Black Orbs and Their Paranormal Meanings

Updated June 7, 2021
black orbs over drug addict

Black orbs are mysterious anomalies that sometimes occur in photos and videos, and people assign them rather creepy paranormal meanings and explanations. People may also see them with the naked eye. However, these orbs are a fairly rare phenomenon. If you do see one, what does it mean?

Black Ghost Orbs

If you're in a haunted place and see a black orb or captured one on a photo or video, it may be a ghost orb. If that's the case, it could have several meanings.

Low Vibrational Energy

A black orb is often said to be the presence of a lower entity or spiritual being. While this may be true, it could simply be a benign form of energy. A lower frequency entity is just that, an entity that vibrates to a lower frequency than a higher frequency entity that is often seen as a translucent light. This type of entity often attaches itself to people who have low energy levels, or more accurately, a low frequency that is compatible with theirs.


Some people believe seeing or photographic a black orb indicates the presence of a demon. If you are somewhere that feels oppressive or negative, this may be the case. Leave. Don't ask questions. Don't hang around to see what happens. Trust your instincts and get out, and contact a spiritual demonologist such as a minister who is qualified to handle this type of entity.

Spirit of Someone Who Performed Evil Acts

Sometimes when people die, their spirits don't return to Source energy right away, and that spirit remains identified with the ego it had while it was alive. This is typically how spirits become "ghosts." One theory for why spirits remain ego-identified after their bodies die is that they have performed evil acts and are afraid to cross over and be judged by God. Since they remain identified with those evil acts, this may affect the way such ghosts can manifest their energy, and it could appear as a black orb.

black orbs over a gravesite

Ghost of Someone Who Committed Suicide

Someone who has committed suicide may remain ego-identified for similar reasons. Therefore, a gray or black orb may represent someone who died by their own hand who is still stuck in the energy and pain that led them to end their lives.

Black Energy Orbs

If the black or or orbs appear in specific places or around specific people, they may also indicate the type of energy that person carries or that remains attached to a place. These orbs may have specific meanings as well.

Black orb meanings

Presence of Weakness or Illness

A low-frequency person may be someone who is physically or mentally ill. Often weakness and illness can lower vibration, thus causing the black color of the orb.

Struggles With Addiction

Habitual drug use lowers frequency, so black orbs may indicate someone is struggling with addiction.


Black can also indicate protection. A black orb may be protective energy that is absorbing the dark energy from people or things around you to keep safe.

Do Not Enter

Black orbs may also be a sign telling you not to enter a place. If you notice black orbs and/or feel uncomfortable, take this as a warning that energetically, this place is not safe for you. Stay away.

Vortex Energy

If you witness a black orb in a nature setting, such as a forest, it's possible there is an energy vortex that has attracted the orb. Depending on the frequency of such a vortex, a black orb would most likely hover on the outer perimeter of a vortex, seeking the lower energy residue to feed off.

Benign Energy

A black orb may simply be benign energy that doesn't have any purpose. It could be energy that has existed from the beginning of time that never manifested into the physical, so it simply lingers in the shape of an orb.

physically ill over black orbs

Photographic Artifacts

If a black orb appears in a photograph, it could be any of the following natural artifacts of photography:

  • Shadow
  • Black smoke
  • Bug or another flying creature
  • Spots of dirt on your lens
  • Dust on your image sensor
  • Dead or stuck pixels

Understanding Black Orbs

Black orbs and their paranormal meanings are as mysterious as the orbs themselves. If you witness a dark or black orb, pay close attention to how it makes you feel. This includes any physical, emotional or psychic impressions or messages you receive during the contact. These observations may help you decipher the meaning of what you witnessed.

Black Orbs and Their Paranormal Meanings