Sink Your Teeth Into These Christmas Food Trivia Questions

Unbox the nutcrackers and take a crack out of these delectable Christmas food trivia questions.

Published December 11, 2023
Traditional Luxury Iced Christmas Fruit Cake, decorated with holly, berries, fern and acorns

Food is the great community builder. It doesn’t matter how diametrically opposed you are to your siblings or cousins — when the plates get pulled down, you all rush to the table. You’ve probably whipped out a fun fact or some trivia on Thanksgiving to steer everyone away from more incendiary topics.

Getting up early on Christmas can make your loved ones just as cranky as in those 30 minutes before Thanksgiving. Wrangle everyone into the festive spirit with these mouthwatering Christmas food trivia questions. 

Take a Bite Out of These 20 Christmas Food Trivia Questions

Whether you’re a sweet or savory kind of Christmas indulger, there are a plethora of delectable foods that we make to ring in the holidays. Feel festive in a new way this year by breaking out some trivia questions about delicious Christmas dishes. Grab your nutcrackers and take a crack at these wonderful wintery questions.

What popular roasted Christmas snack went extinct in the early 20th century?

American chestnuts. The chestnut tree, native to North America, was almost entirely destroyed by a massive chestnut blight.

Which famous nursery rhyme features the popular British holiday food, Christmas pie?

Little Jack Horner

In 1910, a man named Robert Falcon Scott left a fruitcake behind in what unexpected part of the world?


In what year was the oldest known surviving fruitcake baked?

In 1878 by a woman named Fidelia Ford

According to legend, what shape is the candy cane supposed to be based on?

They’re based on the shepherd’s crook as a reference to the Biblical figures who feature in the Christian Christmas origin story.

Which famous British Queen is credited with decorating gingerbread man cookies for the first time?

Queen Elizabeth I

You might have a Christmas ham for dinner, but in Whoville they’re carving up what enviable centerpiece?

The Roast Beast

The Christmas ham tradition stretches back thousands of years to old midwinter festivals, in which people celebrated which God?

Freyr, the Norse god of fertility and bountiful harvests. On Yule, worshipping pagans would sacrifice a wild boar to honor Freyr.

In what year did Little Debbie release their most iconic holiday treat — the Christmas Tree Cake?


In 1992, the villagers of Aughton, Lancashire, UK baked the largest Christmas pudding to date. How much did it weigh?

It weighed 3.28 tons.

Which spirit is used to make a traditional figgy pudding?


Which country first started decorating gingerbread houses around the holidays?


What famous Christmas confectionary stocking stuffer do you have to “whack and unwrap” to open?

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges

Milan may be known as a fashion capital, but it’s also known for originating what famous Christmas sweet?


Despite their name, you won’t find a shred of mincemeat near a modern mince pie. Instead, you’ll taste what ingredients inside?

Dried fruits, spices, and suet

Which ingredients give gingersnaps their warm brown color?

Brown sugar, molasses, cinnamon, and ginger

Shrek brought many fairy tale characters to life, including the iconic Gingerbread Man. Which of Gingy's accessories is he petrified of Lord Farquad ripping off?

His gumdrop buttons

Which old-fashioned candy can you make out of your Christmas dinner leftovers?

Potato candy

The Victorians are known for their unique traditions, and Queen Victoria doesn’t disappoint. What animal was she known to have served at Christmas dinner?

Roast Swan

Much like the King Cake Mardi Gras tradition in New Orleans, what Christmas dessert hid a secret token inside that — if found in your slice — would make you ruler for the day?

Twelfth Night cake

Christmas Food Trivia Doesn’t Have to Be Trivial

Not everyone likes to take things old-school and play a trivia game with the family like when you were kids. Don’t let the Christmas food trivia rolling around in your brain go to waste. Instead, pepper it into your festivities with these unique alternatives.

  • Host a contest and give the winner a prize. Get people invested in playing along by offering a small gift card or wrapped prize to whoever can get the most right.
  • Use them to establish the gift-opening order. Have everyone answer a question and keep narrowing down until only one person is left without getting any wrong. The person out in the first round goes last, and so on.
  • Set up a new tradition — Trivia & Treats. The idea is to whip up some of the treats or dishes that feature in the trivia and have people take a bite of each dish in question.

Show Off How Merry & Bright You Are This Season

Now that you’ve fed your brain, it’s time to feed your appetite! Whether you want to explore new Christmas dishes you discovered from our trivia or stick to old favorites, they’re bound to create a delicious spread.

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Sink Your Teeth Into These Christmas Food Trivia Questions