10 Fun & Meaningful Text Messages to Send Your Best Friend

Their phone is probably on silent, but your bestie won't be able to ignore these text messages.

Updated January 26, 2024
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You probably can't go more than a day or two without texting your bestie and neither can we. Since you spend so much time chatting over text it can be a challenge to think of texts to send your best friend that really catch them off guard.

If you want to surprise them with laughter or sentiment, try one of these clever messages you can send to a friend any time. 

1. Compliment Your Bestie in a Meaningful Way

You see her as the beautiful, graceful, genius that she is. But she may not always see herself that way. Surprise her with a purely complimentary text, no strings attached. Be specific and mention the things you truly love and admire about your bestie. 

You might text: Can't believe I get to call you my best friend. You're killing it at work, your kindness is inspiring, and your smile lights up every room you walk into. I'd be jealous if I didn't love you so much. 

Quick Tip

This is the sort of text that doesn't need a lead-in or an occasion. Just type it out and send it off. 

2. Let Her Know She's On Your Mind

You know she has a big exam tomorrow morning or she's planning to ask for a raise this afternoon. Take a second to send an encouraging text and let her know she's on your mind and you're cheering her on. Don't forget to pump her up with all the confidence you have in her.

You might text: Thinking of you this morning and how hard you're going to crush it today. 

3. Remind Them of That Time You Laughed Until You Cried

Remind Them of That Time You Laughed Until You Cried

You know that one moment you shared with your bestie that still makes you laugh hysterically when you think about it? Shoot them a reminder of just how funny it was. Sometimes the best texts to receive are ones that remind you of happy moments shared with someone you love.

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4. Catch Her Completely Off Guard

Meaningful texts and reminiscing about fun times are always welcomed, but certain times call for pure chaos. Catch your friend completely off guard in the middle of an ordinary day with the most random text you can think of.

You might text: Just saw a pigeon walk away with an empty bag of potato chips and it made me think of you.

5. See If They Can Match Your Energy

Your bestie is the person you can be your weirdest self with. They probably match your chaotic energy most of the time, but a text to check in never hurts.

You might text: Would we still be friends if I were a worm?

6. Start a Meme War

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then memes must be averaging at least ten thousand. A meme war is always fun, but one with your best friend offers even more chances to laugh. You might play on inside jokes or just see who can find the most ridiculous meme on the internet.

You don't need to type a single word, just send a random meme to make them laugh and leave the ball in their court. 

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7. Spill Some Imaginary Tea

Spill Some Imaginary Tea

Let's be honest, the texts we share with our bestie are most often spilling some sort of tea about life. It's either our parents, our partners, or our coworkers we're venting about — and no one gets it quite like our supportive best friend.

But what about a spot of imaginary tea? Try playing out a gossip session that's entirely fabricated or vague until your bestie catches on.

Need to Know

The key to a great text is knowing what your bestie finds funny and what they don't. If this sort of approach wouldn't make them laugh, it's probably best to try something else.

8. Give Her a Friendship Analogy 

It's always fun to compare personalities with some of our favorite television besties. Shoot a text to your best friend asking them what famous duo you're most like and let them know your thoughts. It might be fun to see how different or similar your answers are.

You might text: I've always thought of you as the Spongebob to my Patrick, but maybe we're more of a Nick Miller and Schmidt these days. Thoughts?

9. Bring Up Food

If you're searching for a reason to spend quality time with your best friend, look no further than food. Bring it up in your usual chat and watch the plans unfold.

You might text: I've been craving a cheesesteak from that place near your house.

Wait for them to text back "say less" and you're well on your way to a night of good eats with your favorite person. 

10. Play Out the Worst Scenario

Play Out the Worst Scenario

You've always joked about being there when there's a body to hide. Maybe now is the time to test that little theory and play out a worst-case scenario until your best friend realizes it's all in jest. 

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Your Bestie Won't Ghost You

One thing you can count on is that whatever text you send your best friend, you'll get an answer. Whether you chat all day, every day, or a little less often, you know they certainly won't leave you on read and they'll never ghost you mid-conversation. Shoot the text with full confidence that your notifications will be buzzing in no time.

10 Fun & Meaningful Text Messages to Send Your Best Friend