18 Unbelievable Weird Facts Funny Enough to Break Any Silence

Get ready to laugh and learn with these random funny facts!

Published June 15, 2023

If you're looking for a good laugh and a way to learn something at the same time, we have some whimsically weird and fantastically funny information to share. In fact, some of it is so odd, you may not even believe that it is true. Thankfully, we have cited our sources, so get ready to take in some weird facts funny enough to shock your grandmother!

Hungry Bunnies Once Attacked Napoleon Bonaporte


You think Waterloo was bad? Imagine being attacked by a fluffle of bunnies! As the story goes, Napoleon was heading out on a rabbit hunt. Traditionally, hunters would catch these wild creatures in advance and then release them right before the hunt.

However, in this instance, they accidentally released farm bunnies, who clearly associated humans with their mealtime, and for some reason, they decided to bombard Bonaparte! Needless to say, these fluffy fighters made him abandon the hunt. Talk about a hare-raising experience!

You Can Pay for Your Pizza in the Afterlife When You Order From Hell


Eat now, pay later! Turns out, there is a company in New Zealand that will let you add your pizza charges to your will and testament and they will only collect when you are six feet under! Aptly named Hell Pizza, this is a new trial that is supposedly easier than applying for a credit card. Would you make a deal with the devil for some deep dish?

Leopard Slugs Have Glowing Blue Penises That Emerge From Their Face


As if this interesting, funny fact isn't enough, it is also amusing to note that a leopard slug's penis becomes so large, about the length of the slug itself, that they have to mate upside down.

Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtles Pee Through Their Mouths


Our urinalysis is that this random funny fact is pretty gross, but it turns out that these are not the only creatures to pee using their heads. Lobsters also release urine from the base of their antennae, and interestingly enough, their bladders are located just under their brains!

Turtles Can Breathe Through Their Butts


If they pee through their mouths, then we guess it only makes sense that they breathe through their butts, right? This odd way of getting oxygen typically occurs when turtles hibernate in exceptionally cold water and during deep dives.

Officially called 'cloacal respiration', these ectotherms are able to absorb oxygen from the water as it moves across parts of their body "that are flush with blood vessels. In this way, they can get enough oxygen to support their minimal needs without using their lungs. Turtles have one area that is especially well vascularized - their butts."

The CDC Wants You to be Prepared for Everything - Even a Zombie Apocalypse


Yes, that is right! You can find a guide on how to survive a zombie pandemic on the Center for Disease Control's website. Small disclaimer - they use this as an analogy for how to prepare for any disaster, but it's still quite entertaining!

Dolly Parton Once Lost a Dolly Parton Look-Alike Contest


Turns out the Queen of Country is no match for a drag queen Dolly! She once entered a Dolly Parton look-alike contest and came in dead last!

She told ABC News: "I just got in the line and I just walked across, and they just thought I was some little short gay guy.. but I got the least applause."

The American Dental Society Wants to Make Sure You Never Forget Your Nurdle


The term "nurdle" was supposedly coined in the 1990s by the ADA to help promote proper dental hygiene. This odd term refers to the dollop of toothpaste that you apply to your toothbrush before cleaning your teeth!

Headless Chicken Monsters Lurk in the Deep


Most of us have heard of Megalodon and the Loch Ness Monster, but a headless chicken? It may surprise you, but in the depths of the Antarctic Ocean, there floats a frightening sight - what looks like a skinned and bloody decapitated chicken with fins! Turns out, this stuff of nightmares is simply a swimming sea cucumber!

Chickens Can Run Around With Their Heads Cut Off


Speaking of chickens, it turns out that the phrase "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" is actually possible. There was once a chicken named Mike who lived for 18 months without a head!

Experts note that this is possible because "the skull of a chicken contains two massive openings for the eyes that allow the brain to be shoved upwards into the skull at an angle of around 45 degrees. This means that while some of the brain may be sliced away, a very important part remains."

It also helped that his owners kindly fed him a milk-water mix every day using a dropper. That is certainly something to bawk about!

Hedgehogs and Porcupines Can Float


The next time you go for a swim in a natural setting, be on the lookout for some prickly party guests! Hedgehogs and porcupines are not only expert floaters, thanks to their hollow quills, but they are also relatively fast swimmers!

People Unknowingly Scrub Themselves With Dried Vegetables to Get Clean Everyday


Did you know that your natural loofah is actually the dried up, fibrous flesh of a type of gourd? For those of you who use this shower tool, you should know that you have essentially been scrubbing yourself with a dried up cucumber!

Marble Racing Is a Mesmerizing Sport


When the pandemic hit, sports were put on hold for a short while, or so you were led to believe. Turns out that some desperate Americans who were losing their marbles over the lack of athletic events were able to get their fix by watching marble races. This mini version of NASCAR is absolutely ridiculous, but also oddly mesmerizing.

Jelle's Marble Runs, which had been around well before the emergence of COVID-19, gained momentum during the pandemic, giving cooped up Americans a marble-ous way to roll through a very trying time. Their races were even featured on HBO's Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

Uneven Nipples Are a Gland Problem for One Animal


Every mammal on the planet has an even set of teats, except for the elusive opossum, which has 13! Interesting enough, this poses a problem of mammory preportions for its young! You see, this isn't even close to the number of nipples they need to feed all of their young! Turns out that their offspring latch onto a nipple for six straight weeks. Any baby who can't snag a spot on mama in time will not survive.

If You Hold in a Fart, the Gas Can Come Out of Your Mouth Instead


This weird fact's funny as long as it isn't happening to you. Turns out, that gas that is trying to come out of your tush has to go somewhere. Experts note that if you decide to hold in the stinky fumes, they can get reabsorbed into your bloodstream and come out of your mouth. This is one reason people belch.

It's also important to note that if you hold it in regularly, it can lead to a painful condition called diverticulitis. So, as uncouth as it may be, it is probably best to discretely let the gas go.

Fast Fact

If your farts do make their way out of your mouth, rest assured that you will not taste it, but it may still smell.

The World's Hardest Tongue Twister Is Bound to Bring a Giggle While You Fail to Say It


Good luck saying it ten times fast! MIT researchers say that "pad kid poured curd pulled cod" is the hardest tongue twister to say. Trying it out is a great way to spur some laughter and test your pronunciation skills at the same time!

Adult Cats are Lactose Intolerant


Ironic, isn't it? This random funny fact seems false, but since an adult feline's diet is almost exclusively meat, their bodies stop producing lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose. Thus, if you serve your furry friend some milk, it can cause painful gas, vomiting and diarrhea,. Thankfully, if your cat has a craving for this delicious diary, you can serve them lactose-free milk!

If You Want to Damage a Train in Montana, Don't Use Animals as Your Weapon


While it seems illogical that an animal could ever harm a train, Montana wants to make sure that it never happens. In fact, they have made it a law that prohibits people from driving an animal onto a railroad track when the intent is to injure the train or the people who own it. Doing this can get you five years in jail or a $50,000 fine.

Interesting Funny Facts Are the Best Way to Learn


We hope you got a giggle from these random funny facts and feel a bit more informed on these peculiar topics! If you are looking for more weird facts, consider exploring the oddities of the human body!

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18 Unbelievable Weird Facts Funny Enough to Break Any Silence