Have a Brown Aura? Different Meanings Explained

Updated June 8, 2021
Brown Aura Meanings

Do you feel divinely connected to planet Earth and Mother Nature? If so, you may have brown colors in your aura. It's not uncommon for a brown aura to indicate someone who loves nature, but it may also suggest you are currently experiencing some challenges. So, looking at the shade of brown will provide more insight.

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Meanings of Different Shades of Brown

A human aura is rarely all brown and usually has various shades of brown instead of one hue. Each shade of brown has a specific meaning. By understanding the meaning behind the light to dark brown colors, you may be able to determine what is causing your aura to contain streaks, splotches, spots, or edgings of brown.

Coffee With Cream

A brown aura that's the color of coffee with cream can be an indication that you're attuned to nature. The frequency of Earth energies and your auric field are in sync. This color of brown means you're benefiting from these grounding energies. This shade of brown is often just a little splotch that shows up in your auric field near the chakra that has aligned with these energies.

Light Yellowish Tan

If a light yellowish tan color is being generated in your aura, then it means you're coming to terms with your emotions. This color often turns up when you're getting over an emotional hurt, such as a breakup, death of a loved one, or some other emotional trauma. This shade of brown signals that you're ready to clear the pain from your aura, and subsequently, your life, so you can move forward with a positive attitude.

Chocolate Brown

A chocolate brown aura color indicates a positive energy source. If your aura has this earthy brown color, it means you're highly attuned to Earth energies. It can also be an indicator of an occupation that connects you to the Earth, such as a forest ranger or an herbalist. If you've been spending time in nature and soaking up its good vibes, you'll most likely have a few chocolate brown colors in your aura.

Pale Sandy Brown

A pale sandy brown spotted or splotchy aura is a positive shade of brown that's often seen in people who live an organized and purposeful life. However, when the color is prominent and overshadows all other colors, it reveals a person who may be somewhat obsessive in their behaviors and thoughts.

Powdery Cream

A powdery cream colored aura shows up when you're struggling with an obstacle or challenge. This is usually something that is preventing you from achieving a desired goal. You should pay close attention to where the powdery cream color appears in your aura. This will help you to identify the area of your life that is challenging to you. Usually, this color appears when you're having a career or personal relationship problem.

Dark or Murky Brown Aura

A murky brown aura shows up when you're having a difficult time emotionally/mentally of letting go of a past hurt. Make note of the region the murkiness is settling in. For example, you may be feeling out of control, or you may be in denial that your status has changed and are clinging to lost power. Another possible cause might be fear. If your aura surrounds your root chakra with a murky or cloudy brown, your problem may be sexually related (root chakra), either as incompatible sexual partners or a traumatic injury or illness in that region.

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Challenges and Remedies for a Brown Aura

If the brown color indicates you're facing challenges, you may find it upsetting or disruptive. It's important to understand, however, that challenges are temporary, and they provide you with the ability to shift, grow, and change.

The challenges your aura shows could be something as simple as a negative thought pattern that isn't serving you well, or it could be something you experienced that was traumatic, such as surviving a natural disaster. Whatever the cause, the effect it currently has on your life has manifested in your aura.

Gain a better understanding of the cause through meditation. Focus on the region where the brown color is showing up in your aura. For example, a dark brown aura color in the heart chakra region may indicate a love problem or hurt emotions that you thought were healed but aren't. You can heal these emotions by using the energies of your chakras.

Chakras are to auras what air scrubber plants are to home air quality. By visualizing the energy lodged in your heart chakra, you can move it through your lower chakras and back into the earth. Once you've moved the negative energy out of your body, you need to replace it with new clean energy from the Earth. If meditation doesn't remedy and cleanse your aura, you can try a few cleansing methods such as:

  • Wear an angel aura quartz to cleanse your aura.
  • Use a mix of crystals to amplify and power up your chakra energy during meditation.
  • Learn to program crystals for a specific healing.
  • Add essential oils in a diffuser during meditation to further cleanse your aura.
  • Move a smudge stick, such as white sage, over your body to clear out the negative energy stored there.

Understanding Why Your Aura May Appear Brown

Aura colors are constantly fluctuating and changing, so a brown aura should be viewed as a temporary change, unless you're purposely working to connect with Earth energies. Once you understand why your aura is brown, you can decide if you need to cleanse it and which method to use. When your aura returns to its usual shade, you can interpet the aura color meaning for deeper understanding.

Have a Brown Aura? Different Meanings Explained