling this fall, from the joy of a walk on a crisp autumn day from those moments where we reflect on how life changes for better or for worse. To help you decide what music to put on your fall playlist, we've rounded up a mixture of all the autumn vibes to help you feel it all. 

Energetic Fall Songs for a Crisp Autumn Day

These songs might not all have upbeat messages, but they bring the energy you're looking for on a cool, sunny Autumn day. Play these while you're putting out your fall decor, baking pumpkin goodies, going for a morning walk, or planting fall flowers.

Dearly Departed - Shakey Graves

This song not only sounds super catchy, but uses ghostly metaphors to describe a dead relationship. Perfect for fall! 

Cemetry Gates - The Smiths

In autumn, you might spend more time thinking about or spending time in cemeteries, and Morrisey wants to meet you at the Cemetry Gates.

Light On - Maggie Rogers

While this is a song about being open to rekindling a love that may or may not be over, it's a nice message about being okay no matter which way things end up, and that pairs well with the changes autumn brings.

Season of the Witch - Donovan

Fall is certainly the season of the witch, and the 60s tune places me right in a vintage Halloween setting like something from a Stephen King novel.

This Must Be the Place - Talking Heads

In "This Must Be the Place," the Talking Heads capture that feeling when everything in life is just right. For many of us, autumn makes it easy to feel as comfortable as ever, as if we've returned home after a time away.

Black Magic Woman - Carlos Santana

With fall comes lots of talk of magic, and Carlos Santa sings of the spell of falling in love with a black magic woman. 

Autumn Leaves - Nat King Cole

It can't get more literal than singing about autumn leaves for the fall. This classic should always be on your fall playlist, and is just right for an October morning when you're brewing your coffee and admiring the changing colors. 

September - Earth, Wind & Fire

I used to think of "September" as a summer song, but it's literally about a love that starts on September 21st and progresses into the winter (but remains true). No wonder it's a hit at weddings! And now it'll be a hit on my fall playlist.

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood talks about passionate love and keeping each other warm when it's cold outside. It's true that sweater weather is the perfect time to get cozy with your love. 

Graveyard - Halsey 

Halsey gives a gut punch with this song about trying to keep up with her partner's toxic tendencies. She thinks she can save them no matter how bad it gets, saying she'd follow them to the graveyard. The energetic beat gives a sense of urgency and franticness she feels in the relationship.

I Feel It All - Heist

This song is beautiful, about every good and bad feeling that love brings, and allowing yourself to feel it. If fall brings complex emotions for you, this one might resonate with you.

Moondance - Van Morrison

You know what a cold autumn night is just right for? A moondance, of course. Van Morrison will tell you all about it as he transports you to a chilly October evening.

bury a friend - Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is well known for her creepy music and videos. bury a friend is iconic in both the lyrics and music video imagery. Don't watch this right before bed, but do listen to it this fall. 

Chill Fall Songs for a Gloomy Day

While Autumn can bring many happy moments, it's also the perfect metaphor for some of the harder life changes we experience, when our days feel gray and lonely. If you're in a gloomy mood or just feel like listening to more relaxing tunes, these songs might resonate with you. 

Stick Season - Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan's "Stick Season" is a personal tale of being left by the person you love and feeling empty. Stick season refers to the time between fall and winter when trees have no leaves. This one will put you in your feelings if someone's ever broken your heart.

Fields of Gold - Sting

The lyrics in "Fields of Gold" will make you think of the golden days of early autumn, as Sting tells the story of a man who has died and the love he left behind.

leaves - Miguel

Imagine the dark days of winter arriving without warning, because the leaves never changed colors to warn you. To Miguel, it's a metaphor about the shock of a relationship ending because you didn't see any signs.

Seasons - Bebe Rexha, Dolly Parton

Beba Rexha and Dolly Parton sing this beautifully sad song about being unable to change even when you desperately want to, and through each shifting season discovering that you're still the same you.

November Blue - Avett Brothers

This is one of my favorite autumn songs, from none other than the Avett Brothers. This man must leave a woman he loves. and that he was happy with, because he isn't met with the same love. 

In the Cold, Cold Night - White Stripes

Meg White sings of getting together with your love interest in the cold night, even if there might be risks involved and you're feeling vulnerable.

Atmosphere - Joy Division

Joy Division's music usually has a darker edge to it, and "Atmosphere" is one that's otherworldly both in sound and lyric.

exile - Taylor Swift, Bon Iver

One of Taylor Swift's more haunting numbers, this song captures what it's like to feel like an outsider to the person you used to love and not being quite over the relationship. 

Sweet November - SZA

SZA reflects here on changing times, spirituality and who she used to be. It's just right for a gloomy fall day when you're thinking about change.

I'm with you - Avril Lavigne

It's not just the damn cold night that makes me think of fall when I listen to this song. She's feeling uncertain about life and dreaming of a time when she'll feel less alone. As beautiful as autumn can be, for some it's a time that leads to lonely nights, only made better with someone to love.

Haunted House - Ryan Adams

You can always rely on Ryan Adams to put you in an eerie mood. While this song doesn't sound particularly sad on the surface, he's describing living in a "haunted house" that his friends have disappeared from, and he no longer wants to be there. 

A Case of You - Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell paints images of northern stars, night skies, blood as wine, and a type of love that may be good or bad — all in a beautiful melody that's difficult to get out of your head. I can't help but picture Nicole Kidman singing this as she drives through the night in Practical Magic, which adds to this song's fall mystique.

Changes - Langhorne Slim, The Law

If fall inspires you to think about change, this song is for you. Sometimes life goes in a strange direction we don't always expect. Sometimes we'll understand why, and sometimes we won't. But we'll go through changes, anyway.

Add These Autumn Songs to Your Fall Playlist

Now you have something to listen to no matter what autumn mood you're going for. If it's a cozy up and feel sad kind of day, we've got you covered. Or if you want something with a little more energy and beat to it, there's music here to match you. Check out our full Autumn Playlist on Spotify for even more fall music. 

26 Best Fall Songs to Put You in an Autumn Mood