White Auras: What to Know About Yours

Updated August 18, 2021
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Are you a pure soul with a highly spiritual personality? Is your spiritual growth and awakening the most significant endeavor in your life? If this sounds like you, then you may have a white aura. White auras are often signs of an awakened or enlightened soul, as white is the inclusion of all colors on the light spectrum. A white aura may indicate you've traveled through all types of human experiences to and begun to awaken to your Divine nature.

Why Is Your Aura White?

White aura meaning

A white aura is so special that it's typically only seen in newborns or very young children. It's generated by the purest energy that is void of corruption. That's why a white aura is mostly seen in very young children.

However, a highly spiritually evolved person can emit a white aura. This is usually a temporary color change since it's difficult to maintain the energy level required to generate a white aura. If you recently achieved enlightenment, your aura might glow white for a brief time. If you've done the work and established a strong spiritual connection with divinity, then you may radiate with a white aura whenever you're in meditation. Another way you might produce a white aura is when you're standing on the verge of ascension.

If you've been working toward a higher level of consciousness and spirituality, then your energies transform to the higher vibration (frequency) of divinity. If you attempt to maintain a white aura for a long period, your energy will be zapped since the high frequency needed is more than the physical body can handle.

Challenges of a White Aura

The biggest challenge you face in achieving a white aura is the pitfall of naivete. For your chakras to generate the frequency needed, you must also attain purity of thought and purpose. This creates an openness that could leave you vulnerable to deception. For example, if you aren't seasoned by the ups and downs of life, you might not recognize human pitfalls. You might underestimate the challenges you undertake or misjudge another person's intentions.

When you achieve the level of purity needed to generate a white aura, you might displace your own spiritual achievement onto others. This means you may not recognize that the other person hasn't done the kind of spiritual work necessary to reach the same level of spirituality. This can be very disappointing and leave you open to situations where you abandon your discernment, believing you have to be all loving and forgiving at the sacrifice of self. You might easily believe your current state of being requires you to see only the good in people and situations. These are misconceptions and misinterpretations of the divine energy.

Achieving a higher state of consciousness doesn't mean you abandon your duty to yourself or give up your free will. Instead, it means you are the master of these and more, since you now see the world from a higher and more accurate perspective. Your first duty is to yourself and to honor yourself. Even in the throes of the spiritual utopia of enlightenment and spiritual love, you still need to be cognizant of reality. It's helpful to find a way to balance your enlightened state of mind with your logical mind of the physical world. This type of reconciliation brings absolute enlightenment ruled by divine wisdom.

White Streaked Auras

The more common white aura has white streaks running through the other colors of your aura. This is often found in people who are spiritually evolved. Some psychics who are connected to divinity and the other side often have white streaks in their auras. These shards or slivers of white may only be seen on specific occasions or during certain situations. For example:

  • White streaks can appear in an aura when you meditate.
  • When you are in deep worship, such as during a church service or other religious ceremony, a white aura or white streaks may be present in your aura.
  • During a yoga session, it is possible to achieve that divine connection with white energy emanating throughout your aura.

Two White Aura Colors

A pure white is the most prevalent white color found in auras. However, there can be a gray tinged white color that surfaces or may feather around the edges of other colors. A gray-white in your aura indicates you are standing on the threshold of enlightenment, but self-doubt is holding you back. Once you overcome any lack of confidence in your ability to attain enlightenment, you'll slip into that higher frequency with ease.

Personality Traits

You have specific personality traits that signify a shift in your frequency. Friends may comment on changes in your behavior. You are calmer and rarely get upset. You have realized the order of life and how all things are interconnected. This makes you more sensitive to others and how each of your actions generates a reaction. You develop a deep spiritual understanding of karma. For you, love takes center stage in all things you now undertake. You now move through life, putting the energy love in front of you. You view life through the prism of divinity and the spiritual world, anchored to the physical world by your body and interaction with others.

Social Life and Friendships

A woman hugging her friends

You still enjoy a social life, and your friendships become more important. You value each of your friends more than you previously did. You have a greater appreciation for the depth of understanding you gain by being with others, especially your pals. You enjoy in-depth meaningful conversations with your friends, but you also know how to have a fun time. You maintain a balance of silliness and sincerity in your relationships.

Romantic Relationship

You seek a true partner who is on the same brain wave as you, or in this case, spiritual frequency. You desire someone who has spiritually evolved. Your deepest desire is share what you've gained with a lover who has also achieved spiritual growth. Together, you can create a beautiful and meaningful life together as you explore the spiritual realm together.

Career and Life Purpose

When your aura transforms to white, your life purpose usually changes too. You suddenly see yourself and your life mission through a different lens. A deep-seated desire to share your experience may drive you toward a career as a spiritual teacher or life coach. You may discover the gift of mediumship and choose to use it to help others. The desire to become a healer often accompanies this frequency change.

Chakra System and White Auras

Your chakra system is completely open when white streaks are in your aura, or a white aura manifests around you. This means your chakras are in balance and running at an optimum level. The flow of divine energy coursing through you raises your frequency and aids in your connection to the divine realm. When you experience this kind of energy flow, the seven bodies of your aura are in alignment and harmony. The physical body experiences good health.

Meaning of a White Aura

Once you know what it means to have a white aura, you can set a mental goal for your spiritual work. When you know the potential challenges you'll face, it's easy to prepare and avoid any pitfalls in your spiritual journey. And, if other hues appear in your white aura, you can learn more by exploring the different aura color meanings.

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White Auras: What to Know About Yours