70+ Funny Words Starting With T for Tongue-Twisting Laughs

Check out some T words that sound like they're straight out of a whimsical fairy tale in la la land.

Published November 21, 2023
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As I read through each book, I tend to highlight words that stump me so I can find out what they mean. There are some real zingers out there! Ever come across a word that looks familiar, but when you try to say it, it feels like your tongue's doing gymnastics? We've rounded up a bunch of tongue-twisting, totally tantalizing T words for us to explore.

Let's take it one letter at a time; after all, we don't have to gobble up the whole dictionary in one sitting.

Short Fun Words That Start With T

We've whipped up a list that includes some short T words that sound plain odd. Plus, we've thrown in a few underrated treasures that you might not have come across before.

  • Tabla: A pair of small different-sized hand drums
  • Tableau: A graphic representation

  • Tabloid: A condensed newspaper

  • Tace: To be silent

  • Tacky: Somewhat sticky to the touch

  • Taggy: Matted with tags

  • Tagrag: A loosely connected tag

  • Takt: A beat in music

  • Tallyho: The call of a hunter when they see a fox

  • Tallywag: A sea bass

  • Tartle: To hesitate to recognize someone
  • Tawdry: Cheap and gaudy
  • Tepid: Moderately warm
  • Testa: Coating of a seed
  • Thoft: A rower's bench
  • Tiddy: Tiny
  • Tiff: Quarrel
  • Tinge: To color lightly
  • Tittup: Hyper or restless; jerky movements 

  • Tonga: A light, horse-drawn two-wheeled vehicle
  • Trauchle: Tiring work
  • Trootle: Walk slowly or in short steps
  • Twerp: A person who can be bullied playfully, or easily teased
  • Twitten: A narrow line or path
  • Twizzle: To spin
Quick Tip

Before you read further, grab a pen and a piece of paper and jot down as many T words as you can think of. Continue scrolling and check out which ones match your own.

Fun Long Words That Begin With T

Ever just flip through a dictionary for fun? There are some words in there that are so long, that they could be tongue twisters on their own. Sure, we're familiar with a bunch of them, but every so often you come across one that makes you go, "Wait, that's a word?!" Trust us, it's a whole new world in those pages.

  • Tabardillo: Murine typhus occurring especially in Mexico
  • Taboret: A small portable stand
  • Taciturn: Habitually reserved and uncommunicative
  • Tagliatelle: Narrow ribbon pasta
  • Tanglefoot: A strong drink
  • Taradiddle: Pretentious nonsense
  • Tarantism: Psychological illness characterized by an extreme impulse to dance
  • Tauromachy: The act of bullfighting

  • Teenybopper: A young teenager devoted to fads

  • Teknonymy: Custom of naming the parent after the child

  • Tessellation: Repeated pattern; a mosaic

  • Tetradrachm: An ancient Greek silver coin

  • Thanatophobia: Fear of death

  • Thimbleberry: Thimble-shaped raspberries or blackberries

  • Timorous: Timid; shy
  • Thalassocrat: Maritime supremacy

  • Toxiphobia: Fear of being poisoned

  • Tudiculate: To bruise something

  • Talisman: A trinket thought to be a magical protection against evil

  • Tomfoolery: Playful behavior

Funny and Uncommon Words That Start with T

The English language is full of these quirky little surprises that just make you scratch your head, like the words we've found here.

  • Tachyiater: Medication or doctor that heals quickly
  • Tachypnea: Abnormally rapid breathing
  • Tachythanatous: Rapidly fatal
  • Tachythanatous: Anything that kills quickly including venom or poison
  • Tambourinist: Someone who plays on the tambourine
  • Turophile: Someone who loves cheese
  • Tanniferous: Containing tannins
  • Tentaculiferous: Bearing tentacles

  • Thimbleweed: Anenomes with cylindrical seed heads

  • Thingamabob: Something specific with a name that isn't known

  • Thingamajig: Something hard to classify

  • Thistlebirds: Canaries

  • Thitherward: Toward that place

  • Timberbeast: Logger

  • Tollgatherer: A collector of tolls or taxes

  • Tommyrot: Foolishness or nonsense
  • Tongueflower: An Austrian orchid
  • Transmogrify: To change into a new shape or form

Awesome Words Beginning With T That Are Hard to Pronounce

Ever come across words that feel almost impossible when you try to say them? And even when you attempt to break them down in your head, if you're anything like me, you end up sounding like you've just opened a book for the first time in your life. It's quite a humbling experience to realize that, despite being seasoned readers, there are still words out there that can trip us up.

  • Tabernaemontana: A large genus of tropical trees and shrubs
  • Tankerabogus: The boogeyman 
  • Tappeinocephalic: Having a low skull
  • Tatterdemalion: Someone dressed in ragged clothing
  • Tergiversation: Desertion of a cause

  • Thalassography: Oceanography especially relating to seas and gulfs

  • Tiddledywink: A game with the goal of getting disks into a small container

  • Tintinnabulation: The ringing or sound of bells
Quick Tip

Look through old English slang to find more funny words that start with the letter T. 

Use Funny T Words to Expand Your Vocabulary

Next time you've got a little free time on your hands, why not flip through a dictionary? It's surprising how many words you'll recognize and how many will be totally new. Sounds geeky, but it's actually kind of fun! Not only will you pick up some new vocab — you'll also stumble across some weird and wacky words that'll give you a good chuckle.

Whether you wow your friends with your new words or become a word game pro with your latest finds, you'll never look at T words the same way again. 

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70+ Funny Words Starting With T for Tongue-Twisting Laughs