50+ 1970s Trivia Questions Full of Groovy Gems

This is some 70s trivia that’s so good, you can’t help but boogie to it.

Updated March 5, 2024
1970s Style

If there’s one thing we like to get our groove on to, it’s some hard-hitting trivia questions. And there’s no better decade to mine for trivia than the 1970s. From music to movies and everything in between, we’ve got some of the most difficult 70s trivia questions you’ll ever come across.

50+ Far Out 1970s Trivia Questions

The 1970s is quite a jam-packed decade. From churning out some of the best shows to ever air on television to solving crimes people are still talking about today, this decade is chock-full of interesting moments. And we’ve got the perfect pile of 70s trivia to see if your memory’s up to snuff.

70s TV Trivia

Undoubtedly, 1970s TV reigned supreme. From sitcoms to comedies to serious dramas, the 1970s had it all. These trivia questions will test if you’ve been paying attention to your parents’ favorite programs.

Peter Falk — the actor behind famous homicide detective, Lt. Columbo — had what major surgery as a child that affected his career trajectory?

He had his right eye removed due to retinoblastoma and has worn a fake eye ever since.

Before she appeared as the sharp and wry Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls, Bea Arthur starred in what Norman Lear comedy?


Suzanne Summers might be well known for her exercise videos, but she first rose to fame as one of the leads in which sitcom?

Three’s Company

Shirley Jones, known for her starring role in The Partridge Family, was married to which famous actor?

Jack Cassidy

Scream queen and Hollywood legacy, Jamie Lee Curtis, debuted her acting skills in what iconic 70s medical/crime drama?

Quincy M.E.

What series, based on an Alex Haley novel, launched the miniseries craze of the late-1970s?


The extremely popular first responder dramas of the 2010s and 2020s have which 1970s show to thank for doing it first?


David Soul of Starsky & Hutch fame wrote many hit songs, including what number one single from 1977?

“Don’t Give Up on Us”

How many seasons did Farrah Fawcett star in Charlie’s Angels before being replaced by Cheryl Ladd?

Only one season

In the TV show B.J. and the Bear, who was Bear?

B.J.’s pet chimpanzee

In The Six Million Dollar Man, NASA astronaut Steve Austin was given what bionic implants?

His right arm, both legs, and left eye

Before he captivated teens with his role as Danny Zuko in Grease, John Travolta starred in which 70s sitcom?

Welcome Back, Kotter

Which show featured two young women who shared an apartment and worked in a bottling factory?

Laverne & Shirley

Nellie Olsen was one of the main antagonists on what famous 70s family show?

Little House on the Prairie

Which iconic Norman Lear comedy was adapted from the BBC program Steptoe and Son?

Sanford and Son

1970s Movie Trivia

After the dissolution of the studio system in the late 50s, the movie industry became the wild, wild west filled with talent and boundary-breaking ideas. It was no-holds-barred in the 1970s. So, grab your Magic 8 Ball and test your luck with these 70s movie trivia questions.

Actress Gena Rowlands was married to which famous actor and director?

John Cassavetes

Filming The Godfather was rife with difficulties and spurned the creation of what political advocacy group?

The Italian-American Civil Rights League

They relied heavily on what standard film technique while filming Star Wars?

Using matte paintings to fill in the background

Before Michael Meyers was given an identity in the Halloween sequel, he was referred to as what in the script?

The Shape

Which two famous Mel Brook’s comedies premiered in 1974?

Blazing Saddles & Young Frankenstein

Which Al Pacino film released in 1975 was based on a true story?

Dog Day Afternoon

Burt Reynolds got seriously injured while filming a stunt for which film?


Linda Blair sustained what injuries while filming The Exorcist?

She fractured her back

Jaws launched what (now) standard theatrical feature?

The summer blockbuster

Which legendary actress was only 12 years old when she was cast in Taxi Driver alongside Robert DeNiro?

Jodie Foster

Before George Lucas filmed his cosmic epic Star Wars, he directed Harrison Ford in what 1973 movie?

American Graffiti

Little Edie and Big Edie became cultural icons for allowing documentarians to get a glimpse of their lives in what 1975 documentary?

Grey Gardens

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70s True Crime Trivia

If the 1970s were a person, they’d probably be ashamed about holding the title for the scariest decade to live in America in the 20th century. But, for all the terror that serial killers and other criminals put middle America under, their exploits still fascinate people today. So, get your true crime on and see how well you know the 1970s with these trivia questions.

Which former Manson family member tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975?

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme

Who were the two murder victims that Ted Bundy was convicted and sentenced to death for?

Lisa Levy and Margaret Bowman

In 2018, which California murderer who was active in the 1970s and 1980s was found and arrested thanks to forensic genealogy?

Joseph James DeAngelo aka The Golden State Killer

The phrase, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid,” stems from what shocking 1970s event?

The forced murder-suicide of 900+ cult members in Jonestown, Guyana under the leadership of Jim Jones.

In 1974, which resistance group stole a number of extremely valuable artworks from historic masters like Johannes Vermeer and Peter Paul Rubens?

The Irish Republican Army (IRA)

D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane in 1971 and demanded how much money in ransom?


Which heiress was kidnapped by the SLA and later converted into a member?

Patty Hearst

Which TV show did Rodney Alcala, a rampant 1970s murderer, guest star on?

The Dating Game

70s Music Trivia

It’s incredible that in only the span of 10 years, so much resonant and impactful music could be made. The 1970s is one of the most prolific periods in rock music history and is full of fun stories and great tunes. Ask yourself these 70s music trivia questions and see if you deserve the Dad Rock badge.

Who sang the 1978 hit “YMCA”?

The Village People  

What year did Loretta Lynn win her first Grammy award?


Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” is on which 1975 album?

A Night at the Opera

Which Stevie Wonder album won Album of the Year at the 1976 Grammy Awards?

Songs in the Key of Life

Which 1970 Cat Stevens album contained the hits “Wild World” and “Hard Headed Woman”?

Tea for the Tillerman

Which famous singer wrote Mott the Hoople’s hit All the Young Dudes?

David Bowie

Which glam rock band’s hits include "Hot Love" and "Bang a Gong (Get It On)"?

T. Rex

Legend has it that which famous artist called Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols Simon Ferocious after he’d made a snide comment to them?

Freddie Mercury

In what year did the Beatles officially break up?


Which of Stevie Nicks’s powerful songs was pulled from Rumors because it made the album “too long”?

“Silver Springs”

Which band wrote the popular disco soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever?

The Bee Gees

70s Pop Culture Trivia

From CB radios to pet rocks, the 1970s had some interesting pop culture phenoms. See what stuff stuck and which things have fallen to the wayside with these unique 70s pop culture trivia questions.

Who used to beg customers, “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin?”

Mr. Whipple

Which toy answered the user’s questions with replies like, “It is certain” or “Reply hazy, try again?”

Magic 8 Ball

Which sound system required the use of large, rectangular tape cartridges?

8-track tape player

Which piece of jewelry first introduced in the 70s included liquid crystal display technology?

Mood ring

Which popular 70s carpet had long fibers and was used to cover everything from floors to van interiors?

Shag carpet

People used phrases like, “10-4 good buddy” when communicating on which radio system?

CB radio

What was the nickname of the wide-legged denim pants that were so popular throughout the 70s?

Bell bottoms

What’s the name of the 70s shoe line that featured heels that were lower than the rest of the soles?

Earth shoes

Which inanimate “pet” reached its peak popularity during the 70s?

Pet rocks

What famous line dance defined parties in the 1970s?

The Hustle

This Is Some Trivia We Can Boogie To

Anyone can boogie to the beat of learning something new. So get your groove on and get to know the 1970s on a deeper level than ever before.

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50+ 1970s Trivia Questions Full of Groovy Gems