These 10 Worst TV Series Finales Might Just Get Your Blood Boiling

Sometimes, it's better not knowing how it all ends.

Published June 1, 2023

You've had the date and time cleared in your calendar for weeks. Every possible errand or chore that needed to be done was finished hours ago. You're ready for what's going to be the best night of your life.

Funny how life throws you a curveball and gives your favorite tv show the most ridiculous ending. All those months (or years) waiting to have the storylines wrapped up, only for that to happen instead! If it's any consolation, your favorite show gets to join this list of the worst series finales of all time.

Game of Thrones

Since Friends in the 90s, there hadn't been a show that really gripped the cultural zeitgeist until Game of Thrones came along. HBO brought you high fantasy filmed against a sprawling British backdrop. Yet, that ending turned a fan favorite prestige television show into the most hated creative work overnight.

Eight seasons of conflict over the iron throne led to a secret incest relationship reveal, one dead dragon mother, a reclaimed Winterfell, and the most upset fanbase in the world. For a huge cast where there were dozens of favorite characters to pick from, not one of them was done justice in the finale, making it the biggest series finale flop of the 2010s.


Although 2021's Dexter: New Blood tried to wipe up the original finale's sins, there wasn't a towel big enough to mop up the crime that was the Dexter series finale. The 2000s Showtime darling brought Dexter's (a moonlighting serial killer with a moral code) to an end in the most out-of-left-field way possible, making this one of the worst tv show endings ever.

Apparently, cutting off your sister's life support, dumping her body in the ocean, and faking your death by HURRICANE should have been on everyone's bingo card.

Killing Eve

Killing Eve took bury your gays to a new level in its 2022 series finale. Initially helmed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge's (yes, that Fleabag), script, the show put a refreshing spin on the enemies-turned-lovers trope, but it was Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh's palpable chemistry that had us coming back for more. Unfortunately, the romantic relationship that only started to pay off in the finale was cut short when Comer's Villanelle is murdered in a hit by Oh's Eve's former boss, Carolyn.

In a world where your queer characters hardly make it out alive, and only if they're picture perfect, Killing Eve's finale was a disappointment to LGBTQ+ narratives everywhere.


Seinfeld is undoubtedly one of the most successful sitcoms of the 20th century. With four main characters whose eccentricities both blend and chafe beautifully against each other, you'd expect the finale to be a rousing comedic affair.

Instead, it did an about face and put Jerry, George, Elaine, and Cosmo in prison for heckling and recording a carjacking. Although it was satisfying to watch the less-than-perfect characters be held accountable for their past mistakes, it didn't measure up to the years of mold-breaking writing we'd come to expect.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series is where we were first introduced to the Enterprise and her five-year mission. Unfortunately, the series only got to explore three of those five years due to low ratings and budget cuts. So, the finale we got wasn't meant to be a finale at all.

The "Turnabout Intruder" had a simple body swap plotline, nothing befitting of the sleeper hit that spawned half a century's worth of content. Thankfully, the crew got their final send off in the fourth film, but fans still deserve to know what happened in those last two years.


One of the longest-running network dramas of the 2000s, Supernatural kept the CW alive for fifteen seasons. But for a show that was meant to be wrapped up in season five, showrunners had ten more years to plot out a new ending.

Sadly, with each season finale, the show upped the stakes, closing with cliff hangers and bigger and badder villains. Until by season 14's finale, the supernatural hunting brothers and company were battling God himself.

Yet, Supernatural's finale is as much of a victim of the Covid-19 pandemic as it was poor writing. Because of quarantine restrictions, fans were left with one dead main character traipsing around heaven and another blowing through decades of his life in five minutes. And need we mention that wig. If you know, you know.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap was a 90s sci-fi adventure show that folded time travel into its story. Yet, the heart of the show was the main character, Sam Beckett's, heroic odyssey to return to his original time.

While watching Sam try to influence better timelines using his borrowed bodies, we really wanted to know how (and if) he'd make it back home. At least the show answered our questions. Though, we'd have preferred more than a title card, explaining that Sam never made it back to his time.


BBC's Merlin was a show with one of the freshest takes on a century's old mythology we've had in years. The story weaves in and out of myth, filling in the holes using Merlin's (a magic user in a kingdom that forbids the practice) perspective to take us to new places. We meet Arthur long before he's the legendary king, and Merlin, before he's the most powerful sorcerer around. And as the two grow close enough to be brothers, audiences expected Arthur to embrace Merlin when he revealed his powers.

Only, the show decided to go against everything it was building up by making Arthur not be able to overcome his prejudice before his death. So, we're left with Merlin, walking through life for thousands of years, alone, waiting for Arthur's return.

How I Met Your Mother

You can't talk about the worst tv series finales of all time without mentioning the gold star of the group, How I Met Your Mother. An ensemble comedy with the unique storytelling device of everything being unfolded for the audience in flashback as Ted recounts how he met his kids' mother to them.

It still blows our minds that a show literally named How I Met Your Mother, whose storyline built up to the mom's introduction for eight seasons, could spend only one season detailing her and Ted's romance - only to kill her off in the finale. The reasoning? To free up Ted so he could end up with Robin - not the mother from the show (can you see where we're going with this?).

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf was the supernatural teen drama that put MTV's fictional storytelling on the map. The show peaked during its third season with tight storylines and impeccable performances. But it steadily came crashing down for the next three seasons until it wrapped up the teens' stories in an unsatisfying ending. Everyone's fan favorites, Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski, were hardly in the second half of the final season, really only showing up as an obligation for the grand "group walks together into the distance" wide shot.

Sadly, the cast of characters was too big to do any one of them justice at the end, and you noticed it the most when that last episode rolled out - so this one easily has a place among tv shows with the worst endings.

We Won't Blame You For Skipping These Finales

Sometimes, it's better not to know what happens at the end of your favorite show than it is to watch the worst possible ending play out on screen. From early cancellations to pointless deaths, bad series finales are a dime a dozen. But only a handful tarnish the show's legacy so much, they're better known for that single episode than all the great ones before it.

These 10 Worst TV Series Finales Might Just Get Your Blood Boiling