20+ Stores That Always Have Prepaid Debit Cards in Stock

From CVS to Dollar General, these are some of the places who always have a prepaid debit card on hand.

Updated December 21, 2023
woman with debit card

It only takes getting your debit card hacked while traveling once before you're ready to go the prepaid debit card route. From the grocery stores you shop at every week to practically every bank under the sun, the number of places you can get prepaid debit cards seems endless. So, when making your next to-pack list, make sure you stop by one of these locations to pick up a safe and secure prepaid debit card. 

Gas Stations

When we roll up to the gas station we think about getting a bubbly fountain drink and a little snack, not stocking up on prepaid debit cards. You'd be surprised at the many gas stations that sell these prepaid cards. These three options are perfect for picking up a card when you're on the road. 

  • Shell: When you stop by the golden seashell, you can pick up the Shell Refillable Card

  • Speedway: If you need prepaid debit cards, Speedway has you covered. The Speedy Cash Fuel Card, NetSpend Card, myVanilla Card, Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card, and PayPal Prepaid MasterCard are the main cards they have

  • 7-Eleven: 7-Eleven might be known for its Big Gulp, but a hidden treasure is the multiple prepaid debit cards they carry. You can get their Trans@ct Card among other prepaid debit cards there. 

Grocery Retailers

If you hate having to make multiple stops to get everything on your list, then you've got to drop by one of these grocery stores. No matter where you are in the country, there's a grocery store with a prepaid debit card just down the road. 

Need to Know

Only Costco members can get the Costco Cash Card. 


Don't make a second stop when you're on the way to pick up your prescription. Instead, pop on over to one of these drugstores that sell prepaid debit cards. 

woman with debit card at drugstore
  • CVS: CVS, aka land of the long receipt, offers the Netspend Visa Prepaid Debit Card.

  • Walgreens: On top of a ton of drug store cosmetics, Walgreens offers numerous prepaid debit cards including Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards, American Express Serve Prepaid Debit Accounts, and myVanilla Prepaid Visa Cards. 

Dollar Stores

Currently, Dollar General stands head and shoulders above the other dollar stores because it offers prepaid debit cards. You can grab one of two Spendwell Reloadable Visa Debit Cards. The first lets you earn unlimited cash back and the other has no monthly fee. 

Quick Tip

Some people use prepaid debit cards to help control their spending, Decide at the beginning of the month how much you can spend on necessities like gas, groceries, and household items, and then put that amount on your card. It can help you to stop from going over budget and can curb impulse buys. 


Out of all the places you expect to find prepaid debit cards, banks are the most obvious. And we can happily report that these banks don't disappoint. 

Quick Tip

Even if your bank isn't listed here, it might be worth a quick call to customer service or stopping by to ask the teller, as many banks do offer prepaid cards. 

Other Options

Traditional retailers aren't the only places where you can nab a prepaid debit card. For example, you can get one online through Ace Cash Express. Or you could purchase one through Green Dot — an entirely online banking company. 

Need to Know

Unfortunately, Amazon isn't the answer for everything. They used to offer multiple prepaid debit card options but those aren't currently listed on the website. 

Tips on Picking the Best Prepaid Debit Cards 

Unlike signing up for a bank account, getting a prepaid debit card is easy breezy. With prepaid debit cards, all you need is some cash on hand to meet the minimum load requirement. If you're heading to get a prepaid debit card, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for a card that provides you with a lot of benefits and options. For example, you might look for a card that can receive direct deposits, reload funds from your bank account, and make ATM withdrawals.

  • Always ask about the fees. Some companies will charge you a fee to activate the card, a fee to use the card, a monthly fee, and ATM fees. These fees are deducted from your balance. For example, if you get a prepaid VISA card for $250 and have an activation fee of $10, your available balance will be reduced to $240.

  • Double-check that the card issuer is reputable. You can contact the Better Business Bureau to verify a card issuer's legitimacy. Remember, the store you buy these cards from isn't the one issuing you the card; check the card itself if you're not sure who's in charge of the one you have. 

Prepaid Debit Cards Are Hassle-free 

There are all kinds of situations where prepaid debit cards can come in handy. Whether you're traveling, making a purchase with a third-party business, or trying to control your spending, prepaid debit cards are the hassle-free way to keep your money at hand and accounted for. Sure, you could stuff your mattress or bury your bills in the backyard, but we think prepaid debit cards are the way to go. 

20+ Stores That Always Have Prepaid Debit Cards in Stock